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  • Abstract

    Collection of various materials related to Western College Female Seminary; Western College for Women; Western College.

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    Arranged alphabetically by subject.

    Frequently Requested Materials - Vertical File Materials

    Alumnae Publications in the Western Archives

    • Adams, Evelyn. First Woman Doctor to Cameroun

    • Akumu, Margaret. Mother Africa's Beautiful Styles

    • Albert, Elaine. Basic Phonics

    • Albert, Elaine. Do It Yourself-Phonics

    • Albert, Elaine. How: A Handbook for Teaching Someone to Read [Two editions]

    • Albert, Elaine. Reading With Hornbook and Fescue

    • Allen, Mary (Whipple). Twenty-Five Years in Persia

    • Asbury, Edith. “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Byline Magazine 2004

    • Asbury, Edith. “Have chance of job in New York”. Byline Magazine 2006.

    • Bann, Helen. Miss Kiku Ishihara

    • Barr, Nann Clark. “The Trysting Tree: A Poetic Play”

    • Blake, Susan (Rowland). Academic Reading and Study Skills for International Students

    • Bolanz, Maria. So Hago

    • Boyle, Laurence P. Alice Moore Boyle: The Story of a Beautiful Life

    • Brophy, Anne. Flash and the Swan

    • Chadwick, Margaret Lee. A Dipperful of Humanity

    • Chadwick, Margaret Lee. The Lee Family of Spanish Fork, Utah

    • Chadwick, Margaret Lee. Looking at the Sunset Upside Down

    • Chen, Ruby, ed. An Inspiring Story of a ‘Beautiful Person': Catherine E. Sutherland

    • Claggett, Mary Frances. Black Birds and Other Birds

    • Class Poem and Chronicles of the Class of ‘85

    • Clifford, Ruth (Young). The Pioneer or My Scrapbook for 1937

    • Cobb, Alice . Come to Shanta Bhawan!

    • Cobb, Alice . Exploring Basic Issues with Young People

    • Cobb, Alice . Old Tales for a New Day

    • Cobb, Alice . Yes, Lord, I'll Do It

    • Cook, Julie (Downing). Caregiver's Comfort

    • Coulson, Melissa (Conover). Some Memories of Western Female Seminary

    • De Kooning, Elaine. President John F. Kennedy

    • Derby, Sally. Jacob and the Stranger

    • Derby, Sally. Hannah's Bookmobile Christmas

    • Derby, Sally. The Mouse Who Owned the Sun

    • Derby, Sally. My Steps

    • Derby, Sally. Taiko on a Windy Night

    • Derby, Sally. Two Fools and a Horse: An Original Tale

    • ElErian, Sama. Art for My Sake and Yours

    • ElErian, Sama. Australian Days

    • ElErian, Sama. Beauty is Truth

    • ElErian, Sama. Chapters in Life

    • ElErian, Sama. Childhood Days

    • ElErian, Sama. Cinderella Today

    • ElErian, Sama. Father and Daughter

    • ElErian, Sama. Favourite Poems

    • ElErian, Sama. Poetic Wonders

    • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Children

    • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Creativity

    • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Father

    • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Grievances

    • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Life

    • ElErian, Sama. Stars and Flowers: Love

    • ElErian, Sama. Treasured Poems

    • Elmer, June Ashley. The Scout of Santa Fe

    • Finke, Gail Deibler. City Signs: Innovative Urban Graphics (graduate 1986)

    • Flett, Elizabeth (Fenton). Reflections of the 80's

    • Flett, Elizabeth (Fenton). “Renaissance”

    • Fox, Alice. Virginia Woolf and the Literature of the English Renaissance

    • Gillilan, Elizabeth (Mitchell). Beginning American English

    • Hackley, Susan (Johnson). The Pribilof Islands: A Guide to St. Paul , Alaska

    • Howard-Merriam, Kathleen. “Women, Education, and the Professions in Egypt ”

    • Howe, Sarah Isabella. "History of Western College"

    • Hunter, Carman St. John. Adult Education in China

    • Hunter, Carman St. John. Adult Illiteracy in the United States

    • King , Frances . Treatment of the Mentally Retarded Character in Modern American Literature

    • Kinzie, Mary. Autumn Eros and Other Poems

    • Kinzie, Mary. The Cure of Poetry in an Age of Prose

    • Kinzie, Mary. Ghost Ship

    • Kinzie, Mary. The Judge is Fury

    • Kinzie, Mary. Summers of Vietnam

    • Kinzie, Mary. The Threshold of the Year

    • Kinnear, Karen. Women in the Third World

    • Lawrence, Mary. Mother and Child

    • Leonard, Richard D. Call to Selma : Eighteen Days of Witness

    • Mahoney, Susan. God's Power in Action: Prayer and Fasting

    • McGaughey, Helen. Reaching for the Spring

    • McGaughey, Helen. Wind Across the Night

    • McKee, Martha (Keehn). India Ink

    • Memorial: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Western Female Seminary [three copies]

