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Pictures/Artifacts/Maps/Plans/Posters; General; Posters and Other Materials; Box 1 [16A-H-6] Not Indexed

Pictures/Artifacts/Maps/Plans/Posters; General; Posters, Plans, and Photo Proofs [MC2-10] Contents: 1. Proposed Library Showing Elevation. Lorenz Scheme I (January 1964) 2. Miami University Archives and Records Area (April 1994) 3. Reconstruction of Harrison Hall. Cellarius and Hilmer (1957)[8 sheets] 4. Library, Various Plans, Including Acquisitions and Technical Services Area; Second Floor, including Director's Office; Toilet Rooms(n.d.) 5. Library Carrels (?), Stockwell Design Associates (n.d.)[2 sheets] 6. Harrison Hall. Charles F. Cellarius (March 1, 1944) 7. Various Part Specifications. King Library (1969) 8. King Library, Ground Floor, Showing Stacks, Tables, Desks (n.d.) 9. King Library, Phase II. Ground Floor. Ohio. Department of Public Works (November 1970) 10. NROTC Poster Proof Sheets (n.d.)[13 sheets] 11. Miami Building Poster. Done for class by Tracy Frampton 12. Jorge Bolet, Artists Series Poster (February 1956) 14. Oversize Letter re. Lincoln and Springfield Illinois. [autographed by William A. Steiger and artist Betty Carroll](1953)

Pictures/Artifacts/Maps/Plans/Posters; General; Posters, Plans, Maps, and Artwork [MC4] Files: 1. Site Plan and Elevations, Miami University Art Museum, Walter A. Netsch (May 1993) 2. Site Plan and Floor Plans, Miami University Art Museum, Walter A. Netsch (May 1993) 3. Sketches of 2 unidentifed buildings, perhaps branch campus (n.d.) Design drawing, ICA/Student Development Center, Beckwith, Chapman Associates (n.d) 4. Sketch of unidentified building, perhaps Wright State or Hamilton Campus (n.d) Floor Plans, Miami University Art Musem, Walter A. Netsch (May 1993) 5. Design Sketches, Front and Rear VIews. Child Care Center, Miami University, Hollman Design Associates ((February 1, 2000) 6. Architect's Sketch, Earth Science Building, Miami University, Van Buren, Blackburn and Associates (n.d.) 7. Architect's Sketch, Water Feature--Shriver Center/Arts Plaza (n.d.) 8. Design Sketches, Side Views, Front and Rear Elevations, Side Elevations, Child Care Center, Miami University,, Hollman Design Associates (February 1, 2000) 9. Sketch, Hall Auditorium, Miami University, D. L. Baldridge (May 15, 1992) 10. Campus Map and Plan, Physical Plant Department, Miami University (February 1977) 11. Ogden Hall, Sketches of Proposed West Elevation (n.d.) Architect's Sketch, unidentified buildg, "Kninsey, AA" (n.d.) 12. Site Plan, Proposed Public Safety Building, Levin, Porter and Associates (rev. December 5, 1997) 13. Site Development Plan, Proposed Public Safety Building, Levin, Porter and Associates (September 12, 1997) 14. Hiestand Hall, Rennovation/Additions, Section Elevations, Lorenz and Williams Inc. Study for Seminar for Classics Department, Harrison Hall (Old Main), Cellarius (June 1943) Architect's Sketch, Glos Hall Addition, Roth Partnership (n.d.) 15. Site Plan, Temporary Ele++vations, Elevations-West Wing Completed, Hughes Science Building (1957?) 