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Business Office, 1917 - 1959

 Collection — Multiple Containers


Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence; 1951-52; Box 5 [12A-I-3C] Files: 1.Building Committee (2/2/1952) 2.Building Comittee (1951-1952) 3.Expansion and Development Committee / Board of Trusteess (1951-1952) 4.Executive Committe 5.Building Comittee (6/23/1951) 6.June 8, 1952 7.Annual Meeting Materials (6/8/1951) 8.Building Committee (11/3/1951) 9.Budget Division of (1951-1952) 10.Civil Service (1951-195)2 I 11.Civil Service (1951-1952) II 12.Nippert, Edward W. (1951-1952) 13.Pickrel, William G (1951-1952) 14.Prugh, W.E. (1951-1952) 15.Richey, Samuel W. (1951-1952) 16.Riley, Richard E. (1951-1952) 17.Severino, Severino P. (1951-1052) 18.Welsh, J Gilbert (1951-1952) 19.Whitlock, John R. (1951-1952) 20.Wiley, D.A. (1951-1952) 21.State Architect (1951-1952) 22.Auditor of State (1951-1952) I 23.Auditor of State (1951-1952) II 24.Galvin, Leroy S. (1951-1952) 25.Gard, Homer (1951-1952) 26.Hammel, Larz R. - Hendix Tax Case (1951-19152) 27.Henry, Frank R (1951-1952) 28.Hiestand, William R. (1951-1952) 29.Hinkley, Dwight (1951-1952) 30.Listerman, Wayne (1951-1952) 31.Maple, Charters D. (1951-1952) 31.McNamara, J. Paul (1951-1952) 32.Board of Trustees 33.Neave, Harold E. (1951-1952) 34.Nichold H.C. (1951-1952) 35.Anderson, C.V. (1951-1952) 36.Bishop, Robert H. 37.Coles, Walter H.(1951-1952) 38.Cooks, Lucille Crowell 39.Custenborder, J. Carl (1951-1952) 40.Eastman, George H. (1951-1952) 41.Evans, Lyle S. (1951-1952) 42.Fairley, Vernon B.

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence, Mr. Cole; 1953-54; Box 6 [12A-I-4A] Files: 1.A-Miscellaneous Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 2.Air Force ROTC Commutation Uniforms (7/1953-6/1954) 3.Air Forces Military Property Cstodian (7/1953-6/1954) 4.Air Research and Development Command 5.Auditor of the State 6.B-Miscellaneous Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 7.Benton Bulletins (7/1953-6/1954) 8.Basketball (7/1953-6/1954) 9.Bus Trips (7/1953-6/1954) 10.C-Miscellaneous Correspondence 11.Cole, Foster J. (Personal)(7/1953-6/1954) 12.Commencement (7/1953-6/1954) 13.D-Miscellaneous Crrespondece (7/1953-6/1954) 14.Department of Finance (7/1953-6/1954) 15.Division of the Budget (7/1953-6/1954) 16.Orders of Copies of DO-MRO 17.E-Miscellaneous 18.New Contact Committee Board of Directors E and I Coopertive Service, Inc 19.E and I Co-op (Directors) I 20.E and I Co-op (Directors) II 21.Educational and Institutional Coopertive Service, Inc (1/1953 -6/1954) 22.Chairman Products Testing Committee, Board of Directors, I and E Coopertive Service, Inc. 23.Membership Committee Board of Directors E and I Coopertive Service, Inc 24.F-Miscellaneous Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 25.Miami Football Dope (7/1953-6/1954) 26.Football Games-Instructions to Ticket Takers 27.Mary R. Farley (Registrars Office) 28.G-Miscellaneous Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 29.H-Miscellaneous Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 30.Homer F. Hage (7/1953-6/1954) 31.I-Miscellaneous Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 32.J-Miscellaneous Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 33.K-Miscellaneous Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 34.Key Cards Issued (7/1953-6/1954) I 35.Key Cards Issued (7/1953-6/1954) II 36.Key Cards Issued III 37.L-Miscellaneous Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 38.Letter Heads C and U 39.M-Miscellaneous Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 40.Mc-General 41.President John D. Millett 42.President and Mrs. Millett 43.N-Miscellaneous Correspondence 44.National Association of Educational Buyers 45.N.A.E.B. Bulletins (7/1953-6/1954) 46.National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Correspondence (7/1953-6/1954) 47.National Production Authority I 48.National Production Authority II

