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  • 1912-1923 (Creation)


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  • Abstract

    Collection of materials pertaining to the alumnae of Oxford College.

  • Arrangement

    Box 1: Helen and Ruth Elliott Materials, 1912-19


    1. Ruth Elliott. Oxford College Students' Presbyterian Church Attendance Book (n.d.)

    2. Helen Elliott, letters written by Helen Elliott to her parents Elmer and May Elliott, New Harmony, Indiana, when she was a student at Oxford College (1912-16)[Xerox copies--not to be used or copied without permission of the Workingmen's Institute Library, New Harmony, Indiana]

    3. Constitution and Regulations of the Student Self-Government Association. The Oxofrd College Press, v.8, n.4 (October 1914)

    4. Oxford Spirit (January, May 1914)

    5. Philalethian Literary Society, Secretary's Book (1915-16)

    6. Ruth Elliott. Student Government Record Book (1916-17)

    7. Oxonian (1916)

    8. Oxonian (1917)

    9. Oxford College Songs. Published by the Senior Class of Oxford College (1919)

    10. America's Pioneer College for Women. Oxford College for Women, Oxford, Ohio

    Box 1

    Memorabilia of Ivonette Wright Miller, Class of 1914,Not indexed.

    Box 4

    Oxford College Alumnae Association: Directories and Lists, Not indexed.

    Oxford College Alumnae, Individual Files


    1. Allee, Lucille R. (Mrs. Paul H. Whitman) [OC 1924]

    2. Allen, Alice Beamish [ex-OC?]

    3. Armstrong, Mary B. [ex-OC 1857-58]

    4. Baker, Florence Julia (Mrs. J. P. Mitchell) [OC 1898]

    5. Baldwin, Harriet [OC 1876]

    6. Bauman, Anita K. [OC 1894]

    7. Beaver, Edith G. (Mrs. J. W. Kehlenbach) [OC 1912]

    8. Beierlein, Martha [OC 1916, 1926]

    9. Boardman, Minnie L. (Mrs. C. M. Kessling) [OC 1924]

    10. Boone, Louise [ex-OC?]

    11. Boswell, Marion T. (Mrs. B. G. Loughridge) [OC 1894]

    12. Braucher, Rachel A. [ex-OC]

    13. Briscoe, Ita [OC 1896]

    14. Brooks, Jennie [OC 1871]

    15. Brooks, Sue Miles (Mrs. Hamilton Fisk Biggar) [OC 1869]

    16. Caldwell, Dorothy Alden [ex-OC?]

    17. Campbell, Fannie K.; Campbell, Lelia Lida [ex-OC?]

    18. Chambers, Sarah Bella (Mrs. David Holt Calvert) [ex-OC?]

    19. Childs, Thelma (Mrs. Edwin R. Peck) [ex-OC]

    20. Christian, Portia [ex-OC 1928]

    21. Clark, Betty F. (Mrs. Robert B. Martin) [ex-OC?]

    22. Coates, Leona [Lydia] (Mrs. Charles E. Reed) [OC 1902]

    23. Collete, Elizabeth [OC 1910]

    24. Cory, Nora [ex-OC cir. 1885]

    Craven, Ellen [ex-OC], see file of Beaver, Edith G.

    Craven, Lucinda [ex-OC], see file of Beaver, Edith G.

    Craven, Rebecca [ex-OC], see file of Beaver, Edith G.

    25. Crooke, Mary Josephine [OC 1921, 1926]

    26. Dawson, Alice B. [OC 1891]

    27. Derby, Adelaide (Mrs. William F. Niles) [OC 1865]; Derby, Viola A. (Mrs. Henry Bromley) [OC 1863]

    28. Dixon, Dormer (Mrs. Solandt) [ex-OC]

    29. Downen, Sally Katherine (Mrs. John Martin Holmes) [OC 1910]; Downen, Susan Helen (Mrs. Albert Anson Price) [OC 1910]

    30. Ewing, Margery F. (Mrs. J. R. Kirker) [OC 1889]

    31. Fansler, Georgia J. [OC 1910]

    32. Flegel, Maybelle [ex-OC]; Flegel, Nell A. (Mrs. A. R. Taylor) [OC 1923]

    33. Forman, Amanda (Mrs. Frank McWhorter) [OC 1877?]; Forman, Clara B. (Mrs. John Friend) [OC 1873]; Forman, Mary [ex-OC]

