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Gregg, Inez, 1913



Alumni/Alumni Affairs/Development: Gregg, Inez

Scrapbook organized by Miami alumnae Inez Gregg

Brown leather cover with Miami Seal

Page One: Black and white photograph of Miami University Slant Walk Memorial Entrance, no date

Page Two: List of addresses

Page Three: Photographs with captions -Bishop Hall -Alumni Library -Gymnasium -Bishop Hall, Hepburn Hall, Normal School

Page Four: List of addresses American Flag

Page Five: Handwritten Note on page. Don’t forget the normal breakfast.

Page Six: List of addresses

Page Seven: Blank Page

Page Eight: Photographs with captions: -Ethel -Have a chair, - cleaning day for Miss. Robenson, -130 E. Race St. -Work! Work! Work!

Page Nine: Class Schedule for Inez Gregg, 190? Photographs with captions -Minnie’s first photograph -Minnie’s second photograph -Chairs

Page Ten: A note: The Nazareth Shop, from Bishop Robert McIntyre, October 7, 1914. Card: Have A Church Home. While in College Keep Up Your Religious Life by Herbert Spencer. Photographs with captions - Miss Laura Grissom -Miss Robenson -Photograph without name. Card: YWCA

Page Eleven: Photographs with captions -On the road to Jericho -Triplets

Page Twelve: Photographs with captions - Football Match: Miami University Vs Georgetown. -A covered bridge

Page Thirteen: Photographs of interior of Bishop Hall Bishop Hall

Page Fourteen: A handwritten note: My Neighbor, From B. Thompson to Inez Gregg. A handwritten note: Who Cheers Me When I’m Feeling Blue? Photographs with captions -Rock a bye baby

Page Fifteen: An envelope and card: Miss Audrey Richards and Girls of South Cottage, no date. An envelope and card: Pierian Freshman Reception, September 26, 1913. A Card with an image of a rabbit. Inez Photographs with captions -Was the mind in the Tawallanda Bridge

Page Sixteen: An envelope and valentine card, from Miss Inez Gregg to the Hartzell Cottage, no date. Valentine card You will meet him, no date Photographs with captions -Minnie -Goldie

Page Seventeen: Schedule of Trains Cincinnati, Glendale, Hamilton, Dayton, April 1914 Season Ticket Union Lyceum Course Miami Auditorium 1913-14 Receipt from Miami to Inez Gregg, April 7, 1914 – April 26, 1914 Photographs with captions. 111C.

Page Eighteen: Blank floral greeting card, no date Photographs with captions - The long and the short of it. - Week day for Brownie color scheme? Sure.

Page Nineteen: Photographs with captions

Page Twenty: Green gavel Invitation Card: College Social: Methodist Church Parlors, October 5, Wednesday Evening, 8:00. Season Ticket for Inez Gregg: Miami University Athletic Association, 1913-1914. Card: Miami University Chapel Absence Blank, March 1, 1914. Halloween Card: Sophomore Unification. Photograph with captions

Page Twenty -One: Photographs with captions -Sloat’s Hill

Page Twenty -Two: Photographs with captions -Grace

Page Twenty -Three: Photographs with captions May Day 1915.

Page Twenty- Four: Photographs with captions -Spring Fever -Statue Miami University

Page Twenty- Five: Class Schedule, no date Present Card; no date Photographs with captions

Page Twenty- Six: Newsletter; The Latest White, A creation Notable for Complete Artistic and Mechanical Excellence. Published every Thursday, no date. Program Schedule: Soldiers Farewell Reception and Dance, no date. A note: Annual Butler County Convention. Darrtown. Saturday, November 7, 1914. Welcoming Card: Welcome To Miami: The Young Women’s Christian Association. Photographs with captions

Page Twenty -Seven: Photograph with caption: Miss Anna Beiswenger Pumpkin Halloween

Page Twenty -Eight: Photographs with captions

Page Twenty- Nine: Photographs with captions -Thanksgiving Day -Hepburn hall Envelope with Card: From Inez Gregg to Miss. Anna Beiswenger, December 12.

