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  • Abstract

    Collection of gift books donated by alumnae, faculty, staff, students and visiting lecturers at Western College.

  • Arrangement

    Books in alphabetical order by last name of author.

    Gift Books

    Blackwood, James R. The House on College Avenue : The Comptons at Wooster , 1891-1913 (Note: additional items are in envelope next to book, including 1886 note; Letter to Mrs. Berenice Stegall from James R. Blackwood, February 22, 1968 with envelope; Letter to Rev. James R. Blackwood from Herrick B. Young, February 26, 1968; Letter to Mr. James R. Blackwood from Mrs. Berenice Stegall, February 19, 1968; Letter to Mrs. Margaret Ebling from James R. Blackwood, June 20, 1966; Article “A Tribute: H. Rowan Gaither,, Jr. President, The Ford Foundation,” 1858-1944, Dedication of Otelia Compton Hall, The College of Wooster, 1955) [gift from author after speaking at Western]

    Case, Josephine Young. This Very Tree [Gift to Prof. Narka Nelson from Berenice Stegall]

    Clinton, Hillary Rodham. It Takes a Village [Signed Copy of the book which states, “To Miami University's Western College Program on the occasion of its 25 th anniversary with best wishes for continued success for the future”]

    De Mille, Agnes. Dance To The Piper [Gift from Author to Western College , February 19, 1955]

    Elmer, Manuel Conrad. Timber [Gift of Jeannie Lou Fredly Klim, Class of 1958

    Flower, Olive. The History of Oxford College for Women, 1830-1928 [Gift from the University Archives]

    Fryman, John Felix. From the Mountians to the Valley. [Unknown Donor]

    Hamilton, Charles. The Book of Autographs [Gift to Judy Waldron from Frances McClure, King Library]

    Havighurst, Walter. The Miami Years 1809-1984.

    Havighurst, Walter. The Western College Folio [Gift fro Walter Havighurst, Professor of History Miami University]

    Holliday, John C. Holliday Family and Their Kin [Gift from Eleanor Holliday Llewellyn, Class of 1914] (two copies)

    The Hymnal: Western College [Anonymous Donor]

    I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman of Guatemala [Gift to Jacqueline Wallace]

    In Memoriam: Lizzie Armstrong Brown [Edited by her husband, James D. Brown, Gift from Bishop David H. Moore]

    Ingalls, Jeremy. Tahl [Gift from Western professor Isabel St. John Bliss]

    Ingalls, Jeremy. The Metaphysical Sword [Gift from Author to Gail James]

    Ingalls, Jeremy. This Stubborn Quantum [Gift from Mary Ashley Cheek, former Trustee]

    Johna, Samir. Twenty-Five Years in Persia : The Memoirs of Mary Allen Whipple [Gift from Author to The Western College Program]

    Knapp, Mary E. Prologues and Epilogues of the Eighteenth Century [Gift from the Author]

    Levin, Beatrice S. Women and Science [Gift from the Author who used Western materials for her book] Listerman, Randall W. Sixteen Years of Miami Memories: The Presidency of Phillip R. Shriver [Gift to Diane from Author] Marks, Jeannette. Life and Letters of Mary Emma Wooley [Gift from the Author]

    McAnally, Mary, ed. We Sing Our Struggle: A Tribute to Us All (For Meridel Le Sueur) [Unknown Donor]

    Merrill, Charles. The Journey [Gift from the Author]

    Middletown Women [Gift to Western College Alumnae Assoc. Inc. from Z. Dolores Dilly Revelos, Class of 1953]

    Mills, Mary Higley. The First Hundred Years: The Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College , 1872-1972 [Donation from the Mount Holyoke Alumnae Association]

    Nelson, Narka, Ed. An Argosy of Song: An Anthology of Western College Verse [Gift from Margaret McKee Seder] (two copies)

    Nelson, Narka. The Western College for Women 1853-1953 [Gift from Margaret McKee Seder]

    Ohio's Torch Bearers, They Kindled the Flame [Note: This is an excellent source for people working on the history of early educators. It was published by Alpha Delta State , the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International; Gift of Miss Audrey Wright]

    Pioneers of Women's Education: Life of Mary Hessler [Gift of Nobuo Umezome]

    Scovel, Myra. The Weight of a Leaf. (Gift to Betty Berryhill from the author)

    Scovel, Myra. Richer By India.

    Slater, M. Study. The Golden Link [Gift from the Author to Professor Margaret Eberling]

    Smith, Ophia D. Fair Oxford [Gift from Alice L. Butler]

    Taiwanese Art and Cultural Magazine, (Written in Taiwanese with no translation)

    The One-Hundred and Nineteenth Annual Catalog of the Western College 1973-74 [Gift from Jackie Wallace]

    Thomson, Chilton. Old Timbers [Gift from one of the sons of a former Western president]

    Upton, William. Art-Song in America [Gift from the author to Mrs. Edgar Stillman Kelley]

    Viger, Mary Louise. Green-Wave [Gift from Mary Teter Venable, Class of 1941]

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    Materials do not circulate and may only be used in the reading room.

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    Permission to publish, quote or reproduce must be secured from the repository and the copyright holder.

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  • Biographical or Historical Information

    Western College was founded in 1853 as the 'western' representation of Mt. Holyoke in Massachusetts, with its dual vision of missionary zeal and low-cost yet high-quality education for women. Strongly supported by the leaders of the Presbyterian Church of Oxford, classes at the Western Female Seminary began in 1855 with Helen Peabody, a Mt. Holyoke graduate, as principal.

    In 1888, Western was moving toward becoming accredited as a College and chose Leila S. McKee, a Wellesley graduate, as the new principal. In 1894, Western became "The Western: A College and Seminary for Women;" in 1904, the word "seminary" was dropped and Western became "The Western College for Women."

    For the next fifty years, Western remained a general liberal arts college, primarily under the presidency of William W. Boyd. With the arrival of President Herrick B. Young in 1954, an international focus began. Many international students and faculty were recruited, international travel seminars were instituted, and a global emphasis was added to the curriculum.

    In 1970, an innovative interdisciplinary approach to education called "Freedom with Responsibility" was initiated under the leadership of President William C. Spencer. Another new direction was the decision in 1971 to admit men.

    Faced with major financial difficulties, Western College closed in 1974 and the physical facilities merged with Miami University.Note written by Jacky Johnson

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    Comprised of monographs.

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