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General Reference, 1809 - 2007



Reference Area; General; May-Day Cherries by Captain David A. Murphy; 1916 [1A-E-5] Reference Section

Reference Area; General; The Life of Langstroth, by Florence Naile; 1942 [1A-E-4]

Reference Area; General; Old Miami Leadership Study, by William S. Yeck [1A-F-4]

Reference Area; General; Honorary Degrees Conferred by Miami University [Binder]; 1826-2004

Reference Area; General; Master's Degrees Conferred by Miami University, 1809-1959 [Binder]

Reference Area; General; A Study of Selected Student Attitudes and Perceptions That Have Implications For Administrators in Higher Education, by Charles Kinder; 1972

Reference Area; General; The History of the Circle of Remembrance. Compiled by Donald T. Fairburn; 2001

Reference Area; General; The Information-Literate Historian: A Guide to Research for History Students, by Jenny Presnell; 2007 [1A-F-3]

Reference Area; General; Miami Faculty Perspectives: A compendium of serious thoughts by selected faculty about the future of Miami University; 1980 Contents: 1. Herbert Waltzer, "Governance for the 1980's: The Structures and Processes of Deciding and Acting at Miami University" 2. George F. Williams, "An Integrated Planning Process for Miami University" 3. David G. Brown, "A List of 10 Miami Desiderata" 4. Russell E. Griffith, "Miami's Heritage, 1940-80, and Some Recommendations for the Future" 5. William C. Pratt, "Enhancing the Humanities, or, A Fresh Start for the Liberal Arts" 6. Alexandra Korros, "The Miami Graduate: What All Baccalaureates Should Know and How They Will Learn It" 7. William E. Wells, "Excellence by Specialization" 8. Karl L. Schilling, "Enhancing Miami's Residential Program" 9. David E. Belka, "Liberating for Teaching Effectiveness" 10. Raymond W. O'Neal, "Affirmative Action at Miami University: Toward Establishing A Workable Program" 11. "Continuing Agenda" 12. Donavan Auble, "Reference Tables: Miami University, 1964-79".

Reference Area; General; Miscellaneous Information About Miami University [Binder] Binder rec'd from University Secretary, includes: 1. Legal form under which Miami enters into contracts 2. Process for approval of Plus-Minus Grading System 3. MU fully accredited as doctoral-granting institution in 1983 4. Appraised value of Miami Inn in 1991 [in connection with University purchase] 5. Incorporation Information--Exact corporate name-"Miami Univeristy"; Date of Incorporation--June 11, 1906. Exact Corporate Name--The President and Trustees of the Miami University; Date of Incorporation June 11, 1906. 6. Miami tribe resolutions on nickname and Miami connection (1991, 1972) 7. Miami accredited by North Central Association since the founding of the Association in 1911 8. Course numbering information 9. Miami University Flag information 10. Information on Superior Students Programs 11. John Millett, "The Story of the Miami Assembly Hall" Items Compiled Separately 12. A. H. Upham, The Centennial of Miami University. Columbus, Oh. Fred. J. Heer, 1909 13. James H, Rodabaugh, "Miami University, Calvinism, and the Anti-Slavery Movement," Ohio Archaelogical and Historical Quarterly 14. Brief summary of Miami University History (October 1962?) 15. "Memorandum relative to Establishment of Miami Univeristy and Its Relationship to the Federal Government" 16. "Miami Historical Associations," Miami Student (June 1909) 17. Bruce Fink, "Historical Trees of the Campus of Miami University" Miami University Bulletin, ser. 25, n. 3 (1926) 18. W. J. McSurely, "History fo the Library of Miami University," Miami Bulletin ser.6, no. 10 (February 1908) 19. "Miami University," American Pioneer v. 1, n.8 (August 1842) 20. Erasmus MacMaster article in Ripley's Believe It or Not (December 16, 1968) 21. "Do You Know Miami?" from the Miami Student 22. Information on Bejamin Harrision at Miami compiled by Frances McClure (1993) 23. "Early Journalism at Miami," Miami University Bulletin ser. 14, no. 10 (June 1916) 24. Some Miami Facts 25. Ralph Treichler, "History of the Miami Union Literary Society" 26. Miami University as Reported in the Chillicothe Weekly Recorder (November 12, 1817) 27. Index to Student Life Research Service Surveys (1971-82) 28. Information on the "Dixie Dugan" comic Strip 29. Miami historical information for Freshman Lecture (1917) 30. S. Chester Parker, "History of the College Curriculum of Miami University," Miami Bulletin, ser. 9, no. 3 (October 1910) 31. Walter Havighurst, "The Snowball Rebellion, 1848" Miami vs. Marshal Game Program (Sept. 13, 1975) 32. Walter Havighurst, "Harrison for President, 1888" Miami vs. Ball State Game Program (September 27, 1975) 33. Walter Havighurst, "The Chapel, 1861-1865" Miami vs. Ohio U. Game Program (October 18, 1975) 34. Walter Havighurst, "The Eight-Sided Desk" Miami vs. Toledo Game Program (November 1, 1975) 35. Walter Havighurst, "Football in the Nineties" Miami vs. Cincinnati (November 22, 1975) 36. World War II at Miami Historical Issue Alumni News Letter (June 1946)


  • 1809 - 2007


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Materials do not circulate and are made available to users in the Miami University Archives.


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