Page Thirty: Invitation Card written in honor of Miss. Logan, January 28, 1914 Envelope with Card: from Harvey Noyes Gregg to Mr. Mrs. Jays Gregg. December 3, 1914 Photographs with captions -View from Window of 42 Hepburn hall Valentines Card; Miss Gregg

Page Thirty- One: Greetings Cards: Here’s my Greetings for Gipids’s Day Photographs with captions:

Page Thirty-Two: Card: John Hancock, Mutual Life Insurance of Boston. Mass Card: Inez Gregg Card: Did Grace and Mary have a cold? Plastic paper: Dilling’s Katie did again kiss. Everlasting Good A chicken letter from Gregg, Griffin and Gausson to their Mother Iren A Card; YWCA Photograph with caption

Page Thirty- Three: Photographs with Captions -Nellie Marie Hummel -Goldie Dale Shannon -Mary and Criswell -Minnie Mohme

Page Thirty-Four: Receipt; Inez Gregg, Miami University. March 3, 1914 Note: Intercollegiate Debate. Miami University, Affirmative. Ohio University, Negative. March 26, 1914. Easter Greetings Card: Miss Inez Note: Chickie, chickie by Nellie Hummel, March 25, 1914. Photograph with caption

Page Thirty -Five: Season Ticket Union Lyceum Course Miami Auditorium 1913-15. Season Ticket, Miami University Athletic Association, 1913-1915. No. 537 Two Cards. Miami Girls’ Prom Photographs with captions

Page Thirty- Six: Photographs with captions

Page Thirty -Seven: Handwritten note from MDJ to Inez Gregg. Dried leaves Photographs with captions

Page Thirty -Eight: Photographs with captions -cemetery -women in rail way lines. -Women on a bridge

Page Thirty- Nine: Envelope with Notice Card. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey C. Minnich Card. Miami University, April 17 Checklist of Class Photograph with captions -River

Page Forty: Photographs with captions -Oxford, Ohio

Page Forty -One: Miami Songs Photographs with captions -Miami University.

Page Forty- Two: Cards. Kenyon vs Miami, an awful slow game (When Nellie was Marie Criswell’) Photographs with captions -Herron Gymnasium Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

Page Forty -Three: Payment card: From Treasures Office to Inez Gregg. May 9, 1914. An oval handmade card with list of names of people White fabric Photographs with captions

Page Forty -Four: Non Transferable Ticket. Cincinnati Hamilton Dayton Ry. No date. Photographs with captions.

Page Forty -Five: Card: KIS-Me If You Wish Card: Source Banes with your church Photographs with captions

Page Forty- Six: Photographs with captions Financial ledger

Page Forty- Seven: Lesson Plan and handwritten note for Miss Inez Gregg. Halloween Sophomore Class. O.S.N.C. October 31, 1914. Image: Social Duties Will Find you a Willing Martyr.

Page Forty- Eight: Card: The Oxford Theatre: Admit One. WM.E. Keen Manager, no date. Card: Miss Gregg. Note: A Pageant of Miami History.

Page Forty- Nine: Photographs with captions -Graduation ceremony Image

Page -Fifty: Photographs with captions

Page Fifty -One: Ticket holder: The Wolverine Between New York, Detroit, Northern Michigan and Chicago. Stop Over Extension Certificate and Non Transferable Ticket, August 24. Missionary Note. Booklet; Seventy Six Annual Commencement Exercises of Miami University. The One Hundred and Sixth Year. The University Auditorium, Thursday, June 10, 1915. United State of America Flag.

Page Fifty -Two: Photographs with captions Handwritten note Card with an Image

Page Fifty- Three: Note; The Alumnae of Teachers College Miami University. Cards: Inez Gregg. Handmade card Photograph with captions:

Page Fifty- Four: Booklet, A History: the Past, Present and Future of Inez Gregg by Florence Robinette, no date Photographs with captions -Ready for the Prom

Page Fifty- Five: Photographs with captions

Page Fifty -Six: Blank

Page Fifty- Seven: Photographs with captions -Wedding Dried Flower

Page Fifty -Eight: Blank

Page Fifty- Nine: Blank

Folder: Inezz Greeg Letter; Board of Education, Toledo, Ohio, May 20, 1915 Press releases, Birth day card from Mr. and Mrs. Howard High Hand written card Birthday card; from Mr. and Mrs. Keith Heiss Handwritten notice card: Thursday Night, December 7. 1916. Receipt issued to Inez Gregg

Brown leather cover.


  • 1913


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Inez Gregg was born in Genoa, Ohio. She was a student at Miami University's, Normal School (Teacher’s College). She attended Miami University from 1913 to 1916 and receievd a degree in Education. The scrapbook documents her life as an undergraduate student at Miami University.

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