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General Oxford College

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Collection of general files pertaining to Oxford College.


Commencement, Recitals, Campus Events: Programs, Miscellany, 1851-1930, Box 1 Files: Commencement 1. Oxford Female Institute (June 24, 1851) [Program] 2. Oxford Female Institute (June 22, 1852) [Program] 3. Oxford Female Institute (June 27, 1853) [Academical Class--Program]; (June 28, 1853) [Collegiate Class--Program] 4. Oxford Female Institute (June 26-27, 1854) [Programs] 5. Oxford Female College (June 26, 1855) [Program] 6. Oxford Female College (1859) [Newspaper article] 7. Oxford Female College (June-July 1860) [Newspaper articles--Oxford Citizen (July 4, 1860) p.2, Franklin Democrat] 8. Oxford Female College (June 20, 1861) [Program][Newspaper articles--including The Presbyter (June? 1861), p. 2; Newspaper accounts of commencement activities] 9. Oxford Female Institute (June 20, 1861) [Program] 10. Oxford Female College (June 18-20, 23-25, 1862) [Program] 11. Oxford Female Institute (June 19, 1862) [Program] 12. Oxford Female College (June 1863) [Newspaper Article] 13. Oxford Female Institute (June 15, 1865) [Program] 14. Oxford Female Institute (June 21, 1866) [Program] 15. Oxford Female College (June 19, 1867) [Program] 16. Oxford Female College (June 20, 1867) [Program] 17. Oxford Female College (June 19, 1872) [Program] 18. Oxford Female College (June 18, 1873) [Program] 19. Oxford Female College (June 16, 1875) [Program Copy] 20. Oxford Female College (June 12, 1878) [Program; Newspaper Article] 21. Oxford Female College (June 11, 1879) [Program; Invitation] 22. Oxford Female College (1880) [Newspaper article--Hamilton Daily News (June 10, 1880), p.1; Commencement Essay--"Ations," by Lillian White] 23. Oxford Female College (June 2-3, 6-8, 1881) [Program; Invitation] 24. Oxford Female College (June 16, 1886) [Program] 25. Oxford Female College (1887) [Alumnae Meeting--Song Card (June 14, 1887)] 26. Oxford Female College (June 6, 1888) [Program; Invitation; Program--Grand Concert by the Graduates of the Music Department (June 2, 1888)] 27. Oxford College for Young Ladies (June 12, 1889) [Program; Invitation; Program--Alumnae Reunion (June 11, 1889?); Program--Commencement Concert of the Oxford Conservatory of Music (June 8, 1889) Commencement--Oxford College 28. June 11, 1890 [Program; Invitation] 29. June 10, 1891 [Program; Program- -Class Day (June 10, 1891)] 30. 1892 [Invitation; Program--Graduates' Recital, Oxford College of Music (June 6, 1892); Program--Class Day (1892); Invitation to Alumni] 31. 1893 [Invitation; Program--Graduating Recital, Oxford School of Oratory (June 3, 1893); Program--Class Day (June 6, 1893)] 32. 1894 [Program; Admission Ticket; Invitation; Admission Ticket--Class Day] 33. 1895 [Program--Commencement Recital, Oxford College of Music (June 10, 1895)] 34. June 10, 1896 [Program; Program--Class Day] 35. 1897 [Invitation; Program--Class Day (June 8, 1897) 36. June 8, 1898 [Program; Invitation; Invitation- -Commencement Recital, Oxford College of Oratory (June 4, 1898)] 37. 1899 [Invitation] 38. 1900 [Program--Baccalaureate Exercises (June 3, 1900); Program--Class Day (June 5, 1900); Program--Commencement Recital, Oxford College of Music (June 4, 1900)] 39. June 5, 1901 [Program; Invitation; Program--Commencement, Oxford College of Music and College of Oratory (June 3, 1901); Program--Senior Class Day (June 4, 1901); Program--Class Day (June 4, 1901, 10:30 AM)] 40. 1902 [Invitation; Program--Class Day (June 3, 1902); Program--Musical Evening, Class of 1902 (June 2, 1902); Invitation- -Senior Class Evening; Invitation--Senior Class Reception] 41. 1903 [Newspaper Article--Republican News-Hamilton, Ohio (June 1903); Newspaper Article--Alumnae Reunion] 42. 1904 [Invitation; Invitation--Senior Class Reception; Invitation--Senior Class Reception given by Junior Class] 43. 1907 [Invitation] 44. 1908 [Invitation] 45. June 6, 1916 [Program] 46. June 5, 1917 [Program] 47. 