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence: Administrative, State; 1951-52; Box 9 [12A-I-5A] Files: 1.Annual Meeting Material (6/1951) 2.C Administrative (1951-1952) 3.Cole, Foster J. (1951-1952) 4.Corad, A.F. (1951-1952) 5.D Administrative (1951-1952) 6.Dean of Womens (Lind, Page, Burgess) (1951-1952) 7.E Administrative 8.English W.J. (1951-1952) 9.Erikson, BA (Food Service) 10.F Administration 11.G Administration 12.Gerlach Harry M. (Admission Office) (1951-1952) 13.Goggin, Lloyd (Comptroller) 14.H Administrative 15.Hage, H.F. (1951-1952) 16.Hahne Ernest H. (1951-1952) 17.Jaques, Martha (1951-1952) 18.Kreger, C.W. (1951-1952) 19.L Administrative 20.M Administrative 21.Mann Hellen Jo Scott (1951-1952) 22.Marshall E. Marie (1951-1952) 23.Martin, Phillip G. (Personnel Director) (1951-1952) 24.McCune, Ronald (1951-1952) 25.McMahan, H.W. (1951-1952) 26.Merz, Virginia H. (1951-1952) 27.Miscellaneous Administrative (1951-1952) 28.Ott, A.D. Administration (1951-1952) I 29.Ott, A.D. Administration (1951-1952) II 30.P-Q Administrative (1951-1952) 31.Robinson Chester Summer School and Extension (1951-1952) 32.State Teachers Retirement System (1951-1952) 33.Education Budget (1951-1952) 34.State Treasurer (1951-1952) 35.Administrative Council (1951-1952) 36.Industrial Commission (1951-1952) 37.Industrial Relations Boiler Inspection 38.Public Employees Retirement System (1951-1952) 39.Civil Service Reclassification H.B. 450 (INCL. Local) 40.Payroll (1951-1952) 41.Payroll (1951) 42.Salary and Wage Adjustment General (1951-1952) 43.Controlling Board (1951-1952) 44.Department of Education (Hissong) (1951-1952) 45.Budget, Division of (Reports) (1951-1952) 46.Director of Finance (Defenbacher) (1951-1952) I 47.Director of Finance (Defenbacher) (1951-1952) II

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence: Board of Trustees, Faculty, State; 1950-51; Box 10 [12A-I-5B] Files: 1.Educational Budget (1950-1951) I 2.Educational Budget (1950-1951) II 3.State Architect (1950-1951) 4.Attorney General State (1950-1951) 5.Budget, Division of (1950-1951) 6.Auditor of State (1950-1951) I 7.Auditor of State (1950-1951) II 8.Budget Division of State (Reports) (1950-1951) 9.Civil Service State (1950-1951) I 10.Civil Service State (1950-1951) II 11.Controlling Board State (1950-1951) 12.Director of Finance State (1950-1951) 13.State Highway Department Fiscal Survey (1950-1951) 14.State of Ohio Department of Health (1950-1951) 15.State Department of Education (Hissong) (1950-1951) 16.U-V Faculty 17.W Faculty 18.Athletic Coaches (Brickles, Hayes) (1950-1951) 19.Athletic, Miscellaneous (1950-1951) 20.Athletic, Gordon James A. (1950-1951) 21.Athletic Miami Football Dope (1950-1951) 22.Executive Committee (Board of Trustees) 23.Expansion and Development Committee (Board of Trustees) 24.Anderson C.V. (Board of Trustees) 25.Bishop, Robert H. (Board of Trustees) 26.Coles, Walter H. (Board of Trustees) 27.Custenborder, J. Carl (Board of Trustees) 28.Evans, Lyle S. (Board of Trustees) 29.Fairley, Vernon B. (Board of Trustees) 30.Finance Committee (1950-1951) 31.Hammel, Larz R. (Board of Trustees) 32.Henry, Frank R. (Board of Trustees) 33.Hiestand, William H. (Board of Trustees) 34.Hinkley, Dwight (Board of Trustees) 35.Listerman, Wayne (Board of Trustees) 36.Maple, Charters D. (Board of Trustees) 37.Neave, Harold E. (Board of Trustees) 38.Nichols, Hugh C. (Board of Trustees) 39.Nippert, Edward W. (Board of Trustees) 40.Mcnamara, J. Paul (Board of Trustees) 41.Pickrel, William G. (Board of Trustees) 42.Richey, Samuel W. (Board of Trustees) 43.Riley, Richard E. (Board of Trustees) 44.Welsh, J. Gilbert (Board of Trustees) 45.Whitlock, John B (Board of Trustees) I 46.Whitlock, John B (Board of Trustees) II 47.Building Committee (1950-1951) 48.President's Annual Report (Board of Trustees) 49.Annual Meeting (Board of Trustees) (1950-1951) 50.Miscellaneous (Board of Trustees) (1950-1951) 51.Building Committee (8/1950)

