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  • 1800-1974 (Creation)


  • 31.00 Folders (Whole)
  • 31.00 Folders (Whole)

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  • Abstract

    Collection of materials pertaining to the Western Catch-All Collection

  • Arrangement

    Arranged into folders and boxes.


    2 Boxes

    Western Game: contains record and photo negatives

    Box 1 (Miscellaneous oversized)

    * Large Brick from Alumnae Hall * Small Pieces of Brick (three total) * Piece of what looks like Slate * Note about donation of pieces of Alumnae Hall Building from Alice Schact Salt ‘47

    * Framed picture of unknown woman circa 1800 * '51 Class Color Ribbons from Josselyn Bennett Winslow

    Box 2

    Folder 1

    • “Pages of Time 1939”, Collection of news and advertisements from 1939

    Folder 2

    • “Dialogue in a Carpenter’s Shop”, Mariana Reed 1980

    Folder 3

    • “History of Academic Costume” (2 copies)

    Folder 4

    • “Color Day” Wooster College, May 15, 1914

    Folder 5

    • Whale Menu and Program from an unknown event, 1946 • Newspaper clipping announcing the arrival of six western students

    Folder 6

    • “Boys, Bombers, Bicycles, Brownies!”, Fundraising flyers (2 copies)

    Folder 7

    • “A Ballad of Lorraine”

    Folder 8

    • Sons of Confederate Veterans Brochure

    Folder 9

    • “God, in Christ…”, Myra Scovel, December 1962

    Folder 10

    • “None Shall Fall”, Myra Scovel, October 1966

    Folder 11

    • “Your medical offering helps share Love”, Wilmina Rowland, April 1967. This article contains a reference to Myra Scovel’s book “My Neighbor, the Wounded”.

    Folder 12

    • Paperclips for Olga Edmund, 1944

    Folder 13

    • Outline of Daily Schedule from 1857 (2 copies)

    Folder 14

    • Westhampton College, “Honoring…Delegates to Thirtieth Annual Convention of the Women’s Intercollegiate Association, October 29, 1937 • Wellesley Alumnae Magazine article photocopy. July, 1956. "Two Alumnae return from th eClass of 1886"

    Folder 15

    • Receipt for a flower bouquet, circa 1900

    Folder 16

    • Receipt for $41.09 from W.P. Keebler, May 29, 1967

    Folder 17

    • Class Schedule of Kim Smith, Unknown date

    Folder 18

    • Oak Street Church Photograph, Unknown location, time

    Folder 19

    • Photograph of women carrying candles

    Folder 20

    • Photograph of women carrying candles

    Folder 21

    • Photograph of women making a ‘W’ with candles

    Folder 22

    • Photograph of formal dance

    Folder 23

    • Eugenia Spriestersbach’s essay about her memories of Western College Traditions from 1936

    Folder 24

    • "President Bok's First Year," The Harvard Independent, 1972

    Folder 25

    • Advertisements for 'Earth Before Man' Educational Series from 1938

    Folder 26

    • Calendar, 1922 • College Calendar for 1957-58

    Folder 27

    • Western College stationary note pad sheet • Western College stationary "Office of Placement" 8.5x11 in. • Western College stationary "Office of the President" 8.5x11 in. • Alumnae Hall Napkin

    Folder 28

    • Lutheran Baptism Certificate for Clara Helene Emma Mueller(Printed in German)from St. Johannes Church in Centerville, Wisconsin • Copper Printing plate with name of "Miss Clara Helen Mueller"

    Folder 29

    • Souvenir of Grey Gables, guest house of Western College for Women, With information about Alumnae Hall • Souvenir of Grey Gables, guest house of Western College for Women, With information about Tree Day • Souvenir of Grey Gables, guest house of Western College for Women, With information about Helen Peabody Hall • The President's Report Western College for Women 1967-1968, pamphlet • Supplement to the Oxford Press, June 13th, 1974 on Alumnae Hall and Western College • Document with copies of Alumnae Chapel Speech by Phyllis Hoyt, June 18, 1978; Molyneaux-Western Tower dedication, June 18, 1978; and President's report 1946 in reformatted form. (14 pages) • Patterson Place Christmas Ornament Folder 30

    • Kentucky Humanities Magazine, April 28th, Article about Western College Alumna called, "Standing Up for Her Sex" by Lynn E. Neidermeier


    • Four receipts from 1898-1899 for board, tuition and class fees to Western College and Seminary • Paddle from dance attended by Ginner Tribble with a Miami Student.

  • Conditions Governing Access

    Materials do circulate and may only be used in the archives.

  • Physical Access Requirements

    Miami University Libraries. Western College Memorial Archives. Catch-All Collection. Oxford, Ohio

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  • Biographical or Historical Information

    Western College was founded in 1853 as the 'western' representation of Mt. Holyoke in Massachusetts, with its dual vision of missionary zeal and low-cost yet high-quality education for women. Strongly supported by the leaders of the Presbyterian Church of Oxford, classes at the Western Female Seminary began in 1855 with Helen Peabody, a Mt. Holyoke graduate, as principal.

    In 1888, Western was moving toward becoming accredited as a College and chose Leila S. McKee, a Wellesley graduate, as the new principal. In 1894, Western became "The Western: A College and Seminary for Women;" in 1904, the word "seminary" was dropped and Western became "The Western College for Women."

    For the next fifty years, Western remained a general liberal arts college, primarily under the presidency of William W. Boyd. With the arrival of President Herrick B. Young in 1954, an international focus began. Many international students and faculty were recruited, international travel seminars were instituted, and a global emphasis was added to the curriculum.

    In 1970, an innovative interdisciplinary approach to education called "Freedom with Responsibility" was initiated under the leadership of President William C. Spencer. Another new direction was the decision in 1971 to admit men.

    Faced with major financial difficulties, Western College closed in 1974 and the physical facilities merged with Miami University.

  • Scope and Contents

    Collection is comprised of receipts, bricks, promotional materials, photograph negatives and oversized materials.

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