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Alumnae Publications Collection #2

• Adams, Evelyn. First Woman Doctor to Cameroun R722.32.A22 A3 1988

• Akumu, Margaret. Mother Africa's Beautiful Styles GT1580.G68 1990

• Albert, Elaine. Basic Phonics

• Albert, Elaine. Do It Yourself-Phonics

• Albert, Elaine. How: A Handbook for Teaching Someone to Read [Two editions]

• Albert, Elaine. Reading With Hornbook and Fescue

• Allen, Mary (Whipple). Twenty-Five Years in Persia

• Areesorn, Naphalai.Editor-in-Cheif of the Thailand Tatler(Magazine), December 2011

• Areesorn, Naphalai.Editor-in-Cheif of the Expat Society (Magazine), 2011-2012

• Asbury, Edith. “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Byline Magazine 2004

• Asbury, Edith. “Have chance of job in New York”. Byline Magazine 2006.

• Bann, Helen. Miss Kiku Ishihara

• Barr, Nann Clark. “The Trysting Tree: A Poetic Play”

• Bartlett, Margaret W. Cyprus, The United Nations, and the Quest for Unity DS54.9 .B37 2007

• Belarusian Review, Volume 14, No. 2, Summer 2002

• Blake, Susan (Rowland). Academic Reading and Study Skills for International Students

• Bishop, Sally Riley. Sally Riley Bishop 1936-1994

• Bolanz, Maria. So Hago E99.T6 B655 1963

• Boyle, Laurence P. Alice Moore Boyle: The Story of a Beautiful Life

• Brashares, Ellen. On Wings of Faith: Winging it With Terse Verse.

• Brophy, Anne. Flash and the Swan PS3552.R646 F53 1981

• Chadwick, Margaret Lee. A Dipperful of Humanity BV2805.C35 D54 1978

• Chadwick, Margaret Lee. The Lee Family of Spanish Fork, Utah BV2805.S62 C43 1979

• Chadwick, Margaret Lee. Looking at the Sunset Upside Down LA2317.C45 A34

• Chen, Ruby, ed. An Inspiring Story of a ‘Beautiful Person': Catherine E. Sutherland

• Claggett, Mary Frances. Black Birds and Other Birds PS3553.L22245 B55 1977

• Class Poem and Chronicles of the Class of ‘85

• Clifford, Ruth (Young). The Pioneer or My Scrapbook for 1937

• Cobb, Alice. Come to Shanta Bhawan!