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence: Faculty, Administrative; 1950-51; Box 4 [12A-I-5C] Files: 1.Faculty General Notices 2.A Faculty 3.B Faculty 4.Brill, H.C. Faculty 5.C Faculty 6.D Faculty 7.E Faculty 8.G Faculty 9.Glos, R.E. (Research Committee) 10.H Faculty 11.J Faculty 12.K Faculty 13.L Faculty 14.M Faculty 15.N Faculty 16.P-Q Faculty 17.R Faculty 18.S Faculty 19.Dr. Stoner 20.Sutherland, Gordon A. 21.T Faculty 22.Administrative General Notices 23.Alden, D.C. Administrative 24.Albaugh, E.M. Administrative 25.Alderman, W.E. Administrative 26.B Administrative 27.C Administrative 28.Cole, Foster J. Administrative 29.Conrad, A.F. Administrative 30.D Administrative 31.English, Williams J Administrative 32.Erikson, B.A. (Food Service) Administrative 33.G Administrative 34.Goggin, LLoyd Administrative 35.H Administrative 36.Hage, H.F. Administrative 37.Hahne, E.H. Administrative 38.John, R. Johnson Administrative 39.King, E.W. Administrative 40.Kreger, C.W. Administrative 41.L Administrative 42.Mann, Helen S. Administrative 43.Marshall, E. Marie Administrative 44.Martin, Phillip G. Personel Director 45.McMahan, H.N. Administrative 46.Miner, Robert (Director of Student Affairs) Administrative 47.McCune, R. Administrative 48.Merz, Virginia Administrative 49.Miscellaneous Administrative 50.Ott, A.R. Aministrative 51.Roudebush, W.P. (Personal) Administrative 52.S Administrative 53.Schlenk Mitchell Kinsinger (Boarding and Rooming) Administrative 54.Smith, Helen W. Administrative 55.Smyser, W.C. (Registrar) Administrative 56.Stephenson, H.J. (Director of Housing) Administrative 57.T Administrative 58.W Administrative 59.Robinson Chester Summer School and Extension

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence: General; 1947-48; Box 1 [12A-I-6A] Files: General A - General X,Y,Z (1947-1948) 1.General A 2.General AAA Dual Control Car 3.General A. Benzing and Son's 4.General Air Material Command 5.General B 6.General B and O 7.General C 8.General Charles Frederick Cellarius Architect (Sorority Quad) 9.General Cellarius, Charles F. Architect 10.General Coal 11.General Coal I 12.General Coal II 13.General - College and Univeristy Business Offices 14.General - Conference and Conventions 15.General D 16.General Donald Johnston 17.General E 18.General Enrollment Figures 19.General F 20.General Federal Public Housing 21.General Federal Works Agency 22.General Fifth Third Union Trust Co. 23.General Fosdick and Hilmer 24.General G 25.General H 26.General Hi-Y Congress 27.General Hospital Care 28.General Hospital Care 29.General Inter-University Council 30.General Inter-University Council (Minutes) 31.General K 32.General Kipling Letters 33.General L 34.General M 35.General - Merrill Fellowship 36.General Middletown Hospital 37.General N 38.General Navy 39.General O 40.General Off Campus Centers 41.General P-Q 42.General Payroll (Faculty) and Birthdate (ca. 1915-1948) and Year of First Employments 43.General Payroll, Local 44.General Potter, Tyler, and Martin 45.General R 46.Roudebush, W.P. 47.General S 48.General Scripps Foundation 49.General Sigma Chi 50.General Simpson, Colnel John R. 51.General Smith-Hughes 52.General The Miami Student 53.General Student Union Building 54.General T 55.General Terminix 55.General U-V 56.General Universities (Ohio) 57.General Veterans Administration 58.General Veterans Advisement Center 59.General Veteran's Village 60.General Village of Oxford 61.General W 62.General Washington National 63.General Washington National Insurance 64.General W.K. Kellogg 65.General X,Y,Z

