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Faculty, 1855 - 1927

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Oxford College; Faculty; Faculty Meeting Minutes; 1855-87 [16A-Q-5A]?

Oxford College; Faculty; Last Will and Testament, A Comic Operetta, by Karl Merz [16A-Q-7B]

Oxford College; Faculty; Dean Olive Flower; Box 1 [SWORD] *** When searching for this box in Sierra use OC in the search box. Box 1 OC13 Barcode 814850806 i26154080 Barcode 35054014302323

Oxford College; Faculty; Orae, Oxonian, Faculty Meeting Minutes, Faculty: Individuals; Box 2 [16A-Q-4B] Files: 1. Orae (1912) 2. Oxonian (1921) I 3. Oxonian (1921) II 4. Faculty--General 5. Appleton, L. Estelle 6. Calhoun, Lelia [Mrs. Leidenger] [Trustee] 7. Coddington, Mabel 8. Crocker, Bethania [Mrs. Bethania Bishop Bennett] 9. Flower, Olive, Dean 1919-29 I 10. Flower, Olive--History of Oxford College, Correspondence, Orders II 11. Flower, Olive--History of Oxford College, Corr., Orders, Invoices III 12. Lenander, Mary 13. Lumsden, Mrs. D. V. [Florence Dill] 14. Merz, Karl I 15. Merz, Karl II 16. Morris, Mrs. Elizabeth [Wife of Robert D. Morris] 17. Ostrander, Emma L. [Mrs. Quaif] 18. Sondericker, Josephine E. 19. Stewart, Nancy Hemphill 21. Thayer, Marian [Marian Thayer Ashton; Marian Thayer MacMillan] 22. Zerfass, Mary Ledgers 1. Faculty Meeting Minutes (1900-1907) 2. Faculty Meeting Minutes (1907-27)

Oxford College; Faculty; Personnel Cards; 1915-27; Box 2A [SWORD] *** When searching for this box in Sierra use OC in the search box. OC4 Box 2A Barcode 814860301 i26144451 Barcode 35054014302257 Not Indexed

Oxford College; Faculty; Personnel Card Files; Box 2B [SWORD] *** When searching for this box in Sierra use OC in the search box. OC5 Barcode 814840906 i26153956 Barcode 35054014302315 Not Indexed


  • 1855 - 1927


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