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    1978 Albrechta Joseph, An Application of Environmental Communication of a Community's Comprehensive Energy, 1978

    Anderson Kurt, Selenium in Close Proximity to a Coal-Fuel Power Plant, 1978

    Bassi Stuart, David Lilienthal and Wendell Willke: Two Visions of 20th Century Liberal Reform, 1978

    Bensure Elizabeth, Creativity in Design, 1978

    Blankemeyer Lawrence, Affirmative Action Verses Seniority in Layoff Situations, 1978

    Bowman Bradley, ARMCO Steel Corporation: A Case Study of Compliance With Public Law 92-500, 1978

    Braun Mark, The U.S. Multinational Corporation: An Agent of Euopean Integration, 1978

    Cain Jr. Wirt, An Analysis of Football and Baseball Worlds: Do They Reflect American Values, 1978

    Coble John, An Idiosyncratic Theory of Policy Formation at Miami: For Underdogs CIRCA 1978, 1978

    Cole Robert, The Ohio River Valley Erosion Law Suits: A Public Relations Perspective, 1978

    Curran Sheila, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Green Revolution: Social Attitudes and Scientific Decisions, 1978

    Davis Richard, Phenolic Concentrations in the Waste Water Effluent of a Steel Mill, 1978

    Denbow Korday Arlynn, Open Adoption Records for the Adult Adoptee: A Working Paper for Legislative Proposal, 1978

    Diebold McCarthy Donna, Seasonal Phosphate Levels and Aesthetic Considerations of the Western Duckpond, 1978

    Dowling Jerome, How a Small City Develops an Affirmative Action Plan: A Case Study of Lakewood, Ohio, 1978

    Drummond Susan, Revolutionary Television News: Cable Television and the Future, 1978

    Echols Gordon, The Policy Formation Process for Gas and Oil Leasing in the Flathead National Forest, 1978

    Ernsting Kent, The Management of Small Private Woodlands in Butler County, Ohio, 1978

    Giere John, Assessment of an Innovatio: No-Till Agriculture in Butler County, Ohio, 1978

    Goldstein Dana, The Bakke Case: A Philosophical Analysis, 1978

    Goodman Fern, Judicial Discretion in Sentencing Prostitution Related Cases in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1978

    Grandpre Combs Claire, Is There No Juvenile Justice? 1978

    Greene Bowman Leslie, Daniel Chester French and the Commission of Fine Arts 1910-1915, 1978

    Heffner John, Planning and Assessment Procedures for Health Care Facilities: Two Case Studies, 1978

    Heym Wayne, Godel and Nonderivability Revisited, 1978

    Jackson Beth, European Integration and Direct Elections to the European Parliament: How Do They Relate?, 1978

    Johnson Keith, Assessment of an Innovation: No-Till Agriculture in Butler County, Ohio, 1978

    Johnson Teri, Chinua Achebe's Fight Against Racial Inequality: Analysis of His Essays, Interviews and Novels, 1978

    Kennard Rebecca, New Deal Relief Policies as a Response to the Unemployment Problem, 1978

    Klein Steven, Change and the Survival of the Institution, a Documentary of Judias Religious Radicalism of the 1960's, 1978

    Kocar Debra, First Cry, 1978

    Lubow D.O. Alan, A Study on Attempts to Improve Ohio's Rural Health Problems, 1978

    Mate Theodore, Bertolt Brecht: A Study of His Lehrstuecke, 1978

    McClelland Matthew, Mental Health and Psychotherapy: An Inverse Relationship, 1978

    McDonald Alex, Strange New Animal: An All-Campus Production, 1978

    Miller Rhian, Treating Art as Act: A Look at Two Culturaal Documents, Franciso and the Other Francisco, 1978

    Moore Paul, Kentuckians in Clermont County: an Oral History Project, 1978

    Page Jeffery, Factors Affecting the Development of Federal Coal Surface Mine Control and Reclamation, 1978

    Pryately Christine, Acton Lake: Correlation Between Lane Use Patterns in the Watershed and Lake Sediment Core Composition, 1978

    Race Timothy, They Packed' Em In at the River: Billy Graham and the Tri-State Crusade, A Radio Documentary, 1978

    Reeves Slosberg Meredith, Therapeutic Instruction in Art: An Interdiscinplinary Alternative for the Learning Disabled, 1978

    Schall Katherine, The Politics of Nuclear Power, 1978

    Scott Robert, The Personal and Social Value of General Education In the Midst of Increasingly Specalized Trends, 1978

    Seiple Stephen, The Bowhead Whale Issue, 1978

    Steger Shelby, The Recombinat DNA Controversy in Ann Arbor and Cambridge, 1978

    Steger Shelby, Alexander Campbell: Thoughts and Practice in the Slavery Controversy, 1978

    Stewart Feeney Marsha, Male and Females in Mexican Peasant Marriage, 1978

    Suter James, Work and Leisure: Perspectives on Industrial Workers, 1978

    Thomas Lynn, Joint Newspaper Operating Agreements and the Newspaper Preservation Act: Free Speech or Big Business?, 1978

    Whinery Joseph, Developments in Sino-Soviet Diplomacy 1949-1971, 1978

    1979 Anderson Steven, Guidelines for the Management of Student Volunteer Programs, 1979

    Anderson Tom, Optimizing Centricleaner Reject Handling in Semichemical Corrugated Papermills, 1979