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence: General; 1950-51; Box 3 [12A-I-6B] Files: Various Loose Files-W.K Kellogg Foundation General 1.Various Loose Files 1a.1948 Football and Tickets 1b.Miami University Bulletin 1c.College of Arts and Science Handbook of Information 1d.1949-1950 Miami University Directory 1e.Roster of 81st Congress of the United States of America 2.A General 3.AFROTC (Military Prop. General Custodian) Cole 4.Age and Schooling Certificate General (Williams) 5.Air Material Command General 6.Alpha Delta Phi 7.American Council on Education General 8.B General 9.Benzing and Sons General 10.C General 11.Cellarius, Charles F. General 12.Chamber of Commerce 13.Coal General I 14.Coal General II 15.Coal Reports 16.Conference and Conventions General 17.D General 18.E General 19.Enrollment Figures General 20.F General 21.Federal Communications Commission Professor Harry Williams 22.Federal Funds for Dormitory Construction) (Housing Act of 1950) 23.Fosdick and Hilmer 24.Frank Messer and Sons, Inc. 25.G General 26.Group Insurance and Supplemental Annuity General 27.H General 28.Health Policy Committee General 29.Health Service 30.Hospital Care General 31.Inter-University Biennium Budget General 32.Inter-University Biennium Budget General Data 33.Inter-University Council Data 34.Inter-University Council General 35.Inter-University Council General 36.Inter-University Council Minutes General 37.International Business Machines 38.J General 39.K General 40.Kiplinger Letters General 41.L General 42.M General 43.Middletown, Hospital General 44.N General 45.Navy General 46.News Bureau 47.O Genreal 48.Ohio College and Universities Business Officers General 49.P-Q General 50.Potter, Tyler, and Martin General 51.R General 52.Redskin Reservation 53.S General 54.Scripps Foundation General 55.Telegrams 56.W.K. Kellogg Foundation General

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence: General, State; 1946-51; Box 2 [12A-I-6C] Files: 1. Smith-Hughes General 2. T General 3. Terminix, Dayton General 4. U-V General 5. Universities General 6. Universities - Bowling Green 7. Universities - University of Cincinnati 8. Universities - Kent State 9. Universities - Ohio Universities 10. Universities - Ohio State University 11. Veterans Administrative 12. Village of Oxford Armco 13. Village of Oxford - General 14. Vocational Rehabilitation - General 15. W General 16. Western College Duncan, etc. 17. X, Y, Z, General 18. State Legislature - Budget Material 19. Committee Meetings 20. Healthcare Plans 21. Stocks, Bonds, and Vouchers 22. Budget Memorandums 23. Fund Allocation and Planning 24. Rehabilitation and Education Programs 25. Transfer Applications 26. Spare Time 27. Life Insurance 28. Retirement Systems 29. Public Schools of Hamilton, OH 30. Certificates and Contracts 31. Current 32. Rank and Teaching Load of Members of Faculty 33. Retirement Systems 34. Social Security 35. Thanksgiving 36. Blue Cross Plan 37. Xmas Vacation 38. Inter-University Council of Ohio 39. Insurance and Hospital Care I 40. Insurance and Hospital Care II 41. Room Reservation Report 42. Manager of Temporary Housing 43. Group Life Policy 44. Ohio State University Monthly 45. Industrial Commission State 46. Industrial Relations State 47. State Legislative Research Commission 48. Director of Public Works State 49. State Teachers Retirement System 50. Public Employees Retirement System State 51. State Treasurer 52. Tax Study Commission 53. Job Classification Surveys 54. Biennium Budget