16. Sketch of view from notheast, Hughes Science Building (1957) Architect's Sketch, Proposed Chemistry Building, [artist illegible] Sketch of Proposed Fraternity House Development at Miami University, Charles Cellarius (n.d.) 17. Architect's Sketch, Rogers Computer Laboratory, School of Education and Allied Professions, SFA Architects Design Sketch, West Elevation, Hall Auditorium Architect's Sketch, Campus Avenue Building [McGuffey Laboratory School] 18. Architect's Sketch and Ste Plan, Dave Finkelman Auditorium, Middletown Campus, Hake and Hake, Architects 19. Hughes Science Building, Sketch of General View from South East Design Sketches, West and South Elevations, Hoyt Hall Rennovation, Burgess and Niple Project Overvew, Child Care Center, Miami University, Hollman Design Associates 20. Front Elevation and Plot Plan, Main Entrance to Athletic Field, Miami University, Charles Cellarius (July 19, 1928) Sketch and Plan, Quadrangle between Stoddard and Elliott, Charles F. Cellarius Architect's Sketch, Bachelor Hall?, Howard Assoc. 21. Upper Level Plan and Site Master Plan, Miami University Student Development Center, Beckwith Chapman Associates (November 19, 19960 Architect's Sketch, Dramatic Arts and Music Building, Cellarius and Hilmer (n.d.) 22. Sketches, Elevations and Views, Nutter Athletic Strength and Conditioning Complex (n.d.) Site Plan, Humanities Quadrangle, Miami Unversity, Cellarius and Hilmer (May 2, 1965) 23. Architect's Sketch, Havighurst Hall (1961?) Architect's Sketch and Scheme 2, Lewis Place, SFA Architects (n.d.) Architect's Sketches,--North West Corner, North East Corner,Ballroom, Main Lounge, East End/Redskin Reservation, Study for South Elevation, Miami Student Center, Charles Cellarius (September 22, 1954) Architect's Sketch, Study No, 1, Additions to Withrow Court, Cellarius and Hilmer (May 18, 1963) 24. Architect's Sketch, Science and Research Building, Charles Cellarius (February 21, 1942) Architect's Sketch, Lower Campus, Looking South, Charles Cellarius (April 15, 1942) Sketch [Remark sheet-incomplete], Women''s Resdence Quadrangle, Charles Cellarius (November 29, 1939) Architect's Sketches, Front Entrance [Scheme No. 2], Lobby [Scheme No. 2], Dave Finkelman Auditorium, Middletown Campus, Hake and Hake (March 29, 1966) Architect's Sketch [Scheme No. 2], Dave Finkelman Auditorium, Middletown Campus, Hake and Hake (March 28, 1966) Site Plan [Scheme No. 2], Dave Finkelman Auditorium, Middletown Campus, Hake and Hake (March 28, 1966) Women's Temporary Dormitory [Logan Lodge], Charles Cellarius (April 7, 1947) 25. Architect's Sketch, Study No. 1, Additions to Withrow Court, Cellarius and Hilmer (May 18, 1963) Site Plan, North Quadragle, Miami University, Cellarius and Hilmer (May 13, 1963) Design Sketches, North, South, East, and West Elevations, Van Voorhis Hall, Paul Hoagland (November 20, 1971) Revised Plan for a Fraternity Group at Miami University, Donald Johnston (n.d.)\ Architect's Sketch, Miami Employees Federal Credit Union Facility (n.d.) Preliminary Study and Plan, Men's Dormitory No. 4, Charles Cellarius (January 7, 1947) Architect's Sketch, Science and Research Building, Charles Cellarius (1942?) Study for Natatorium for Miami University [Scheme no. 2], Charles Cellarius (June 3, 1943) 26. Studies for South Elevation, Redskin Reservation, Northwest Corner, South Entrance Lobby at Grond Floor, West Lounge, East End/Redskin Reservation, South Entrance, Ball Room, Lobby at Ground Floor, Main Lobby, Main Lounge, East Lounge, Dining Room, Miami Student Center, Charles Cellarius (September-October 1954) Architect's Sketch, Science and Research Building, Charles Cellarius (February 25, 1942) Architect's Sketch, Women's Dormitory No. 3, Charles Cellarius (March 1946) Architect's Sketch, unidentified interior/exterior (Clawson Hall?) (December 16, 1960) 27. Color Separation Negatives, Plate 1, Tower's Club Series [Upham Arch] (February 1978) Architect's Sketch, Physical Plant Building ? Potter, Tyler, and Martin (n.d.) 28. Architect's Sketch, Ogden Hall (n.d.) 29. Charter Day Ball Poster (1991) - Missing "Madame