• Cobb, Alice. Exploring Basic Issues with Young People • • Cobb, Alice. Old Tales for a New Day PZ8.1.F17 O1 1980 • • Cobb, Alice. Yes, Lord, I'll Do It BV4070.S366 C633 1987 • • Cochran, Mary E. Dakota Cross-Bearer: The Life and World of a Native American Bishop E99.S22 J65 2000 • • Cook, Julie (Downing). Caregiver's Comfort • • Coulson, Melissa (Conover). Some Memories of Western Female Seminary [two copies] • • De Kooning, Elaine. President John F. Kennedy • • Derby, Sally. Jacob and the Stranger • • Derby, Sally. Hannah's Bookmobile Christmas PZ7.D4416 Bl 2001 • • Derby, Sally. Kyle's Island PZ7.D4416 Kyl 2010 • • Derby, Sally. The Mouse Who Owned the Sun PZ7.D44175 Mo 1993 • • Derby, Sally. My Steps PZ7.D4416 My 1996 • • Derby, Sally. Taiko on a Windy Night • • Derby, Sally. Two Fools and a Horse: An Original Tale PZ7.D4416 Jan 2003 • • Derby, Sally. The Wacky Substitute PZ7.D44174 Wac 2005 • • Derby, Sally. No Mush Today • • Derby, Sally. Whoosh Went the Wind PZ7.D4416 Who 2006 PZ7D4416 Who 2006 • • Eberhart, Anne (’47). “Sixty Minutes in an Hour: A Short Story” • • ElErian, Sama. Art for My Sake and Yours • • ElErian, Sama. Australian Days • • ElErian, Sama. Beauty is Truth • • ElErian, Sama. Chapters in Life • • ElErian, Sama. Childhood Days • • ElErian, Sama. Cinderella Today • • ElErian, Sama. Father and Daughter • • ElErian, Sama. Favourite Poems • • ElErian, Sama. Poetic Wonders • • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Children • • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Creativity • • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Father • • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Grievances • • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Life • • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Love • • ElErian, Sama. Treasured Poems • • Elmer, June Ashley. The Scout of Santa Fe • • Finke, Gail Deibler. City Signs: Innovative Urban Graphics (graduate 1986) • • Flett, Elizabeth (Fenton). Reflections of the 80's • • Flett, Elizabeth (Fenton). “Renaissance” • • Fox, Alice. Virginia Woolf and the Literature of the English Renaissance • • Gillilan, Elizabeth (Mitchell). Beginning American English • • Galantay, Karla Noell.Karla's Shorts; Scenes of a New York City childhood and other stories • • Gomof, Elios. From the Mediterranean to the Jordan: Murder for Survival • • Hampton, Barbara. "My Tiny Watching Eye" Washington D.C. : P Street Press. 2004. Print.(2 copies) • • Hackley, Susan (Johnson). The Pribilof Islands: A Guide to St. Paul , Alaska • • Hinchman, Hannah. A Life in the Hand; Creating the Illuminated Journal • • Howard-Merriam, Kathleen. “Women, Education, and the Professions in Egypt ” • • Howe, Sarah Isabella. "History of Western College" • • Hunter, Carman St. John. Adult Education in China • • Hunter, Carman St. John. Adult Illiteracy in the United States • • King , Frances . Treatment of the Mentally Retarded Character in Modern American Literature • • Kinzie, Mary. Autumn Eros and Other Poems • • Kinzie, Mary. The Cure of Poetry in an Age of Prose • • Kinzie, Mary. Ghost Ship • • Kinzie, Mary. The Judge is Fury • • Kinzie, Mary. Summers of Vietnam • • Kinzie, Mary. The Threshold of the Year • • Kinnear, Karen. Women in the Third World • • Kinnear, Karen. Childhood Sexual Abuse • • Lawrence, Mary. Mother and Child (two copies) • • Leonard, Richard D. Call to Selma : Eighteen Days of Witness • • Limmer, Ruth, ed. What the Woman Lived: Selected Letters of Louise Bogan 1920-1970 • • Lyde, Marilyn Jones. Edith Wharton: Convention and Morality in the Work of a Novelist • • Mahoney, Susan. God's Power in Action: Prayer and Fasting • • McGaughey, Helen. Reaching for the Spring • • McGaughey, Helen. Wind Across the Night • • McKee, Martha (Keehn). India Ink • • Memorial: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Western Female Seminary [four copies] • • Michael, Mary Kyle. Blue Jay Feather • • Milkman, Ruth, ed. Women, Work, Protest: A Century of U.S. Women's Labor History [Note: Ruth is the editor of this book which includes chapter 3 by Western College graduate Ardis Cameron] • • Molloy, Juliana. “Beyond Dickens: Christmas in Victorian Literature,” Victorian Homes' Holidays (pages 74-75) • • Myers, Christopher. McCrephy's Field • • Nelson, Narka. An Argosy of Song; An Anthology of Western College Verse • • Newcomen Society of the United States. “Alabama Power Company: A Century of Service” by Charles D. McCrary • • Newcomen Society of the United States. “Baylor School: Reflections on Baylor School and Its History” by Dr. Bill W. Stacy and William P. Cushman • Newcomen Society of the United States. “BryanLGH Medical Center: Leadership... doing the right things for the right reasons” by R. Lynn Wilson • • Nussman, Elise (Steiner), ed. Voices from my Heart by Meta S. Schlundt • • Obuchowski, Mary DeJong. Field o’ My Dreams, 2 copies: The Poetry of Gene Stratton –Porter • • Page, Charles. Persis: No Ordinary Adventure: Small-Town American Girl ‘Captivates’ Baghdad, 1926-28 • • Pennock, Lee ( Huntington ). The Artic and the Antarctic: What Lives There • • Pennock, Lee ( Huntington ). Brothers in Arms [two copies] • • Pennock, Lee ( Huntington ). Simple Shelters • • Piercy, Josephine K, ed. Modern Writers at Work • • Pope, Gerta. CD, “The Western Spirit Lives On!” • • Pope, Gerta. “Music, Money and You...Managing the Business" Chicago:Greta Pope Entertainment, 2011. Print. • • Reed, Marianna. “A Flight of Years” (Poems) • • Reed, Marianna. “Sesquicentennial Reflections: Randolph County , Indiana , 1968” [Extracts from “Heritage and Horizon,” a column in the newspapers of Winchester , Indiana , and Union City , Indiana-Ohio] • • Sanderson, Ruth (Mackelmann). Around Lake Michigan • • Shuffleton, Nancy (McBride). Gordon Kinship CS71 .G66 1973 • • Shuffleton, Nancy (McBride). Phelps-Marshall Kinship CS71 .P54 1977 • • Shuffleton, Nancy (McBride). Shuffleton Kinship • • Sicher, Nelle (Frisch). Celebrate the Harvests! • • Simmons, Edith (Kuhne). Poems • • • Smith, Rebecca (Koladis). St. John on Foot and by Car • • Splinters, Published by the Class of 1883 • • St. Tamata (Kolba), illustrator. Animal Games • • St. Tamata (Kolba), author and illustrator. Asian Crafts • • St. Tamata (Kolba), author and illustrator. Chickaree: A Red Squirrel • • St. Tamata (Kolba), illustrator. Save that Raccoon! • • Salt, Elizabeth . Buckeye Heritage: Ohio 's History in Song [Book and audiocassette, two copies of book and one cassette] • • Schmucker, Katherine. Heart of Gold: Saint Nicholas and His Friends • • Seiffert, Dorothy. Beauty for the Mature Woman • • Sheldon, Elizabeth (Hakkinen). The Song of the Chilkat People • • Slung, Michele. The Absent-Minded Professor's Memory Book [Two Copies} • • Slung, Michele, ed. Fever; Sensual Stories by Women Writers • • Slung, Michele. Living with Cannibals and Other Women's Adventures • • Slung, Michele. Momilies: As My Mother Used to Say [Two copies] • • Slung, Michele. More Momilies: As My Mother Used to Say [Three copies] • • Slung, Michele, ed. Murder and Other Acts of Literature • • Slung, Michele, ed. Slow Hand; Women Writing Erotica [Two copies] • • Slung, Michele, ed. Strangers: Dark Tales of Eerie Encounters • • Slung, Michele, ed. Women's Wiles; An Anthology of Mystery Stories by the Mystery Writers of America • • Strum, Fred. Class of 1975 School of Interdisciplinary Studies, American Rags, Brazilian Tangos, Afrocuban Dances. • • Strum,Fred. Brazilian Soul • • Strum,Fred. Piano of Ginastera and Villa-Lobos • • Strum,Fred. Spanish Dances, Piano music of Mompou, Turina and Granados • • Sullivan, Zohreh. Narratives of Empire: The Fictions of Rudyard Kipling • • Toth, Nicholas. Making Silent Stones Speak • • Tribble , Virginia . Statistics • • Vaughn, Toni (Heineman). The Abused Child • • Wischmann, Lesley. Frontier Diplomats: The Life and times of Alexander Culbertson and Natoyist-SIksina' • • Wolff, Ruth. I, Keturah • Wolff, Ruth. The Space Between


  • 1853-1974


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