    Berry Jr. Robert, Jean Toomer's View of the South in Cane, 1979

    Brofman Suzanne, A Family History Project: The Use of Inderdisciplinary Study techniques in a Secondary English Curriculum, 1979

    Buehler Joan, The Effects of School Resources: On Socioeconomic Status: A Review of Jencks' Inequality, 1979

    Cain Deborah, Attitudes Toward Complex Technology as Portrayed in Science Fiction Novels, 1979

    Campbell Ross, Dispute Over the Red River Gorge Dam Project, 1979

    Comstock Wendy, Cultural Narcissism: The Pathology of the "Between", 1979

    DeWitt Janine, Autonomy in Later Life: A Preliminary Report, 1979

    Durham Robert, Retail Organizations Change or Stagnation, 1970

    Easter David, Jacques Derrida, The New Novel, and the Radical Experience of Language, 1979

    Fellerhoff Libby, Space Placed: A Study of Place, 1979

    Fellerhoff Sarah, The Effects of a Visual Handicap on Piaget's Stages of Development and a Course Description for a Creative Movement Class for Pre-School Blind Children, 1979

    Fioritto Pamela, A vulnerable Season: Pituitary Madness Revisited, 1979

    Fish Brynna, Portraiture in Poetry and Photography: Shalimar and Blue, 1979

    Forrester Sharon, "Vessel", 1979

    Horst Jeffrey, Airline Deregulation: A Case Study in Regulatory Politics, 1979

    Inkley Katryn, Cataloging WMUB'S Classical Record Library an Application of Systems Analysis, 1979

    Isler Amy, A Critical Investigation of John Gardner's On Moral Fiction, 1979

    Jerome Mary Beth, Independence: Support System Alternatives Their Effects in the Self-Concept of the Elderly, 1979

    Kandel Louis, West Germany's Post-War Economic Recovery, 1979

    Krupp Kathleen, Cross-Cultural Communications: Two Missionaries, 1979

    Kuhlman David, An Evolving View of the Inner Nature of Man: A Continuum Thought, 1979

    Lauffer Erich, Interiors: A Show of Works, 1979

    Leake Williaam, Capital Punishment: Its Constitutional Evolution from Furman v. Georgia to Lockett v. Ohio, 1979

    Lewis Sharon, The Lower Income Client and the Need for Effective Therapy and Therapists, 1979

    McGowan Eger Patricia, Vegetational Analysis Above and Below a Sewage Outfall on Four Mile Creek, 1979

    Melcher Beth, Ideology and Symbolism in the Contemporary Women's Movement, 1979

    Miedema Judith Ann, Air Traffic Controllers and Stress, 1979

    Mingo Fred, Considerations for the Decommissioning of Commercial Neuclear Power Plants, 1979

    Patterson Mary, A Womens Journal: Sketches of Early Twenthieth Century Cincinnati, 1979

    Pendergast Kathryn, Planning for Persons 65 Years and Older: A Neighborhood Study, 1979

    Peterson Anastasia, Economic Cooperation in West Africa: The Entete and Beyond, 1979

    Price Anthony, Dance Theatre: Magic or Marketing?, 1979

    Quine Caroline, Twentieth Century American Protest Music, 1979

    Redden Reitz Ronda, The Art of Anderson: A Study of the Life and Works of Margaret C. Anderson, 1979

    Renz First Cynthia, The Art of Anderson: A Study of the Life and Works of Margaret C. Anderson, 1979

    Reynolds Becky, Development of a Materials Selection Policy, 1979

    Ricchetti Steven, Education in South Africa, 1979

    Rodabaugh Charles, Economic Development and Social Change in the Provine of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, 1979

    Rowand Cathie, Sewage Outfall Effect on the Vegetational Composition at Four Mile Creek, 1979

    Saint-Pierre Adrienne, Exploring the Landscape of "Place" through Art-Making, 1979

    Scheuermann McGinnis Molly, American History - A Look at the Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, 1979

    Scheuermann Richard, Closed for the Weekend (A Play in Two Acts), 1979

    Schuck Robert, Christian Television: The Great Alternative, 1979

    Shade Nyle, Land Use Changes Occuring Along the East Side of the Brookville (Indiana) Reservoir in Franklin County, 1979

    Slosberg Beth, Metamora, Indiana: A Town Facing Change, 1979

    Soloway David, Private Lands and the National Parks: Visions, Conflicts, and Perspectives, 1979

    Stremel Donald, An Analysis and Evaluation of the Alumni Merit Scholarship Program at Miami University, 1979

    Swope Kristy, Quilting: Reflection of Life, 1979

    Tappel Jr. Edward, An Evaluation of Oxford, Ohio's Emeergency Medical Services, 1979

    Voisinet Chris, Teaching in America: Limits of Professionalism, 1979

    Younger Stephen, Dependency and the Revision of International Trade Theory, 1979

    1980 Ahlrichs Susan, Organizing Tenants: A Comparison of the 1963 Harlem Rent Strike and Oxford Tenants Advocates to William Gamson's Theory of Social Protest, 1980

    Allgood Judson, A 20th Century Re-evaluation of Thomas Carlyle, 1980

    Becker Eric, Planning With Nature: A Study of the Theory and Practice in the Lower Little Miami River Valley, 1980