Butterfly" Poster, Performing Arts Series (March 24, 2000?) "Denyce Graves" Poster, Performing Arts Series (January 28, 2003) "Porgy and Bess" Poster, Performing Arts Series (February 21, --) Charter Day Poster - Missing Concert - David Bean - February 19, 1981 30. Basketball Poster, "Miami Magic" (1971-72) Basketball Poster, "Miami;s Devin Davis . . . . Providing 'Hair Raising' Excitement!!!!!" (n.d.) 31. Football Poster, "A Winning Tradition" (1977) Footbal Poster, with painting of first Miami-Cincinnati football game (1988) Football Poster, "Miami-Cincinnati, The 100 Years Game ," with painting of first Miami-Cincinnati football game (November 1988) Football Poster, "The Defense Never Rests" (n.d.) Football Poster, "Gotta Get There!" (1999) Football Certificate - "A Resolution" by Senator Cates Honoring Miami University as the 2010 Mid-American Conference Champion 32. Volleyball Poster, "Hit Squad '99" (1999) Softball Poster, "It's a Whole New Ballgame!" (2000) Wrestling Team Picture, Mid-American Conference Wrestling Champions (1968) Wrestling Team Picture, Mid-American Conference Wrestling Champions (1964) 33. Wrestling Poster, "wanted Dead or Alive" (1987-88) Wrestling Poster, MAC Wrestling Championship (1990) Wrestling Poster, "Guarding the Gold" (1991-92) 34. Wrestling Poster, "Burying the Competition" (1992-93) 35. Wrestling Poster, "Building an Empire" (1993-94) 36. Wrestling Poster, "The Greatful Red" (1995) 37. Poster "I(n Spite of Conflict, Understanding and Leadership Still Prevail" (1970?) Sketch of Plant in Vase "V.F." (1966 38. Picture of Golden Knights Given to Phillip Shriver (n.d.) Watercolor of flowers and vaxe Poster--Miami University Alumni Club, Charter Day Banquet (March 7, 1981) Campus Aerial View (late 1960s) 39. Fulwider Mural Reproduction, with legend Satirical Sketch of Women's Residence Quadrangle Campus Plan, Miami University, George Kessler (192-) Campus Map, Miami University (198-) 40. Campus Map, Miami University (1996?) Campus Map, Miami University (late 1960s) Campus Historical Map, Virginia Steinmann (c.1934) Campus Plan, Physical Plant Department (December 1975) 41. Encapsulated Newspapers from Robert Schenck Collection Cincinnat Daily (March 24, 1869) New York Journal of Commerce (January 4, 18700 42. Posters - "Imagining Russia" (March 22-April 1, 2001) 43-44. Color Printing Masters for Ruthven Miami Indian Painting . 45. Alpha Phi Omega Posters "Captain Kirk" "German Jara Family" " The Crazy Road Lizards" "Webb/Herron Family" "Papa Smurf Family" "Puff Mama" "Thanks for the Memories" Parents' Weekend 1980 46. Mississippi Project Memorial Architect's Sketches [2] "Books and Ballots: The Value of Information in a Democratic Society (March 30, 2006) "Western Under Glass: Seventeen Years of Senior Project Presentations" (April 22-May 12, 1997) "Western College Program Senior Project Conference" (April 17-19, 2001) 47. I AM MIAMI poster 48. 48. Ohio Archives Month Lecture Series William Modrow, " Walter E. Havighurst a Look at his Life and Legacy, November 2, 2018, Richard Oertel "Old Mail and Oxford's Early Academic Community", Callie Maddos, "With Full Motion and Gentle Charm Women's Basketball at Western College and Miami University" October 9, 2018, Sharon Mills Draper, "History Becomes Story Weaving Memories, Mint Julips and Moonlight", February 13, 2017, Carl Westmoreland, "Freedom Stations the Educational and Historical Foundations of American Liberty", February 28, 2017, Robert Keller, Defining Memorials by their Design Concept, April 11, 2018


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