1919 [Program--Baccalaureate Service (June 1, 1919) 48. June 8, 1920 [Program; Booklet- -Graduation Recitals, Oxford College of Music] 49. June 7, 1921 [Program; Program- -Baccalaureate Service (June 5, 1921); Program--Alumnae Day (June 4, 1921); Program--Commencement Recital, Oxford College of Music (June 6, 1921); Program--Graduation Recital (May 16, 1921); Program Booklet--Graduation Recitals, Oxford College of Music] 50. 1923 [Program--Baccalaureate Service (June 10, 1923)] 51. 1926 [Program--Graduation Recital, Oxford College of Music (May 17, 1926)] 52. 1927 [Program--Commencement Week (June 3-7, 1927); Program--Students' Recital, Oxford College of Music (June 4, 1927)] 53. June 5, 1928 [Program; Program--Graduation Recital (May 14, 1928) Musical Recitals 54. Oxford Ladies Club? (1851?) [Newspaper clipping] 55. Musical Entertainment (January 30, 1863) [Program] 56. Musical Entertainment (December 18, 1869) [Copy of Program--Original with George Cummings, Hamilton (Received 3-2-77 via R. T. Howard, OPI] 57. Musical Entertainment (January 10, 1872) [Program] 58. Musical Entertainment (March 16, 1878) [Program] 59. Musical and Literary Entertainment (January 30, 1880) [Program] 60. Musical and Literary Entertainment (January 28, 1881) [Program] 61. Unidentified Recital Program (1884?) 62. Concert, Oxford Cornet Band (October 21, 1887) [Program] 63. Piano Recital (April 21, 1887) [Program] 64. Musical Entertainment (1888?) [Invitation] 65. Rive-King Recital, Mrs. Will J. Evans (1888?) [Program] 66. Mozart Concert (January 27, 1888) [Program] 67. Chamber Concert, Philharmonic String Quartette (March 1, 1888) [Program] 68. Ladies' Musical Club (October 16, 1888) [Program] 69. Chamber Concert, Philharmonic String Quartette (January 22, 1889) [Program] 70. Chamber Concert, Philharmonic String Quartette? (1889?) [Program fragment] 71. An Evening with Mendelssohn, Oxford Conservatory of Music (February 4, 1889) [Program] 72. Piano Recital, George Schneider (February 15, 1889) [Program] 73. Song Recital, Elizabeth Hetlich (May 13, 1889) [Program] 74. Concert, Philharmonic String Ouartette (October 23, 1890) [Program] 75. Fourth Lecture Recital, Beethoven (February 9, 1891) [Program] 76. Fifth Lecture Recital (May 12, 1891) [Program] 77. Philharmonic String Quartette (May 28, 1891) [Program] 78. Delsarte Evening (June 1, 1891) [Program] 79. Delsarte Evening (May 2, 1892) [Program] 80. Art Recital (March 9, 1893) [Program] 81. Arion Quartette (November 24, 1894) [Program] 82. Nevin Ladies Quartette (January 18, 1895) [Program] 83. Song Recital, Bertha Sheehan-Myers and Lindol R. Myers (March 19, 1897) [Program] 84. Students' Recital (March 27, 1897) [Program] 85. Graduates of Oxford College (January 28, 1899) [Program] 86. War Song Concert, Oxford College / Miami University (April 29, 1899) [Program] 87. The A Ensemble Class (May 20, 1899) [Program] 88. Song Recital, Hannah Margaret Mills and Grace Gene Bort (19--) [Invitation /Program] 89. Musicale, April the Seventh (190-?) [Program] 90. Song Recital, Corinne Moore-Lawson (April 15, 1901) [Program] 91. Students in Music and Elocution (November 2, 1901) [Program] 92. Faculty of Music and Oratory (February 17, 1902) [Program] 93. Promenade Concert (April 12, 1902) [Invitation] 94. Faculty of Music and Oratory (November 17, 1902) [Program] 95. Glee Club (March 21, 1903) [Program] 96. Students' Recital (December 4, 1903) [Program] 97. Oxford College Glee Club (December 15, 1903) [Program] 98. Students' Recital (March 21, 1904) [Program] 99. Song Recital (May 25, 1904) [Program] 100. Garden of Flowers (June 2, 1905) [Program] 101. Recital at Oxford College (191-) [Newspaper article] 102. Oxford College Glee Club (May 16, 1910) [Program] 103. Musical Recital, Students in Instrumental and Vocal Music (1911) [Newspaper article] 104. Piano Recital, Bernice Horrell Towner and Clem A. Towner (September 21, 1914) [Program] 105. Voice Recital, Clara Bancroft (November 22, 1919) [Program] 106. Voice Recital, Ethyl C. Lobban (October 15, 1923) [Program] 107. Voice Recital, Olga Leaman (March 8, 1925) [Program] 108. Voice Recital, Mary Leander (April 19, 1928) [Program] Events 109. Exhibition, Young Ladies' Literary Societies (1855?) [Program] 110. Annual Exhibition, Literary Societies of the Oxford Female College (June 25, 