    Beno Paul, The Individual and Society in the Works of Richard Wright, 1980

    Brockman Falleur Phoebe, Thomas Mann's Historical Perspective: Doctor Faustus, 1980

    Brodfuhrer Russell, The Effects to Metal-Cyanide Complexes of Hydrogen Cyanide in Edam's Run, 1980

    Clouse Michael, The Role of the Life Agent in the 80's, 1980

    Desmond William, Cadmium Toxicity to the Phantom Midge Chaoborus Punctipennis, 1980

    Drexler Voohees Jane, Religion and Recreation: The Design of a Christian Retreat, 1980

    Easter David, Jacques Devida the New and the Radial Experience of Language, 1980

    First John, An Evaluation of the Thermal Performance of a Flat Plate Collector According to ASHRAE Standard 93-77, 1980

    Gardner Thomas, Phosphorus Inputs to Acton Lake - The Water Quality Potentials of Point-Source Reductions, 1980

    Gordon Thomas, General System Theory: Thermodynamics and the Active Society: A New Paradigm for Future Research, 1980

    Hairston Kimberly, We Are the Women that Men Warned You About: Lesbian-Feminism in America, 1980

    Hartsock Kimberly, Recuriting For the Western College Program: A Case Study, 1980

    Huston Susan, Dual Career Couples: An investigation into the Stresses and Satisfactions of an Emergent Life-style, 1980

    Jasbeck Steinber Susan, A Case Study: Art Therapy as Experimentation and Enjoyment of a Child's Growth Process, 1980

    Johns McConnell Carolyn, Public Relations and the Community Education Role of Public Libraries, 1980

    Johnson Perry, The Process of Becoming, 1980

    Jordan Janet, Design of an Advising Tool for the Miami University Registrar: A Degree Process Report, 1980

    Keller Krystina, Punk Bedtime Stories, LTD., 1980

    Knuth Barbara, Wilderness as a Form of Land Use: Issues Relating to the Alaska National Interest Lands Controversy, 1980

    Kuller Jeffery, The Effects of Exercise on Cardiovascular Responses and an Investigation of the Level of Fitness, 1980

    Lauffer Erich, Interiors: A Show of Works, 1980

    Leser Kathleen, Feminist Therapy and Some Implications for Depression Women, 1980

    Lippman Michael, Professional Values in Hospital Administration, 1980

    Maundrell Eberle Lori, Classical Athens: A Single Sex Story?, 1980

    May Brockmam Jennifer, Impact on Interstate Interchange Areas in Scott County Kentucky: A Planning Approch, 1980

    McDonough Michael, Development of Products Liability Law for Automobile Design, 1980

    Mendelevitz Michael, Economic Democracy the Promising Alternative, 1980

    Meyer Janet, An Introduction to Mental Health Issues Within the Modern Feminist Movement, 1980

    Morgan Rebecca, Parenting: Approaches to Child Rearing, 1980

    Murphy Craft Marla, Participative Management: Working Toward a Better Industrialized Society, 1980

    Ness Gilbert Leah, Historic Preservation: Methods and Ideololgy, 1980

    Nieman Stephen, The Politics of Open Space Planning, 1980

    Owens William, Solar Energy, 1980

    Oysler Cory, Contemporary Narrative Self-Portraiture: Cory is Always Asking Questings and Telling Stories, 1980

    Patterson Jacqueline, The Movement Against Nuclear Power: Potential for Growth, 1980

    Payne Cynthia, The History and Value of Fantasy as Revealed Through Irish Folk Narratives, 1980

    Phelps Goines Regina, The Biology and Political Ramifications Concerning the Licorice Derived Drug, Carbonoxolone, 1980

    Pipkin William, Gemini Services: A Case of Organizational Development Consultation, 1980

    Rathje Orth Cynthia, Alcohol and Criminal Behavior: Rehabilitation Alternatives, 1980

    Rundquist Cynthia, Kali: Poems of Feminism, Mysticism and Love, 1980

    Schmuck David, Agricultural Crop Pest Control: A Treatment of the Symptoms or the Problem?, 1980

    Shambley Kimberly, An Analysis of the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty, 1980

    Synek David, An Analysis of Federal Solar Energy Legislation, 1980

    Taflinger Mary, Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes You Don't... Perspectives on Mental Patients, 1980

    Taylor Kim, TUMARS: Travel Unlimited's Microcomputer Accounts Receivable System, 1980

    Toennisson Mark, An Original Short Story: The Star, 1980

    Tucker Beth, Survival Factors in the Organization of Three International Communities, 1980

    Tucker Richard, Parameters Affecting Prey Location in Planktivorous Fish in the Laboratory, 1980

    Wagner William, The Development of the Spatial Character of Moinoan Architecture, 1989

    Ward Horejs Lisa, The Scope of Prenatal Diagnosis of Genetic Disorders and the Moral Ramifications of Selective Abortion, 1980

    Weil Kenneth, Federally Funded Day Care: A Proposal for Butler County, 1980

    White Patrick, Analyzing Controversial Issues to Evoke Critical Thinking’s from Students in the Secondary Social Studies Classroom, 1980

    Zito Megan, John Dewey's Critique of Cultural Elitism: Involving Art in the Social Process as a Conceptual Model for Public Support of the Arts, 1980