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence: General, Administrative; 1951-52; Box 2 [12A-I-7A] Files: 1.A General 2.Administrative General Notes 3.Age and Schooling Certificates (Williams)/General 4.Air Material Command General 5.Albaugh, E.M. 6.Alden, D.C. 7.Alderman, W.C. 8.B General I 9.B General II 10.C General 11.Cellarius, Charles F. General 12.Central Association of College and University Business Officers / General 13.Coal Reports I General 14.Coal Reports II General 15.Coal Reports III General 16.Coal Reports IV General 17.Commencement General 18.Conference and Conventions 19.D General 20.E General 21.Enrollment Figures 22.F General 23.Federal Housing General 24.Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland General 25.Fosdick and Hilmer General 26.G General 27.German Teacher Trainees 28.Group Insurance and Supp. Annuity General 29.H General 30.Health Services General 31.Hospital Care General 32.Inter-University Council General 33.Inter-University Council Minutes I 34.Inter-University Council Minutes II 35.Inter-University Council Minutes III 36.J General 37.Kipling Letters 38.L General 39.Land Grant Colleges 40.Lindseth Scholarship 41.Ohio College and University Business Officers General 42.Summer Session and Directory 43.Telegrams 44.W.K. Kellog Foundation General

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence: General, State; 1949-50; Box 1 [12A-I-7B] Files: 1.General A 2.General Kipling Letters 3.General M 4.General Middletown Hosptial 5.General N 6.General Navy 7.General O 8.General P-Q 9.General Potter, Tyler, and Martin 10.General R 11.General S 12.General Scripps Foundation I 13.General Scripps Foundation II 14.General Sigma Chi 15.General Smith-Hughes 16.General The Student (Miami) 17.General Student Faculty Committe 18.General T 19.General Terminix 20.General Unemployment Compensation 21.General Universities 22.General W 23.General Washington National Insurance 24.General X,Y,Z 25.Army Air Force ROTC 26.Educational Budget Data 27.Legislative 28.Roudebush, W.P. 29.Salary and Wage Adjustment 30.State Legistlature II 31.State Department of Education 32.State Director of Finance I 33.State Director of Finance II 34.State Governor 35.State Industrial Relations 36.State Industrial Commissionn 37.State Public Employees Retirement 38.State Public Works Director 39.State Teachers Retirement 40.Sunday Claims Board 41.Veterans Administration 42.Village of Oxford

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence: General, 1951-52; Box 1 [12A-I-7C] Files: 1. Athletic Coaches (Brickels, Parseghian) 2. Athletic Basketball 3. Football Tickets I 4. Football Tickets II 5. Football Tickets III 6. Football Tickets IV 7. Mid-American Conference I 8. Mid-American Conference II 9. Gordon, James A. 10. Glos, R.E. 11. Board Meeting 8/11/51 12. Annual Meeting - Board of Trustees 13. Time Sheets/Found with Miss Merz's Correspondence (55-56) 14. Roudebush, W.P. Personal 15. Miscellaneous 16. Commencement 8/19/51 17. Miami Alumnus Vol. 3 18. WRMU Broadcasting Station 19. New England Kitchen 20. Smith Hughes 21. Stephenson H.H. Jr. (Dr. Housing) 22. Schlenck Mitchell Wright (Boarding and Rooming) 23. Smyser W.C. Registrar 24. Bowling Green 25. Cincinnati University 26. Kent State 27. Ohio State 28. Ohio University 29. A Faculty 30. Brill, H.C. Faculty 31. C Faculty 32. F Faculty 33. Faculty General Notices 34. G Faculty 35. H Faculty 36. J Faculty 37. L Faculty 38. M Faculty 39. N Faculty 40. R Faculty 41. S Faculty 42. Sutherland, Gordon A. Faculty 43. T Faculty 44. W Faculty 45. X,Y,Z Faculty 46. S Administration 47. T Administrative 48. U-V Administrative 49. Veteran's Administration 50. W Administrative 51. Frank Messer and Sons, Inc. (General) 52. M General 53. N General 54. Navy General 55. News Bureau General 56. O General 57. P-Q General 58. R General 59. Redskin Reservation General 60. S General 61. Scripps Foundation General 62. Budget (Scripps) 63. T General 64. Terminix, Dayton General 65. Universities General 66. W General

