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Western College; Catch-All, Miscellaneous Items; Grey Gables, 1957-1974; Box 1

Contents: Western Game: contains record and photo negatives

Box 1 (Miscellaneous oversized)

* Large Brick from Alumnae Hall * Small Pieces of Brick (three total) * Piece of what looks like Slate * Note about donation of pieces of Alumnae Hall Building from Alice Schact Salt ‘47

* Framed picture of unknown woman circa 1800 * '51 Class Color Ribbons from Josselyn Bennett Winslow

Western College; Catch-All, Miscellaneous Items, Molyneaux Bell Tower, Tree Day, Peabody Hall, Alumnae Hall, 1957-1974; Box 2


Box 2

Folder 1

• “Pages of Time 1939”, Collection of news and advertisements from 1939

Folder 2

• “Dialogue in a Carpenter’s Shop”, Mariana Reed 1980

Folder 3

• “History of Academic Costume” (2 copies)

Folder 4

• “Color Day” Wooster College, May 15, 1914

Folder 5

• Whale Menu and Program from an unknown event, 1946 • Newspaper clipping announcing the arrival of six western students

Folder 6

• “Boys, Bombers, Bicycles, Brownies!”, Fundraising flyers (2 copies)

Folder 7

• “A Ballad of Lorraine”

Folder 8

• Sons of Confederate Veterans Brochure

Folder 9

• “God, in Christ…”, Myra Scovel, December 1962

Folder 10

• “None Shall Fall”, Myra Scovel, October 1966

Folder 11

• “Your medical offering helps share Love”, Wilmina Rowland, April 1967. This article contains a reference to Myra Scovel’s book “My Neighbor, the Wounded”.

Folder 12

• Paperclips for Olga Edmund, 1944

Folder 13

• Outline of Daily Schedule from 1857 (2 copies)

Folder 14

• Westhampton College, “Honoring…Delegates to Thirtieth Annual Convention of the Women’s Intercollegiate Association, October 29, 1937 • Wellesley Alumnae Magazine article photocopy. July, 1956. "Two Alumnae return from th eClass of 1886"

Folder 15

• Receipt for a flower bouquet, circa 1900

Folder 16

• Receipt for $41.09 from W.P. Keebler, May 29, 1967

Folder 17

• Class Schedule of Kim Smith, Unknown date

Folder 18

• Oak Street Church Photograph, Unknown location, time

Folder 19

• Photograph of women carrying candles

Folder 20

• Photograph of women carrying candles

Folder 21

• Photograph of women making a ‘W’ with candles

Folder 22

• Photograph of formal dance

Folder 23

• Eugenia Spriestersbach’s essay about her memories of Western College Traditions from 1936

Folder 24

• "President Bok's First Year," The Harvard Independent, 1972

Folder 25

• Advertisements for 'Earth Before Man' Educational Series from 1938

Folder 26

• Calendar, 1922 • College Calendar for 1957-58

Folder 27

• Western College stationary note pad sheet • Western College stationary "Office of Placement" 8.5x11 in. • Western College stationary "Office of the President" 8.5x11 in. • Alumnae Hall Napkin

Folder 28

• Lutheran Baptism Certificate for Clara Helene Emma Mueller(Printed in German)from St. Johannes Church in Centerville, Wisconsin • Copper Printing plate with name of "Miss Clara Helen Mueller"

Folder 29

• Souvenir of Grey Gables, guest house of Western College for Women, With information about Alumnae Hall • Souvenir of Grey Gables, guest house of Western College for Women, With information about Tree Day • Souvenir of Grey Gables, guest house of Western College for Women, With information about Helen Peabody Hall • The President's Report Western College for Women 1967-1968, pamphlet • Supplement to the Oxford Press, June 13th, 1974 on Alumnae Hall and Western College • Document with copies of Alumnae Chapel Speech by Phyllis Hoyt, June 18, 1978; Molyneaux-Western Tower dedication, June 18, 1978; and President's report 1946 in reformatted form. (14 pages) • Patterson Place Christmas Ornament Folder 30

• Kentucky Humanities Magazine, April 28th, Article about Western College Alumna called, "Standing Up for Her Sex" by Lynn E. Neidermeier


• Four receipts from 1898-1899 for board, tuition and class fees to Western College and Seminary


  • 1853-1974



2 Boxes (Western Game: contains record and photo negatives)

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