    1981 Boie Cheryl, Pre-school Programs: A Curriculum Model for Avoiding Sex Role Stereotyping, 1981

    Bolton Leslie, Underground Houses: An Alternative Energy Source? 1981

    Bradbere Cherly, A Manual of Camp Counseling Skills, 1981

    Brautigram Fultx LuAnn, Problems in Small Business: A Case Study of Stotler's Market, 1981

    Brower Kenneth, Lahems: Lowe and Hall Automated Management System, 1981

    Cantrell B., Somebody's Fool: Songs about No One in Particular, 1981

    Cebul Gaul Sherri, Meeting the Information Gap: A Videotape Solution for the Allied Medical Profession, of Occupational Therapy, 1981

    Censky Mark, The System's Approach to the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa, 1981

    Clark Stephen, A Partial Ecology of the Queen Snake, 1981

    Conway Joseph, Issues in Interpreting Gramsci, 1981

    Dovel Jeffrey, Problems of Communication Between Patients and the Physician in the Examination Room, 1981

    Dyer Fairchild Rindy, The Challenge of Fashion Design, 1981

    Evans Owens Mary Betsy, Raise High the Roof, 1981

    Farrell Lindsey Janet, The Marine Corps: On the Screen, On the Cover and In Their Heads, 1981

    Fudge Jean, Search and Seizure of Information from Newsrooms: The Zurcher Case, 1981

    Gizzi Mark, Scientific Racism in America:A Historical Approach, 1981

    Grimshaw Maudlin Karen, In Integration of Christianity ad Psychology, 1981

    Hoffmann Michael, Effects of Auditory Stimuli on Heart Rate in an Inbred Strain of Mus musculus, 1981

    Jordan Lorna, ENERGY: The State of the Matter, 1981

    Juergens Mark, Creative Communication: Linne Davis, 1981

    Kilish Alan, Faith: A Short Story, 1981

    Kelly Stewart Cynthia, Image Store Assessment and Projection a Case Study of a Local Retailer, 1981

    Kemmett Jr. Richard, Creative and Technical Experimentation in Color and Form: An Oil Painting Exhibition, 1981

    Kent Michael, The Effects of South Louisiana Crude Oil on the Fedging Behavior of the Fiddler Crab, 1981

    Kerosky Chris, What Freedom of Speech Means to Me, 1981

    Kinsella Suzanne, The Stabilization of Integrating Neighborhoods: Cleveland Heights Ohio Is It Working? 1981

    Klein Kenneth Aron, Coin Investments: A Marketing Perspective, 1981

    Levy Patricia, Community Participation and Democratic Theory: A Case Study, 1981

    Lingsch Terri, Lahems: Lowe and Hall Automatic Management System, 1981

    Lippert Kimberly, Private Recourse for the Consumer, 1981

    Mathias Cary, An Analysis of the Final EIS: Columbus Wastewater Treatment Facilities, 1981

    Matune Tim, Recent Southern Industrialization, 1981

    McClurg Michelle, Interpretation and Implementation of Chinese Ceramics, 1981

    Minchak Mary Ellen, A Public Relations Campaign for Western College of Miami University, 1981

    Mulholland Patricia, Luxembourg: The Problem of Higher Education, 1981

    Murphy Maureen Ann, Socialization of Consumers as Members of the Health Care Delivery Team Patients' Rights, 1981

    Niemeyer Kurt, The Automobile and Art: The American Auto of 1920-1940 as Art Deco, 1981

    Paradise Doremus Catherine, Effects of Odors of Female Mice on the Urine Odors of Male Mice (Peromyscus maniculatus), 1981

    Paternite Phillip, Highway Autopsy and the Avant Garage Movement, 1981

    Payne D.M.V Jeffery, An Evaluation of Winter Habitats and Survival of Two Populations of Peromyscus Sp., 1981

    Porter Thomas, DNase I Digestion of Silver Stained Chromosomes, 1981

    Rankin J., Effects of Cooper on Feeding Behavior in the Silver Shiner (Notropus Photogenus) 1981

    Rego John, Midwest Midnight (An Act of Creative Expression), 1981

    Rogers Hager Mary, Caroline - an Opera in One Act, 1981

    Roos Stephen, Any Drug Education Program That Only Talks about Drugs Is Not Necessarily a Waste, 1981

    Russi Gregory, International Economic Dependence and Ujamaa: A Study of Development in Tanzani, 1981

    Schneider Cathy, Photon Absorption Dynamics, 1981

    Schoenberg Debra, Domestic Violence a Survey of New York State Law, 1981

    Schulte Abby, Comprehensive Land Use Planning in Sweden: A Study of Policy Process and Implementation, 1981

    Smith Anna, Corn Kings Rutabagas in a Landscape: A Collection of Midwestern Poems, 1981

    Sphar Steven, Curriculum Decisions for the Autistic, 1981

    Stamm John, The Adaption of a French Medieval Historic District to Modern City Activity: A Case Study of Chartres, 1981

    Stern Henry, Of Leases, Landlords and Tenants: A Perspective, 1981

    Unger Dennis, The Development of John Holt's Philosophy of Education, 1981

    Viney Van, Handicapping the Handicapped: A Look at Society's Attitude toward the Disabled, 1981