1856) [Program] 111. First Annual Exhibition, Alcione Literary Society (February 21, 1862) [Program] 112. Exhibition, Alcione Literary Society (March 24, 1864) [Program] 113. Annual Exhibition, Alcione Literary Society (May 11, 1865) [Program] 114. Annual Exhibition, Alcione Literary Society (February 23, 1866) [Program] 115. Philalethian (188-) [Program] 116. Art Reception (June 1, 1888) [Catalog] 116a. Evening with Longfellow (March 1, 1889) [Program] 117. Art Reception (June 7, 1889) [Catalog] 118. European Vacation Tour Organized by Mary Pratt (189-) [Brochure] 119. Art Reception (June 5, 1890) [Catalog] 120. A Dead Heat; Fast Friends, Oxford College Dramatic Club (November 24, 1898) [Program] 121. Within the Walls, Senior Class (February 21, 1902) [Program] 122. Christmas Party (1903?) [Invitation] 123. Petticoat Perfidy (February 22, 1910) [Program] 124. Thanksgiving Day (November 1913) [Program] 125. Kermess (April 23, 1915) [Program] 126. Madame Butterfly, by John Luther Long (November 8, 1915) [Program; Invitation] 127. Comedietta, New Night Owls of Oxford College (192-?) [Program] 128. As You Like It: A Comedy, Students of the Shakespeare Class (May 6, 1921) [Program] 129. The Goose Hangs High, Oxford Post Players (February 22, 1926?) [Program] 130. Corner-stone Laying of Caroline Scott Harrison Memorial (March 26, 1926) [Program; Invitation (copy)] 131. May Day (May 22, 1926) [Program] 132. Founder's Day (1927) [Program] 133. Quality Street, Post Players (November 24, 1927) [Program] 134. Founder's Day (February 27, 1928) [Program] 135. May Day (May 12, 1928) [Program] 136. Procession: A Pageant of Oxford College-Miami Life (June 7, 1930) [Program] 137. Centennial Banquet (1930)[Program] Diplomas, etc., Box 1 Not indexed. Library Records: Accession Records [1915- , 1919-25]; Library Loans [1897-99]; Notebooks [1923-28]; Hymnal Not indexed. Miscellaneous Materials, Box 1 Not indexed. Oxford College: Anniversaries and Pageants; Buildings; Presidents; History, Box 1 Files: Anniversaries and Pageants 1. Founders' Day [Programs (1927, 1928); Broadcast (February 1927); Telegram from Madeline Dean Frederick; Typed list of girls taking part in the program (n.d.); Letters concerning activities; Announcement for mailing to Alumnae clubs, typed draft; Letter--G.L. Pennock, Acting President, to Dr. H. Parker inviting him to speak for the occasion; Pageant--"Episodes," #2-4 on the founding of Oxford Female Institute, typed text, 5 pp. (1930?); Procession, a Pageant of Oxford College-Miami Life," by Talbot Jennings, printed program--36 x 14 cm. (June 7, 1930)] 2. Boar's Head Christmas (1925) [Newspaper clipping] 3. Centennial [Announcement, typed, 1 p., with color illustration of Oxford Female Institute at head (1930?); In commemoration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of Elam Fisher Hall, typed ms., 2 pp.(1956); Program for banquet. Figure in period costume in color on cover. 13 x 8 cm. (1930); Membership application for the Oxford College for Women Corporation, cd., 8 1/2 x 14 cm. (1930 Centennial)] Buildings and Facilities 4. Caroline Scott Harrison Memorial Dormitory (Proposed) [Invitation to Corner-stone Ceremony; Bulletin of Arrangements: The Laying of the Corner-Stone of the Memorial Dormitory (March 26, 1926); Letter of thanks from Oxford College Alumnae Association to the Oxford Caroline Scott Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (April 11, 1926); The Caroline Scott Harrison Memorial by R. J. McGinnis, Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, v.63 n.8 (Whole Number 438) (August 1929), pp. 475-478; Miscellaneous news clippings] 5. Brant Room of Oxford College [Typewritten letter--Miss Marshall to Olive Flower, July 18, 1958, quoting Peggy Upham Offers on origin of piano table in Brant Room (Copy--original in 4 UP--Budgets, Biographical Materials, Miscellaneous Reports, Box 22); Letter--Administrative Council, Miami University, to Judy Williams on use of Brant Room for wedding (November 19, 1948)] 6. Buildings and Facilities (General) [Letter--President Jane Sherzer (unsigned), solicitation for new swimming pool, typed (July 1, 1915); Text of speech by President Jane Sherzer