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    Alumnae Research

    23 Research Thesis and Disssertations

    • Angle, Vicki. A Different Kind of Pioneer: The First Women Teachers, Transforming the Occupation into a Female Profession. 1991.

    • Fley, Jo Ann. Western College for Women: An Organizational Study. Jan. 7, 1959.

    • Hoeflinger, Beth and Grant W. Shull. Of Frivolity, The Depression and Liberal Education.

    • Kamler, Rita. Charting in the 1920’s. Nov. 2, 1984

    • Kasparek, Kate. Did you Know Western is a Historical District? May 4, 1992.

    • King, Maurice. Edgar Stillman Kelley: American Composer, Teacher, and Author. 1970.

    • Moore, Paul. The Western College Farms: Their Place in the Emergence Under W. W. Boyd. June 4, 1975.

    • Nash, Margaret A. Training up Energetic and Independent Women Western Female Seminary, 1855-1865. Sept. 15, 1994.

    • Nye, Cathy. Helen Peabody and the Early Days of the Western Female Seminary. 2002.

    • Rader, Karen. Meridel Leseur: A Celebration. 1984.

    • Silverman, Janet Ann. Florence Vincent Robinson: The Odyssey of a Woman Aquarellist. March 15, 1982.

    • Sweeney, Ed. One Storm Too Many: The Close of Western College. 1993. (2 copies)

    • Thomas, Lynn. Western College in 1930. June 4, 1975

    • 1924 to 1984: The Bridge of Nostalgia.

    • Analysis of Western Publications.

    • Dating: The Role it Played in the Lives of Western College Women in the late 1920’s and the early 1930’s.

    • Forced Morals. Nov. 2, 1984.

    • How the Youth of the Twenties Used Theatre as a Means of Social Expression.

    • Miami’s Western College for Women: The Perfect Finishing School!

    • The Collegiate Party. Oct. 2, 1984.

    • Western College: 1925-1931

    • Western College: Fashionable Finishing School?

    • Western College for Women and the Depression. Nov. 2, 1984.

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    Western College was founded in 1853 as the 'western' representation of Mt. Holyoke in Massachusetts, with its dual vision of missionary zeal and low-cost yet high-quality education for women. Strongly supported by the leaders of the Presbyterian Church of Oxford, classes at the Western Female Seminary began in 1855 with Helen Peabody, a Mt. Holyoke graduate, as principal.

    In 1888, Western was moving toward becoming accredited as a College and chose Leila S. McKee, a Wellesley graduate, as the new principal. In 1894, Western became "The Western: A College and Seminary for Women;" in 1904, the word "seminary" was dropped and Western became "The Western College for Women."

    For the next fifty years, Western remained a general liberal arts college, primarily under the presidency of William W. Boyd. With the arrival of President Herrick B. Young in 1954, an international focus began. Many international students and faculty were recruited, international travel seminars were instituted, and a global emphasis was added to the curriculum.

    In 1970, an innovative interdisciplinary approach to education called "Freedom with Responsibility" was initiated under the leadership of President William C. Spencer. Another new direction was the decision in 1971 to admit men.

    Faced with major financial difficulties, Western College closed in 1974 and the physical facilities merged with Miami University.

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    Alumnae publication and research materials.

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