    Weihsmann Kathy, Tenant Displacement in Cincinnati's West End, 1981

    Wilkinson Richard, Crash Go the Chariots and Other Stories: A Manuscript of Scientific Satires, 1981

    Wilson David, A History of the Palazzo Sacchetti: Making History from the Muddle, 1981

    Zappia Laura, Late Victorian Life in West-Central Ohio: Documents of the Pattison Family, 1981

    1982 Adamson Daniel, Energy Politics: Incrementation vs. Planning, 1982

    Baldauf Michael, Have I Got A Computer for You, 1982

    Beigel Jeffrey, The Bhavior of Strontium in Lake Vanda, Antartica, 1982

    Bischoff Jeffrey, The Computer in Cartography, 1982

    Bowdon Beth, The Presence of Green: A Maintenance Program for Trees in the Urban Environment, 1982

    Brasier Mann Susan, You've Come A Log Way, Maybe: Equal Pay for Work of Comparable Worth, 1982

    Capretta Rouverol Eve, Acid Precipitation: Environmental, Political and Economic Implications, 1982

    Culek Ann, Western an Historical Narrative, 1982

    D'Andrea James, Population, Politics and Development in East Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Political Economy in Independent Kenya and Tanzanita, 1960-1980, 1982

    Dvoraczky Bell Irene, Stigma and Stereotype: A Social Psychological Study on Middle Easterners and 'Americans', 1982

    Fabianich DiFiore Helen, One Look at European Integration: West Germany's Relations with the European Community (1945-1982), 1982

    Fain Susan, Aristotle Rhetoric: Analysis and Application, 1982

    Franks Pope Kathryn, Development and Analysis of a Bicycle Commuting Program for Dayton, 1982

    Free William, Four Stories, 1982

    Gmitter Tamara, Defection of Circannual Testosterone Cycles in the Toad Bufo Fowleri, 1982

    Gross Brook Joan, Party Politics in Contemporary Israel: The Study of the Consociation Democracy and Political Stability, 1982

    Gwynne Geoffrey, An Utopian Society Set Apart: Shaker Theology, Leadership, Discipleship, and Ann Lee, 1982

    Hansen Beach Heidi, The Battered Woman: A Theoretical Review and Case Studies, 1982

    Harmon Macca Melinda, Argentina: Human Rights Violations, 1982

    Heaton Dixon Leslie, Changing Attitudes of the Female Role in Society: A Comparative Study of Miami Graduates, 1955 and 1975, 1982

    Hoak Solomon Mary, The Miami Student Reporter's Handbook, 1982

    Jenkins Avery, The New Hampshire Chain Saw Decree, 1982

    Klein Miriam, Arborvitae: An Oxford Natural Journal, 1982

    Kocsovsky Frank, Fluctuating Money Demand Through the 1970's, 1982

    Kohn Nancy, Groups and Opinions Case Study: The Subminimum Wage, 1982

    Kuhn McGowan Laura, The Impact of Labor Unions on the Economy, 1982

    Lambert Kuertz Susan, The Benefits of Converting From Caged to Naturalistic Habitats for Non-Human Primates in Zoos, 1982

    Leonard Debra, The Politics of Politics: Aspects of the 1981 AWACS/F-15 Enhancements Sale to Saudi Arabia, 1982

    Linder Kathleen, A Haunting of History, 1982

    Manos Michael, Synthetic Fuels: The Visible Hand at Work, 1982

    Mason Foster Susan, Holism and Health: A Person Challenge, 1982

    Masterson Michael, An Analysis of the Interaction of Political, Economic, and Environmental Factors, and their Impact upon Decision Making at th Local Level, 1982

    Max Anita, The Evolution of Haute Cuisine, 1982

    McBride Stephen, The Self Revisited, 1982

    McGowan Joseph, The Two Methods of Eneergy Management: Private and Public, 1982

    McGraw Smith Gwyn, The Effects of Bilingual Instruction on the Acquisition of Mathematics Skills, 1982

    McLauren Margaret, Returning Reason as Rational Creativity to its Proper Place in the Uni-verse, 1982

    McMahon William, Financial Futures: Application in Banking, 1982

    Michael Gabriele, Crisis Intervention as a Therapeutic Model, 1982

    Miller Ruth, The Effects of Lindan on Rat's Response to Sodium Thiamylal, 1982

    Montgomery Jan, The Politics of French Energy Policy, 1982

    Moon Gary, Franty Fenon and the Justification of Violence, 1982

    Nash Margaret, Women in Three Estatic Cults in Ancient Greece and a Play, 1982

    Nida Fife Nan, Peace Corps: Goals and Operations in Columbia and Chile, 1982

    O'Grady-Bischoff Mary, Artificial Insemination and Equine Breeding Farm Management, 1982

    Olds Williams Laura, German Expressionist Artists and the World War One Experience, 1982

    Post Benjamin, Rational Comprehensive Planning vs. Incrementalism: the Cedal Ridge Annexation Oxford, Ohio a Case Study as a Text for Rational Comprehensive Planning, 1982

    Primm Patrick, Leasing as a Sales Tool in the Automobile Industry, 1982

    Radar Moore Anne, Conceptual Images of Nature: A Study of Emerson and the Current American Naturalist, 1982