dedicating the new athletic field in honor of Miss Wilson, Director of Physical Culture, typed carbon copy (n.d.); Engraving from Presbyterian Historical Almanac, mounted on board with descriptive text on lower half of sheet (1861); Reproduction of J. J. Lankes woodcut showing front entrance (see also OC 55 Artifacts); Description of building and furnishings around 1882, hologr., 16 sheets, 12 1/2 x 20 1/2 cm.; Materials relating to renovation and repair, including letter--President John H. Thomas concerning blackboard (November 24, 1900); Letter--from S. C. Johnson to President Faye Walker on installation of wood "carpet" (August 31, 1888); Letter (fragment)--from S. C. Johnson on wood "carpet" installation (1888?); Brochure--Proposed Conservatory of Music, Oxford College for Women, Oxford, Ohio, 4 pp. (1924?); Booklet--Proposed Academy of Music for Oxford College for Women, Oxford, Ohio, 6 pp. (n.d.); Calendar --Fragment with Oxford College Views (1908)] 7. Contract Specifications, Property Lines [Specifications of work and materials required to erect and finish a seminary building at Oxford, Ohio . . . signed by Daniel Lavery, hologr., sheepskin bindg. 12 1/2 x 19 1/2 cm. (April 16, 1855); Letter--R. W. McFarland to Butler County Recorder, inquiring about Oxford Female College Property Lines, with Recorder's reply, hologr.(September 3, 1870)] Presidents 8. John Witherspoon Scott (1849-54, 1854-59) [Article--Sketch of Dr. Scott's association with Oxford Female College, Oxford College Press, pp. 9-15; Essay--In Memorium: The Rev. John Witherspoon Scott, D.D., by Rev. John H. Thomas (original 1901 work and reprint in Oxford Spirit, v.13 n.4,March 1927, pp. 1-3); Letter--Mrs. Alice C. Patterson to Rev. John H. Thomas on John Witherspoon Scott (February 15, 1901); Excerpt--The Reverend John Witherspoon Scott, D.D., from The History of Oxford College for Women, by Olive Flower (1949) 9. Robert Desha Morris (1859-82) [Satire--Biography of R.D.M.- , D.D. Professor of Term Bills in the O.F.C.., by Wm. Sloan Kennedy, Miami Student 1867-73, pam., 23 pp., 13 1/2 x 19 1/2 cm, title page has fictitious date (1671) and garbled spelling of author's name, "Killian S. Wennedy" (1871?); Essay--Despondency by "Morris" (possibly Robert Desha Morris (1834); Tribute to Presbyterianism: A Bicentenary Sermon, by the Rev. Robert D. Morris, 36 pp. 14 1/2 x 23 cm. (Philadelphia, 1843); Robert D. Morris, Dec'd, Last Will and Testament, with statement from executors and heirs, carbon copy of typed document, 3 sheets. (November 16, 1882)] 10. Lafayette Walker (1883-97, 1897-1900) [Invitation--"At home" from President and Mrs. Walker to Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ferguson, cd., 6 x 8 1/2 cm. (May? 1900); Sabbath School Badge, Hebron Memorial Presbyterial Church (September 1901); News clippings, mainly obituaries] 11. John H. Thomas (1900-01) [Program--Inauguration of the Rev. Joh. H. Thomas, Fourth President of Oxford College (December 1, 1900); Inaugural Address, in pamphlet entitled Inaugural Services, at Oxford, Ohio, . . . with the Address of Rev. John Hampden Thomas, D.D., 11 pp. 17 1/2 x 26 cm. (Hamilton Oh.: Republican Publishing, 1901?); Letter--"Aunt A.T.L." to John H. Thomas reminiscing on her Oxford days in 1837-38, 4 sheets, hologr. (November 5, 1900); Letter--John H. Thomas to President Tappan, Miami University, transmitting Bishop, Scott, and other letters to Miami University, 2 sheets (June 11, 1901); News clipping--Death announcement, Commercial Tribune (January 20, 1904)] 12. Fannie Ruth Robinson (1901-05) [Letter-- Undated, from Mary Augusta Robinson with obituary of Fannie Ruth Robinson from Newark News (April 30, 1925)] 13. Jane Sherzer (1905-17)--Legal Affairs and Fees: Incorporation in Ohio (1905) [Correspondence with Ohio Secretary of State concerning incorporation in Ohio of Oxford College's predecessors (6 letters--mostly typed)] 14. Jane Sherzer (1905-17)--Legal Affairs and Fees: Incorporation in Ohio (1906) [Correspondence on transfer of Oxford College Corporation to Ohio; Indebtedness and bond issue (39 letters--mostly typed)] 15. Jane Sherzer (1905-17)--Advanced Credit; Transfer of Credit; North