Finance and Business; Business Office; Mrs. Merz's Files; 1955-56; Box 19 [12A-J-1B] 9 Files: 1.Appointments 2.Blue Cross Blue Shield 3.Budget 4.Civil Service 5.Coal Purchases 6.Education and Business Organizations 7.Insurance 8.Payroll I 9.Payroll II 10.Payroll Data 11.Real Estate and Land Rents 12.Requisition General File 13.Research 14.Retirement: Public Employees 15.Sick Leave 16.Student Employees 17.Travel Expenses I 18.Travel Expenses II 19.Student Enrollement 20.Workman's Compensation 21.15 Years of Service

Finance and Business; Business Office; 1957-59; Box 21 [12A-J-2A] Files: 1.Coffee Bar 2.Boarding Dept. Wages 3.General Census Bureau and Unemployment 4.Hospitalization - Insurance 5.Hospital Care (5/1957-11/1958) 6.Budget Information 7.C-4a Meter Postage 8.Board of Trustees 9.Reports 10.General File 11.Civil Service 12.Payroll, Information, Changes and Authorizations 13.Industrial Claimes 14.Retirement 15.Civil Service Comission 16.Major Medical 17.P/R Rates 18.Civil Service Committee 19.Authorization Letters

Finance and Business; Business Office; Construction Correspondence; 1917-59; Box 1 [SWORD] Not Indexed When searching in Sierra for this box use FB8 Barcode 814871207 i26160778 Barcode 35054014306001

Finance and Business; Business Office; Construction Correspondence; 1917-59; Box 2 [SWORD] Not Indexed When searching in Sierra for thix box use FB9 Barcode 814880702 i2616078x Barcode 35054014306068

Finance and Business; Business Office; Construction Correspondence (Building Files); 1917-59; Box 3 [SWORD] Not Indexed When searching in Sierra for this box use FB18 Barcode 814880302 i26160870 Barcode 35054014306266

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence--Buildings, Contracts, Estimates, Furnishings, Encumbrances; 1917-59; Box 8 [SWORD]

When searching for this box in Sierra FB12 Barcode 814890202 i2616081x Barcode 35054014306241

Not Indexed

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence [Wallace P. Roudebush]; 1917-18; Box 4 [SWORD] Not Indexed JJ?

Finance and Business; Business Office; Correspondence; 1953-1954; Box 7 [SWORD] Not Indexed ?JJ