    Reed Dill Robyn, The Bubble Concept: A Public Relations Case Study, 1982

    Rhodes Laurel, Soong Mayling: The American Dream in China a Biography of Mme Chiang Kai Shek, 1982

    Ricchetti Jeffrey, Magnetic Fusion Energy Research Development and Policy, 1982

    Rosenthal Pollak Judi, Foster Care: An Urgent Need for a Permanent Home, 1982

    Ruben Barbara, Arborvitae: An Oxford Natural Journal, 1982

    Schlossberg Dina, Is Drug Addiction a Legitimate Defense for Criminal Behavior, 1982

    Shrader Carola, Gentrification of Pittsburgh’s North Side, 1982

    Schreiber Jeffrey, International Cooperation and Environmental Protection, 1982

    Schweikart Heidi, A Land Use Capability Analysis for Western Knolls, 1982

    Scrocco Phyllis, A Study of the Status of Public Alternative Schools in Ohio, 1982

    Sheehan Patrick, The Brewing Industry: A Marketing Perspective, 1982

    Skinner David, Next Side Preference in the Eastern and the House Sparrow, 1982

    Thompson Leslie, A Guideline for the Formation of the Therapeutic Recreation Center for Cleveland, Ohio, 1982

    Ward Victoria, Revolution in Three Novels by Alejo Carpenter, 1982

    Zander Jeffrey, FDIC: A Symbol of Confidence?, 1982

    1983 Aylwin Ann, Financial Theory Bonds, 1983

    Beamer Hubbard Sandra, Where Memories Are Made: An Advertising Exercise, 1983

    Bennhold-Samaan Laurette, Quality Circles: The Application of a Private Sector Techniques to the Public Sector, 1983

    Born Myers Lynne, Tunneling Fiction, 1983

    Boyer James, The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812 an Historical and Geological Perspective, 1983

    Brown Donna, Cut the Lights and Kill the Talent: Television Drama, 1983

    Buerke Lisa, The Use of Music Therapy in Treating the Learning Disabled, 1983

    Callahan Patrick, The Politics of Historic Preservation and Housing Rehabilitation: A Study of Over the Rhine, 1983

    Cash Deborah, Environmental Education on the Deschutes River, 1983

    Cline Kathy, Behavior Modification: An Analysis of the Allen House Disciplinary Policy, 1983

    Cole Richard, European Money Integration, 1983

    Conway Fleenor Janet, Senior Centers: Their Use and Nonuse, 1983

    Cox Robert, The Phenomenon of the Greens: A Look at Political Minority Parties in the Federal Republic of, 1983

    Cox Wherthey Theresa, Evaluating Nursing Homes for the Elderly, 1983

    Davis Kirk, Technological Innovation: An Economic Perspective, 1983

    Dorsky David, A Critical Analysis of Contemporary Psychological Experimentation: The Need for Methodological, 1983

    Duran Dawn, Rape Interdisciplinary Issues, 1983

    Evenson David, Wyoming: Extracting Something from Nothing, 1983

    Farley Kyle, Dealing with the Documentary: A Cinema Virite Video on Laws Hall and Associates, 1983

    Ferdelman Timothy, Processes Affecting the Distribution of Fe, Mn, Cu, Cd, and Pb Entering Acton Lake and the

    Fleenor David, The Legacy of Penn Central, 1983

    Fryman James, Ancient Greek Management Secrets, 1983

    Fulmer Sandra, Mujer and an Exploration of Women in Chinese and Spanish Language and Culture, 1983

    Goodman Jeffrey, From Visual Masturbation to Video Prostitution: A Short History of Cryptical Envelopment, 1983

    Howard John, Theory and Selected Applications of Remote Sensing Technologies, 1983

    Richard Janice, Corporate Elitism in Economic Society, 1983

    Jennings Chris, Helping the Bereaved: An Analysis of Support Groups and Individual Counseling, 1983

    Jones Meikle Susan, The Determination Aluminum and Carbonated Beverages by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption, 1983

    Karabinus Christine, A Marketing Research Study of the Old Cleveland Development Corporation, 1983

    Kemp Mae-Kathyrn, Visual Merchandising and its Small Application to a Small Town Retailer, 1983

    Kendall Hess Wendy, Planned Parenthood vs. the Moral Majority: A Battle of Ideology Waged Over Three Controversial, 1983

    Kettenback Gray Karen, The Cholesterol Controversy a Matter of Conscience, 1983

    Kimsey-Carroll Julie, Divorce and the Child: How Do Peer Support Group Help?, 1983

    Krist Lisa, The Performing Arts Center a Management Approach, 1983

    Levine Leigh, Robert Penn Warren's All the Kings Men as Political Novel, 1983

    McDevitt Rosemarie, Child Art: The Need and Desire for Creativity, 1983

    Miller Nancy, Verbal Response Mode Use in Political Activity, 1983

    Myers Christopher, Prenatal and Postnatal Effects of Low-Leevel Lead on Running-Wheel Activity and Ciircadian..., 1983

    Myers John, Ireland and Neutrality: The Development of a Neutral Irish Foreign Policy, 1983

    Nagel Russel, Interactive Television and Commercials: A Workable Combination?, 1983