Central Association Membership Refused [13 letters and a report to the North Central Association, the latter on July 9, 1913] 16. Jane Sherzer (1905-17)--Stockholders (1906-17) [Correspondence (1906, 1909, 1917); Minutes (1910); Stock transfer from New Jersey to Ohio jurisdiction (1905), 12 pieces, including several duplicates] 17. Jane Sherzer (1905-17)--Miscellaneous [Letter--from Harry A. Fenton, Attorney, concerning room rentals to Miami University and disagreement over amount due, 2 sheets, typed (September 27, 1905); Letter--from John D. Pitts, Chesapeake and Ohio R.R., granting free transportation for Miss Agnes Morris to and from Washington, 1 sheet, typed (August 1, 1905); Letter--from D. G. Edwards, Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Dayton R.R., declining invitation to attend Thanksgiving celebration (November 20, 1905); Letter--from Century Club to President of the Women's Club, recommending Dr. Sherzer as a lecturer, 1 sheet, typed (October 2, 1905); Letter--from Mary B. Bryan (Mrs. William Jennings Bryan) declining speaking invitation, 1 sheet, typed on letterhead--The Commoner (March 2, 1907); Letter--from Mrs. Mary H, McKee accepting luncheon invitation (October 4, 1914); Letter--from [Frau?] Brandl urging Dr. Sherzer not to believe newspaper reports on German atrocities, 1 sheet, pencil text, in German (1915?); Statistical Report on the Library, copy of form filled out for the Superintendent of Documents. Library number 5337. (July 15, 1907); Memorandum of Agreement with Grace Trimble to act as field agent for recruiting students (1905); Replies from Alumni to Commencement invitations (1914); Assorted news clippings] 18. Eleanor Adams (1918-28) [Letter- -Eleanor Adams to Oliver Flower on her life and family genealogy, 2 sheets, hologr. (July 16, 1947); Letter--Adams to Alma--, concerning a bill due at Miami University, typed on half sheet (February 16, 1926); Correspondence--on Founders' Day programs, 5 letters--4 typed, 1 hologr. (March 1927); Letters--from John Henry Newman complimenting Dr. Adams on Founders' Day broadcast (March 1, 1927), Dr. Adams replies (March 10, 1927); Letter--Mrs. Sidney Maxwell to Dr. Adams including description and drawing of Elizabethan costume (1927); Letter--from Mrs. A. L. Smith to Eleanor Adams concerning acceptance of Oxford College coursework by graduate schools (March 24, 1927); Letter--Dr. Adams to Mrs. C. L. Thompson requesting Mrs. Thompson represent Oxford College at inauguration of Lafayette College's new President, typed draft (October 10, 1927); Invitation--"At home" note for faculty members (December 2, 19--); Employment application letters--from Theresa Schindler (2), Isabelle Elliott, Jakob Wekerly; Miscellaneous news clippings, including obituary (1965)] 19. Gilbert Pennock (Acting President 1928) [Letter--G. L. Pennock to Mrs. George E. Malone on change in Memorial Building's location (April 18, 1928); News clipping--reports Pennock's speaking at the Indiana Oxford College Association's annual luncheon meeting (May 27, 1928?)] History 20. Charters, Acts of Incorporation [An Act to Incorporate Oxford Female Academy, 1839, transcript from Laws of Ohio, v.37, pp. 80-81; An Act to Incorporate Oxford Female Institute, . . . 1849, mimeographed copy of typed text; Charter of Oxford Female College, 1854, and Oxford College for Women, 1906, printed folder; Certificate of Incorporation of Oxford College, 1897, mimeographed copy of typed text; Oxford College Company of Ohio, (Proposed), 1902; Certificate of Incorporation of Oxford College, carbon copy of typed text (April 1906); Articles of Incorporation of Oxford College for Women, 1906, mimeographed copy of typed text] 21. Trustees [Record of the Proceedings of the Incorporators, Members, and Trustees of the Oxford College for Women, Including By-Laws and Amended By-Laws, 18 typed sheets and duplicates (1906-10); Minutes of the Board of Trustees, Oxford College, 3 typed sheets (1910, 1915, 1916); Affidavit indicating that the Board has been duly sworn, carbon copy of typed text, 1 sheet (n.d.) 22. By-laws, Rules and Regulations [Folder--By Laws: Rules and Regulations of Oxford College for Women, 18 1/2 x 13 cm. (n.d.);Booklet-- Oxford College: Daily Routine and Regulations, 8 pp., 11 1/2 x 15 cm. (n.d.); Order for the Day: Order for Monday: Order for Sunday, printed sheet, 21 x 31 cm. (1905?); Room and Board Regulations, mimeographed sheet, 21 x 35 cm. (1905?)] 