Finance and Business; Business Office; General Correspondence (Roudebush, Cole); 1955-1956; Box 18; [12A-J-1A] Files: 1. Administrative-Alderman, W.E. 1955-56 2. Administrative-Alden, D.C. (Bursar) 1955-56 3. Administrative-B 1955-56 4. C. Neale Bogner 1955-56 5. Administrative-Cole, Folser J. (Business Mgr.) (Military Property Custodian) 6. Administrative-Conrad, A.F. 1955-56 7. Administrative-D 8. General Notices 1955-56 9. Dean of Men (Knox, Crane, etc.) 10. Council of Deans 1955-56 11. Administrative-Dean of Women (Helen Page) 1955-56 12. Administrative-Dolibois, John E. 1955-56 13. Administrative E 1955-56 14. Administrative F 1955-56 15. Administrative-Gerlach, Harry M. (Director of Admission) 1955-56 16. Administrative-Goggin, Lloyd (Comptroller) I 1955-56 17. Administrative-Goggin, Lloyd (Comptroller) II 1955-56 18. Administrative-Hage, H.F. 1955-56 19. Administrative-Jackson, Edward A. (Director Personnell) 1955-56 20. Administrative-Administrative-Jaques, Martha 1955-56 21. Administrative-King, F.W. (Librarian) 1955-56 22. Administrative-Kreger, C.W. (Provost) 1955-56 23. Administrative-L 1955-56 24. Laudemann 1955-56 25. Administrative M 1955-56 26. Administrative-Macomber, F.G. 1955-56 27. Administrative-Mann, Helen Jo Scott 1955-56 28. Administrative-Marshall, E. Marie 1955-56 29. Administrative-McCune, R.E. 1955-56 30. Administrative-Millett, John D. 1955-56 I 31. Administrative-Millett, John D. 1955-56 II 32. Administrative-Merz, Virginia 1955-56 33. Administrative-Ott, Adolph A. 1955-56 I 34. Administrative-Ott, Adolph A. 1955-56 II 35. Administrative-Roudebush, W.P. 1955-56 36. Administrative-S 1955-56 37. Administrative-Schlenck, Mitchell, Wright (Boarding and Rooming) 1955-56 38. Administrative-Smith, W.E. 1955-56 39. Administrative-Smyser, W.C. (Registrar) 1955-56 40. Administrative-Stephenson, H.H. (Director Men’s Housing) 1955-56 41. Administrative-Thesken, Earl V. (Extension and Summer School) 1955-56 42. Administrative-U-V 1955-56 43. Administrative-X, Y, Z 1955-56 44. Administrative-Young, Russell (Director, purchases) 1955-56 45. Administrative-General Notices 1955-56 46. Faculty-B 1955-56 47. Faculty-C 1955-56 48. Faculty-D 1955-56 49. Faculty-G 1955-56 50. Faculty-H 1955-56 51. Faculty-L 1955-56 52. Faculty-M 1955-56 53. Faculty-S 1955-56 54. Faculty-U-V 1955-56 55. Faculty-W 1955-56 56. Football-1955-56 I 57. Football-1955-56 II 58. Roster for the House of Representatives for the General Assembly of Ohio / Building and Phone Directory for the Departments of State 1955 59. Athletics-Athletic Committee 1955-56 60. Athletics-Basketball 1955-56 61. Athletics-Football 1955-56 62. Coaches-Athletic-Rider, Parseghian, Mohr, Ray, Willis 1955-56 63. State Auditor of State-James A. Rhodes 1955-56

Finance and Business; Business Office; General Correspondence (Roudebush, Cole); 1955-1956; Box 20 [12A-J-1C] Files: 1.State Budget, Division of 1955-56 2.State Budget, Division of Reports 1955-56 3.State Architect-H.G. Allen 1955-56 4.State Controlling Board 1955-56 5.State Finance, Director of-John M. Wilcoxon 1955-56 6.State Industrial Commission 1955-56 7.State Public Employes Retirement 1955-56 8.State-State Teachers Retirement 1955-56 9.State-Director of Public Works, Zoyd M. Flaler 1955-56 10.State-Treasurer of State-Roger Tracy 1955-56 11.State-General A 1955-56 12.General-AFROTC 1955-56 13.General-Air Material Command 1955-56 14.General-American Council on Education 1955-56 15.American Nurses Association Barschak 16.General-Ba 1955-56 17.General-Bl-By 1955-56 18.Organization Problems-Business Office 19.General-Ca-Cl 1955-56 20.General-Cellarius, Charles F. 1955-56 21.General-Central Association of College and University Business Officers 1955-56 22.General-Co-Cy 1955-56 23.College and University Personnel Association 24.Common Curriculum 25.General-Commencement 1955-56 26.General-Conference and Conventions 1955-56 27.Cottrell Grant 28.General D 1955-56 29. Development Council 30.General E 31.Eastern Association of College and University Business Officers 32.General Enrollment Folder 1955-56 33.General F 1955-56 34.Faculty Housing 35.Temporary Faculty Housing 36.Faculty Student Council 37.General-Fosdick and Hilmer, Engineers 1955-56 38.General-Ga-Gl 1955-56 39.General Go-Gy 1955-56 40.Group Insurance (Eq. Life) 1954-56 41.General Ha 1955-56 42.General He-Hi 1955-56 43.Carroll V. Hill and Associates-Community Planning and Development 1955-56 44.General Hospital Care Corp. 1955-56 45.Insurance 46.General I 1955-56 47.General Inter-University Council 1955-56 48.Misc. House Bills


  • 1917 - 1959


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