    Neri Jeffrey, The Cycle Called Yourself, 1983

    Nusken Elizabeth, The Driver's Side, 1983

    Odenback John, Gunboat Diplomacy in the Eighties, 1983

    Ostrom Webb Lisa, Journey's Way, 1983

    Porter Posladek Carrie, The Northern Kentucky Arts Council: A Case Study, 1983

    Reutter Claire, Alternative Education: Criticism and Reform, 1983

    Ritan John, Valentinian Exegesis of the Letters of Paul, 1983

    Rosenfeld Ann, The Change in Roman Agriculture from Small Farms in Latifundia?. 1983

    Ryan David, Dealing With Poverty: Appropriate Functions of the Public and Private Sectors, 1983

    Samaan Laurette, Quality Circles the Application of a Private Sector Technique to the Public Sewer, 1983

    Segal Terry, Strong Loops and Jangie Hierarchies, 1983

    Shoemaker Kent, An Ethnic Minority in a Social Welfare State: The Lepps in Sweden, 1983

    Slocum Nancy, Whatever Happened to Grandma's Spring Tonic?, 1983

    Smith Kathy, Preventive Intervention: Development of a Staff Position for Implementation of a Protective, 1983

    Tanner Hughes Martha, Jules Verne and H. G. Wells: A Comparative Study, 1983

    Tappel Richard T., None and the Exercise of Power in Health Care Regimes, 1983

    Tome Wheeler Kathleen, Child Labor Laws and Its Effects on the Origin of the Juvenile Court, 1983

    Walker Robert, Another Look at the Geology of the Dubois Area, Wyoming, 1983

    Willmott Ann, Make Believe Ballroom: A Study of Perspectives of Characterization, 1983

    Zagray Warren Wendy, The Emerging Individual: The Role of the Elementary School in the Encouragement of Non-Sexist, 1983

  • Abstract

    1984 Abbott Vivian, Minority Students and Campus Shock: Minority Experience on Predominantly White Campuses, 1984

    Arel Paul, John Rawls No Desert No Justice, 1984

    Beaman Speer Melissa, Achieving Community Economic Development Through the Attraction of Industry, 1984

    Bennett Barbara, Poetry and Evolution of Curiosity, 1984

    Brinkman Philip, Sandino Meets Manuel Lopez Chavea Revolution and the Peasants of La Luna, Nicaragua, 1984

    Burneson Chen Jennifer, Under Storm Management a Case Study, 1984

    Disk McElroy Kathleen, Imagination and Conversation: The Creative Evolution of Ideas, 1984

    Dougherty Michele, Subchapter S Corporations: Congressional Intent and Corporate Practice, 1984

    Hannah Daivd, The King, 1984

    Heins Jennifer, Clerical Worker's Environments: Computer Terminals vs. Typewriters, 1984

    Hertzig David, Susannah: Developing a Director's Concept, 1984

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    Page Laurie, Male Body Image at Miami University, 2007

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    2008 Anderson Matthew, Mainstreaming Sustainable Architecture Making Sustainability in Architecture the Norm, 2008

    Ansley Megan, Creating a Sustainable Kitchen, 2008

    Brasseur Nicole, BFF or Backstabbers an In-Depth Look at Women's Social Interactions, 2008

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    Garritson Emily, DDT Historical Framework, Current Uses, and Future Implications, 2008

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    Ober Wade, Show Me A Hero the Evolution of Batman and Superman Since the Dark Night Returns, 2008

    Obrycki John, Broadening the Communities to Which Belong Iowa Agriculture and the Center to Sustainable Agriculture, 2008

    Page Karmen, An In-Depth Analysis of Disney's Mulan Modification Through Disney Magic, 2008

    Rossbach Elliott, Wast to Fuel Converting and Utilizing Miami University's Used Grease as Bio-diesel Fuel in Order to Help Reach Carbon Neutrality, 2008

    Schleiter Tom, Virtual Musicality the Impact of Sound Recording Technology Over Time, 2008

    Slack Jessica, Multiculturalism in Practice, 2008

    Versaw Louisa, Bratz the New Barbie Doll Play Tween Culture and the Sexualization of Girlhood, 2008

    Willcox Sydney, Fashionable America Fashion and the Gibson Identity, 2008

    Yip Martin, Political Passivity Among Hong Kong Teenagers, 2008

    2009 Agriesti Keri, Conscientizcao and Engagement People Learning to Transform Their Lives and Societies, 2009

    Bangert Lauren, The Effects of Social Deviance and Self-Esteem on the Preference for Photographic Content, 2009

    Berner Cameron, A Rose by Any Other Name Shakespeare and the Cinematic Bridge of Love, 2009

    Cashell Ann, Rompamos El Bloqueo New Evain U.S. Cuban Relations, 2009

    Chandrasekaran Priyanka, The Dark Side of Blackberry, 2009

    D'Intino Eva, Don't Fall Into the Gap Using After School Programs and Culturally Relevant Curriculum to Close the Achievement Gap in Urban Schools, 2009

    Derda Matthew, Improvisitional Comedy a Tool for Educators in the Field of Autism, 2009

    Feran Christopher, Downloading Democracy Music File Sharing and the Politics of Technology, 2009

    Flood Michelle, Rethinking Art Therapy for African Americans With a Closer Look at Quilt Making from the Women of Gee's Bend, Alabama, 2009

    Gartenberg Elizabeth, Jewish Ethiopian Immigration and Adaption to Israel Tragedies and Triumphs, 2009