23. Agreements with Morris Family [Memorandum of Agreement between Agnes and Mary Morris and the Oxford College for Women, typewritten (January 27, 1907); Memorandum of Supplemental Agreement between Agnes Morris and the Oxford College for Women (June 15, 1910)] 24. Debts, Court Cases [Abstract from Minutes of the Cincinnati Presbyterian Synod concerning the financial affairs of Oxford Female Institute and Oxford Female College, typed Mss., 26 sheets, 28 x 21 1/2 cm. (1855-66); Court of Common Pleas, Butler County, Judgment against Oxford Female College for indebtedness 1856- , Mss. in pencil, 10 sheets, legal size (1876)]; News clipping--Cincinnati Presbyterian Synod authorizes purchase of Oxford Female College, The Presbyter (October 6, 1859), p. 10; News clipping--Cincinnati Presbyterian Synod expresses pleasure with management of Oxford Female College, The Presbyter (October 24, 1861); News clipping--Mrs. Lilly M. Walker sues Oxford Female College Board of Directors, Hamilton Evening Democrat (May 12, 1902); Brochure--by Mary Hughes questioning legality of proposed Oxford College-Miami University merger in light of recently discovered records, also offers brief history of Trustees' financial dealings, 4 pp. (1928?)] 25. Addresses [Addresses Delivered at the Dedication of the Oxford Female College, September 3, 1856 (Cincinnati: Moore, Wilstach, Keys, 1856) {Includes--Address on the Missionary Feature of the Institution, by Joseph Warren; Dedicatory Address, by J. C. Moffat}; The Present Age, The Age of Woman, An Address Before the Literary Societies of Oxford Female College at Their Anniversary, by Alex T. McGill, June 24, 1858, 20 pp., 14 x 22 cm. (Oxford: 1858)] 26. Publications [Article--Oxford College: A Pioneer College for Women in Ohio, by Jennie Brooks, Christian Work and the Evangelist v.90 n.2308 (May 6, 1911), pp. 573-77; Mss.--The Pioneer College for Women: Oxford College, by Jennie Brooks (1911?); History of the College, Read by Miss Deem on Alumnae Day, June 11, 1888, Oxford Ladies Collegian, v.1 n.10 (April 1889), pp. 47-49; Article--Oxford College, by "H.S.," Saxby's Magazine (July 1893); Margaret A. Nash, " 'A Salutary Rivalry'": The Growth of Higher Education for Women in Oxford, Ohio, 1855-1867" History of Higher Education Annual v. 16 (1906): 21-38.] 27. Lists, Chronologies, etc. [Guide for Historical Committee (list of officers of Oxford Female Academy, Oxford Female Institute, Oxford Female College, and Oxford College), carbon copy, 1 sheet.; List of Presidents of Oxford Female Academy, Oxford Female Institute, Oxford Female College, and Oxford College, typed, 1 sheet.; Memoranda, with factual information about the early history of Oxford Female College and Oxford Female Institute, hologr., 1 sheet; Letter--from Julia A. Rogers, OC '56, containing factual information about the early history of the College, hologr., 2 sheets (n.d.)] 28. News Clippings [Miscellaneous clippings mainly dealing with the early history of Oxford College] 29. Oxford College-Western College Merger Proposal (1917) [Memorandum Agreement, mimeographed copies of typed text, c.1-6 sheets, c.2-5 sheets (n.d.); Articles of Association for the Incorporation of the Western Oxford College, carbon copies of typed text, 6 sheets (n.d.); Steps for the Union of the Oxford College for Women with the Western College for Women, mimeographed copy of typed text, 1 sheet (n.d.); Merger provisions for Oxford College Officers, mimeographed copy of typed text, 1 sheet (n.d.); Resolution of Oxford College Board of Trustees pledging not to approve merger without Alumnae Associations' consent, carbon copy of typed text, 2 sheets (July 8, 1919); Memo by President Jane Sherzer with factual information about merger proposal's early course, hologr., 1 sheet (n.d.); Merger correspondence of President Sherzer; Miscellaneous merger correspondence, mainly involving Judge Elam Fisher] 30. Oxford