    34. Gibbs, Juliet (Mrs. Oscar M. Beach) [OC 1922]

    35. Gildersleeve, Mina A. [OC 1915]

    36. Given, Eva E. [ex-OC]

    37. Grennan, Mary E. [OC 1885]

    38. Griffin, Hallie K. (Mrs. Ben A. Quinn) [OC 1921]

    39. Hall, Emma S. (Mrs. E. S. Montgomery) [OC 1874]

    40. Hall, Nellie L. (Mrs. Martin James Gerrits [OC 1915]

    41. Harlan, Margaret A. (Mrs. Frank McAuliffe) [OC 1919]

    42. Hatch, Gertrude E. [OC 1919]

    43. Helwig, Clare [ex-OC]

    44. Herd, Cynthia [ex-OC?]; Herd, Nannie [ex-OC?]

    45. Hinds, Grace [ex-OC?]

    46. Hockman, Helen [ex-OC]

    47. Hopkins, Valeria (Mrs. Parker) [OC 1898]

    48. House, L. Marguerite [OC 1924]

    49. Howard, Mary Virginia (Mrs. William P. Heuser) [OC 1919]

    50. Jameson, Juliet Elmina (Mrs. H. D. Martin) [OC 1833]

    51. Jones, Margaret (Mrs. Samuel Mott Souders) [OC 1898]

    52. Jordan, Ella N. (Mrs. J. D. Thomas) [OC 1877]

    53. Katterjohn, Elsie M. [OC 1927]

    54. Keil, Helen L. [ex-OC?]

    55. Kemper, Helen F. (Mrs. Amory K. Blinn) [OC 1853]

    56. Kenny, Courtney Elizabeth (Mrs. George H. Kopperl) [OC 1895]

    57. Kidder, Agnes Rix [OC 1915]

    58. Knight, Grace L. (Mrs. William E. Houpt) [OC 1882]

    59. Lamb, Elizabeth G. (Mrs. George R. Roeschlaub) [OC 1925]

    60. Linkmyer, Belle (Dr. Belle Linkmyer-Brate) [ex-OC?]

    61. Logue, Jennie C. (Mrs. W. T. Campbell) [OC 1860]

    62. McClintock, Katherine (Mrs. George Bristol) [ex-OC]

    63. McClintock, May (Mrs. E. V. Chamberlain) [ex-OC]

    64. McFarland, Elizabeth E. [OC 1872]

    64a. McLain, Lizzie

    65. Maddox, Margaret L. [OC 1916]

    66. Manlove, Marie Loder (Mrs. C. J. Dean) [OC 1889]

    67. Marten, Jane F. [OC 1916]

    68. Mater, Bertie F. (Mrs. John W. Young) [ex-OC] [Information on her father: Charles Mater]

    68a. Morris, Lillie L. (Mrs. L. Faye Walker) [OC 1863]

    69. Morris, Lillie May (Mrs. Thomas A. Buford) [OC 1906]

    70. Morris, Maye [OC 1900]

    71. Munns, Cornelia (Mrs. Jacob Norris) [OC 1862]

    72. Munns, Frank [OC 1866]

    73. Myers, Kate (Mrs. W. J. Kinsley) [OC 1876]

    74. Norris, Sara [OC 1896]

    75. Numan, Blanche (Mrs. C. S. Baxter) [ex-OC]

    76. Osborn, Elizabeth (Mrs. C. L. Thompson) [ex-OC 1879]

    77. Page, Verna Leona (Mrs. Ernest Gamble) [ex-OC 1894-96]

    78. Pardington, Ruth [ex-OC]

    79. Payton, Evelyn Luce [ex-OC 1909]

    80. Peck, Mary K., Mrs. [ex-OC?]

    80a. Peckinpaugh, Calhoun [OC 1902]