    Hawke Kelsey, The Mind's Ink Pooling the Creativity of the Online Community to Create Sender-Influenced Greeting Cards, 2009

    Humphrey Amy, Completing the Picture Using Creative Literature to Augment Psychological Study, 2009

    Kernohan Alison, Vocabulary or Ideology the Role of Discourse in the Failure of Universalistic Policy Concerning Female Genital Alteration, 2009

    Koehler Garrett, War Is Over! If You Want It Peace and Symmetry in Northern Irelan, 2009

    Landau Rose, Fostering Independence Through Functional Living Skills Empowering Individuals With Disabilities to Reach Their Full Potential, 2009

    Larsgaard Andrea, Evil In Our Lives the Illumination of Culture and Human Nature Through Interdisciplinary Literary Analysis, 2009

    Manion Sean, Advertising in an Increaslingly Digital Age a Look Into the Relationship Between Marketing and Technology, 2009

    McWilliams Matthew, Fishing and Folklore a Means to Sustainable Cohabitiation, 2009

    Peterson Amy, The Reel Iraq How Iraqi Imagines the Nation, 2009

    Popik David, Drilling It In Spotting Manipulate With Colors and Words for Female American Consumer, 2009

    Rendina Marisa, Creating Art for Social Change in Inner Cities a Case Study in Over-the-Rhine, 2009

    Robertson Chealsea, Diet and Health Among Native American People's Using the Past to Combat the Present Threat of Type II Diabetes, 2009

    Rockman Maxwell, The Cost of Perfection the Neo-eugenic Potentail of Biotechnology, 2009

    Rodreguea Maxx, Minority Integration into Major League Baseball a Model of Change, 2009

    Shanklin Jan, Commanding Responsibility Accountability for Torture at Guantanamo Bay, 2009

    Stocum Sarah, And Justice for All a Bottom-Up Approach to Alleviate Poverty and Restore Democracy, 2009

    Towne Anne, What America Drives, Drives America Individual Behavior and the Bailout of the Big Three, 2009

    Tracy Nils, Ownership of Ideas the Impact and Concerns of Knowledge-base Assets, 2009

    Wenger Sara, Collective Place Evolution of City Squares in Planned Cities of the Visegrad, 2009

    Wilush Joe, Customizing Customer Service for the Changing Demographic of Luxury Hotels, 2009

    Yelton Anita, The Art of Aging an Exploration of Creating Meaning in Late Life Through Arts and Craft at Seniors, 2009

  • Arrangement

    The Senior Projects are arranged by year of completion, First Name, Last Name, Title of Project, Year of Publication

  • Biographical / Historical

    The Western Female Seminary, founded in 1853, was modeled on the College of Mount Holyoke. Classes began two years later with Helen Peabody, a Mount Holyoke graduate, as principal. The seminary was supported by Oxford's Presbyterian church and provided religious practice and low-cost, high-quality, undergraduate education for women.

    Western hired Wellesley graduate Leila McKee to be its new principal in 1888 and moved towards accreditation. From 1894 to 1904, the college was called The Western: A College and Seminary for Women. In 1904, the name was changed to The Western College for Women to reflect its status as a liberal arts institution.

    President Herrick Young brought an international focus to the curriculum in 1954. Under his leadership, Western recruited many international students and faculty, offered international travel seminars for its students, and emphasized global awareness and cultural studies in its courses. In 1964, volunteers for the Civil Rights initiative known as Freedom Summer trained on the campus of the Western College for Women. College students from across the country were recruited by the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee, Congress of Racial Equality and other organizations to go to Mississippi to teach in Freedom Schools, build community centers, and register African-Americans to vote. Approximately 800 students trained at Western; three of these students were murdered for their activism. The Freedom Summer Memorial, adjacent to Kumler Chapel, commemorates the courage and commitment of all Freedom Summer volunteers.

    In 1970, Western initiated another curricular innovation by implementing an interdisciplinary approach to education called "Freedom with Responsibility." Men were admitted in 1971.

    Western merged with Miami University in 1974 and became a nationally known leader in the field of interdisciplinary education. In its new institutional home in the College of Arts and Science, the Western Program continues to draw inspiration from its predecessors, aiming to honor the intellectual legacies of Western College and the Western College Program, and to build a diverse community of learners from around the university.

    The Western Senior Projects are required for each students that receives a degree from the Western Individualized Studies Program in the College of Arts and Science.

  • Scope and Contents

    Western Senior Projects

  • Biographical / Historical

    Founded in 1974, Miami University's Western Program is dedicated to developing students as independent thinkers with the skills to address the complex challenges and opportunities. Provides a forum in which students share with peers the process of writing, revising, researching, or otherwise executing the planned project. Work with direction of a faculty adviser. Students in the Western Program are required to work individually or in teams to develop means of senior project delivery, e.g., by submission of research paper suitable for conference presentation or journal publication; theatrical or multimedia performance; gallery showing.

    Classes taught by Western Program faculty engage students in interdisciplinary thinking and form a foundation for individualized and integrated study that draws from the humanities, sciences, arts, social sciences, and professional programs.The program is centered in historic Peabody Hall where students and faculty work as members of a diverse community of motivated peers. The Western Program values that diversity as well as discovery, creativity, risk-taking, co-curricular learning, and active citizenship.