College-Western College Merger Proposal (1917)--Pro-merger letters and resolutions 31. Oxford College-Western College Merger Proposal (1917)--Anti-merger letters and resolutions 32. Oxford College-Western College Merger Proposal (1917)--News clippings 33. Oxford College Endowment Fund, Scholarships--Oxford College/Miami University Communications and Reports (1926-58) [Includes Folder--Accountant's Report: The Oxford College for Women, Oxford, Ohio, Endowment Fund, submitted by Biggs and Welliver, Accountants (contains list of pledges and payments), 13 typed sheets (June 19, 1929)] 34. Oxford College Endowment Fund, Scholarships--Olive Flower's Correspondence with Alumnae (1929-34) 35. Appeals for Funds (1906-17)[Appeal Song, holgr. 1 folded sheet (n.d.); Dr. Jane Sherzer correspondence on appeal campaign, including letters and promotional brochures from fund raising agencies (1914-16); Flier--College Endowment Funds Thru "Personal Endowments" (1917); Flier--Oxford Fact Folder: Endowment Campaign, Oxford College Press, Supplement to v.7 (August 1917); Flier--A Message for You: The Future: Facts and Needs, Convcining Data, Oxford College Press, Supplement to v.7 (August 1917); Flier--Community Campaign: Endowment and Extension Fund, Oxford College Press v.10 n.6 (1917?); Flier--To the Friends of Oxford College (1913?); Letter--From the Endowment and Extension Campaign Director soliciting contributions, 1 sheet, carbon of typed original, unsigned (1917); Letter--From the President, Treasurer, and Executive Committee of the Alumnae Association to students soliciting contributions, 1 sheet, carbon of typed original (1906?); Assorted News clips] 36. Appeal for Funds (1924) I [Brochure--Proposed Conservatory of Music, Oxford College for Women, Oxford, Ohio (copy--original in Buildings and Facilities {General} File); Booklet--Proposed Academy of Music for Oxford College for Women, Oxford, Ohio (also in Buildings and Facilities {General} File; Folder--Chairmen: Oxford College Endowment and Building Fund, typed, with pencil annotations, 6 sheets; Folder--Oxford College Endowment and Building Fund: What the Local Chairman Should Do, typed, 6 sheets (1924?);Folder--Proposed Plan of Campaign to Raise Six Hundred Thousand Dollars for the Oxford College for Women, Oxford, Ohio, submitted by Tamblyn and Brown, New York City, 5 sheets., typed (January 31, 1924); Booklet--America's Pioneer College for Women, Oxford College for Women, Oxford, Ohio, 16 pp., 15 1/2 x 23 1/2 cm.] 37. Appeal for Funds (1924) II [Booklet--A Milestone of Progress: 1830-1924, Oxford College, Oxford, Ohio., 24 pp., ill., 20 x 28 cm.] 38. Appeal for Funds (1924) III [Flier--Were you one of those girls? (2-7-3 Appeal); The Oxford College Record, Oxford College Press, v.18 n.3 (September 1924) (copy); Flier--Untitled, with cut of tower on cover (2-7-3 Appeal); Flier--Memories: Of the Quaint Old College Town--Oxford, Ohio (1924?); Flier--The Small College vs. The Large College (1924?); Flier--Oxford's Contribution: Service Rendered by America's Pioneer Women's College to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois (verso: Where Eighty-five Per Cent of Oxford's Alumnae Serve {map}]; Flier--The Message the Violets Bring (2-7-3 Appeal);Letter--from Nellie H, Chapin, Alumnae Association Chairman, to Oxford Friends in support of 2-7-3 Appeal, 1 sheet, carbon copy of typed original (November 14, 1924)] 39. Oxford College-Miami University Merger (1928) [Certificate and Agreement of Merger (3 copies), c.1--carbon copy of typed original with annotations, 2 sheets, c.2--mimeographed copy of typed original, 3 sheets, c.3--hologr, pen, possibly written by W. P. Roudebush, 4 sheets, (December 1928); Letter--from A. H. Upham to Oxford College graduates and former students detailing merger agreement terms, typed, 2 sheets, (December 12, 1928); Letter--Sylvia Ferguson, President of Oxford College Alumnae Association to members detailing reasons prompting merger, carbon copy of typed original, 3 sheets (July 9, 1928); Specifications for tablets to be placed in Oxford College, typed, 7 sheets (n.d.); Letter--W.P. Roudebush to Olive Flower outlining plans for use/deposition of Oxford College equipment, typed with corrections, 3 sheets (February 13, 1929); Memorandum on Insurance for Oxford College, 2 sheets, sheet 1--typed, sheet 2--typed on ledger paper (1930?); Brochure--by Mary Hughes questioning legality of proposed merger in light of recently discovered records, also offers brief history of Trustees' financial dealings (1928?)