    81. Perrine, Jessie A. [OC 1896]

    82. Pomperoy, Philinda P. (Mrs. John R. Chamberlain) [OC 1851]

    83. Porter, Martha J. (Mrs. James H. Cooper) [OC 1852]

    84. Preston, Ruth [OC 1921]

    85. Rankin, Ada (Mrs. W. K. Stewart) [OC 1877]

    86. Rardin, Grace (Mrs. Henry L. Doherty) [OC 1902]

    87. Redhed, Bess (Mrs. E. R. Mullins) [OC 1914]

    88. Renard, Katrina Adele (Mrs. Leon D. Hoestis) [OC 1913]

    89. Rexroth, Dorothy [ex-OC]

    90. Richardson, Jean (Mrs. W. H. Lingle) [OC 1886]

    91. Richey, Jennie Logue [OC 1888]

    92. Richey, Livy Lusk [OC 1894]

    93. Roberts, Alma [OC 1876?]

    94. Rogers, Julia A. [OC 1856] I

    95. Rogers, Julia A. [OC 1856] II

    96. Rogers, Julia A. [OC 1856] III

    97. Rudolph, Arabella V. (Mrs. Dewitt Clinton Tillotson) [OC 1875]

    Rudolph, Elizabeth, see file of Rudolph, Arabella V.

    98. Schenk, Henrietta [OC 1925]

    99. Scott, Caroline (Mrs. Benjamin Harrison) [OC 1852]

    100. Shafer, Jennie M. (Mrs. William Dickson) [ex-OC]

    101. Shaver, Icy V. L. [OC 1917]

    102. Shipman, Ida Eleanor (Mrs. Louis Dauer) [ex-OC]

    103. Simonson, Jennie E. (Mrs. Harry Bowles) [OC 1864]

    104. Sims, Hazel Luava (Mrs. William Edward Parker) [OC 1921]

    105. Sink, Vera M. (Mrs. Orville T. Gilbert) [OC 1926]

    106. Smith, Virginia Hill [ex-OC]

    107. Sprague, Zella [ex-OC]

    108. Stokes, Gertrude E. (Mrs. Bert Y. Johnson) [OC 1922]

    109. Stout, Ada (Mrs. St. John) [OC 1874]

    110. Stubblefield, Blanche [OC 1915]

    111. Symons, Mary Elizabeth [OC 1921]

    112 Thayer, Lilian Aldrich [OC 1894] [See also file of Richey, Livy Lusk]

    113. Thompson, Mary M. (Mrs. James Hughes) [OC 1902]

    114. Titus, Sadie [OC 1909]

    115. Turner, Maude (Mrs. J. C. Fremont-Gordon) [ex-OC?]

    116. Waller, Phoebe M. [OC 1896]

    117. White, Lillian E. (Mrs. Frank Free) [OC 1880]

    118. Whitson, Anne [OC 1915]

    119. Williams, Mary Margaret (Mrs. R. W. Goddard) [OC 1906]

    120. Willis, Mary C., Mrs. [ex-OC?]

    121. Wilson, Emerine (Mrs. Charles F. McLaughlin) [OC 1902]; Wilson, Lelia [OC 1901]

    122. Winks, Marian [ex-OC?]

    123. Yocum, Belinda [OC 1854]

    Young, Marian [ex-OC 1925] [See file of Howard, Mary Virginia]

    Scrapbook and Other Materials of Mary Rennce, 1923-24, Box 1, Not indexed.

    Scrapbook of Maxime Mary La Porte, ex-OC 1917

    Scrapbook of Maxime Mary La Porte, ex-OC 1917

    Scrapbooks Contents:

    1. Bess Redhed (Mullins), Class of 1914

    2. "The Ideal Scrap Book" [kept by Dean Olive Flower?]

    3. Scrapbook, presented by the Los Angeles Branch of Oxford College

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    Materials do not circulate and may only be used in the archives.

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    Permission to publish, quote or reproduce must be secured from the repository and the copyright holder.

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    Oxford Female Institute is a registered historic building in Oxford, Ohio, listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. The Oxford Female Institute was affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, and its first president was John Witherspoon Scott. His second daughter Caroline Scott, an Oxford Institute graduate, married Benjamin Harrison and became First Lady after his election as President of the United States in 1888. The college was later known as Oxford College and Oxford College for Women. Miami University took over ownership of the school in 1928 and absorbed its students. Miami used the building, commonly known as "Ox College", as a women's residence hall for more than sixty years. The building has been adapted for use as an arts center for the community of Oxford.Note written by Robert Schmidt

  • Scope and Contents

    Collection is comprised of scrapbooks, constitutions, bylaws, record books, yearbooks, and student files.

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