(copy--original in Debts, Court Cases file)] 40. Oxford College-Miami University Merger (1928)--Olive Flower's Correspondence 41. Oxford College-Miami University Merger (1928)--W. P. Roudebush's Correspondence 42. Oxford College-Miami University Merger (1928)--News clippings 43. Ads, Announcements, Brochures I [Brochure--Oxford College, Rev. Faye Walker, D.D., President, 9 x 16 cm. (1896); Brochure--Oxford College for Young Ladies, Oxford, Ohio, 10 x 15 cm., illus. (1899); Fliers--Announcements (1900, 1915); Clippings--Assorted newspaper and magazine advertisements for Oxford College] 44. Ads, Announcements, Brochures II [Folder--Oxford College for Women, Oxford, Ohio, 30 x 22 1/2 cm. (1927); Brochure--Seven Points in Favor of Oxford College, 20 pp. 15 1/2 x 21 1/2 cm. (1906)] Student Government; Literary Societies, 1860-1928, Box 1 Files: 1. Student Government [The Self- Government Association . . . 1905-6 (ring notebook)(constitution, members); Student Self-Government Board: Minutes: 1918-25 (Ms. notebook); Constitution and Regulations of the Student Self Government Association (Oxford College Press, v.21 n.3, September 1927)] 2. International Relations Club [Notebook, including members lists and minutes: 1921-28; Constitution; Miscellaneous correspondence, reports, and news clippings] 3. Literary Societies: [Calliopean and Philalethian Societies Pins; Unidentified metal tag] [See also in History File--article by Jennie Brooks on Oxford College and Literary Societies] 4. Alcione Literary Society [Notebook, MSS.-- Minutes: 1861-67 (Inserts) 5. Calliopean Society [Notebooks, MSS.--1. 1860-68 (Constitution of the Calliopean Society, September 22, 1860; Members, attendance); 2, 1874-85 (Constitution, membership and attendance); 3. Minutes: 1864-76; 4. Critics Book 1867-76; 5. Corresponding and Recording Secretary's Book: 1877-85] 6. Philalethian Society [The Philalethian, v.2 n.7 (March 1, 1852); v.2 n.8 (April 1, 1852)] [on top of box] 7. Philalethian Society [Society Motto Card; Minutes, Constitution (typescript); The Auto-biography of the Philalethian Society of Dr. Scott's Seminary, with By-Laws (Typescript); What Can Woman Do? by "Delta"(November 1, 1851)(Typescript)] 8. Philalethian Society [Ledger, MSS.--Minutes: 1865-85] 9. Society of Inquiry [Notebook, MSS.--Minute Book: 1866-67] 10. Pierian Literary Society [Program, MSS (April 8, 1904); Program (1904?)] 11. Verse: Holographs [Welcome (MSS, two sheets folded, one half-sheet, 5 leaves of numbered text. (n.d.); A Reminiscance (sic) (MSS., 10 sheets, 14 x 22 cm. Verse. 1873) (In verse, describes Junior party); Permitted Absence. A printed card, for Miss. Wing from Latin, signed "Hall"] 12. Alice E. Brown (Not in Directory) [Notebooks, Holograph--1. Book Reviews: 1900-01, 1902-03; 2. Book Reviews: January 15, 1902] Textbooks, Novels, Travel Guides (Mostly Persona


  • 1851-1930


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Oxford Female Institute is a registered historic building in Oxford, Ohio, listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. The Oxford Female Institute was affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, and its first president was John Witherspoon Scott. His second daughter Caroline Scott, an Oxford Institute graduate, married Benjamin Harrison and became First Lady after his election as President of the United States in 1888. The college was later known as Oxford College and Oxford College for Women. Miami University took over ownership of the school in 1928 and absorbed its students. Miami used the building, commonly known as "Ox College", as a women's residence hall for more than sixty years. The building has been adapted for use as an arts center for the community of Oxford.Note written by Robert Schmidt


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