    • Michael, Mary Kyle. Blue Jay Feather

    • Milkman, Ruth, ed. Women, Work, Protest: A Century of U.S. Women's Labor History [Note: Ruth is the editor of this book which includes chapter 3 by Western College graduate Ardis Cameron]

    • Molloy, Juliana. “Beyond Dickens: Christmas in Victorian Literature,” Victorian Homes' Holidays (pages 74-75)

    • Myers, Christopher. McCrephy's Field

    • Nussman, Elise (Steiner), ed. Voices of the Heart by Meta S. Schlundt

    • Pennock, Lee ( Huntington ). The Artic and the Antarctic: What Lives There

    • Pennock, Lee ( Huntington ). Brothers in Arms [two copies]

    • Pennock, Lee ( Huntington ). Simple Shelters

    • Pope, Gerta. CD, “The Western Spirit Lives On!”

    • Reed, Marianna. “A Flight of Years” (Poems)

    • Reed, Marianna. “Sesquicentennial Reflections: Randolph County , Indiana , 1968” [Extracts from “Heritage and Horizon,” a column in the newspapers of Winchester , Indiana , and Union City , Indiana-Ohio]

    • Sanderson, Ruth (Mackelmann). Around Lake Michigan

    • Shuffleton, Nancy (McBride). Gordon Kinship

    • Shuffleton, Nancy (McBride). Phelps-Marshall Kinship

    • Shuffleton, Nancy (McBride). Shuffleton Kinship

    • Sicher, Nelle (Frisch). Celebrate the Harvests!

    • Simmons, Edith (Kuhne). Poems

    • Smith, Rebecca (Koladis). St. John on Foot and by Car

    • Splinters, Published by the Class of 1883

    • St. Tamata (Kolba), illustrator. Animal Games

    • St. Tamata (Kolba), author and illustrator. Asian Crafts

    • St. Tamata (Kolba), author and illustrator. Chickaree: A Red Squirrel

    • St. Tamata (Kolba), illustrator. Save that Raccoon!

    • Salt, Elizabeth . Buckeye Heritage: Ohio 's History in Song [Book and audiocassette, two copies of book and one cassette]

    • Schmucker, Katherine. Heart of Gold: Saint Nicholas and His Friends

    • Seiffert, Dorothy. Beauty for the Mature Woman

    • Sheldon, Elizabeth (Hakkinen). The Song of the Chilkat People

    • Slung, Michele. The Absent-Minded Professor's Memory Book

    • Slung, Michele. Momilies: As My Mother Used to Say

    • Slung, Michele. More Momilies: As My Mother Used to Say [Two copies]

    • Slung, Michele, ed. Slow Hand; Women Writing Erotica

    • Sullivan, Zohreh. Narratives of Empire: The Fictions of Rudyard Kipling

    • Toth, Nicholas. Making Silent Stones Speak

    • Tribble , Virginia . Statistics

    • Vaughn, Toni (Heineman). The Abused Child

    • Wischmann, Lesley. Frontier Diplomats: The Life and times of Alexander Culbertson and Natoyist-SIksina'

    • Wolff, Ruth. I, Keturah

    • Wolff, Ruth. The Space Between

    Acting Presidents

    - Letter to Dr. Molyneaux from Richard R. Ernst, October 1, 1932

    - Photo of John Molyneaux

    - The Ohio College Association Annual Report, The Western College for Women, President Mary A. Sawyer

    Alumnae Hall

    - Photo of Alumnae Hall, 1928

    - 2 color and 2 black and white postcards of Alumnae Hall

    - “Alumnae Hall 1890-1977”, WCAA Bulletin, Fall 1977

    - “Researcher reconstructs old physics lab”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1984

    - Alumnae Hall 1892-1977 Historical Summary

    - “Alumnae Hall’s most popular room”, The Western Oxford, November 1896

    - Letter to Cincinnati Historical Society from Alpha Phi Omega “Noon-for-Lunch-Bunch”, November 21, 1979

    Auble, Donovan

    - Recommendation for Appointment to the Graduate Faculty, January 31, 1977

    - Assignment to teach ED 551 and 567 at Miami’s Summer Session 1962

    - Recommendation for summer teaching, Donovan Auble, 1962

    Board of Trustees, 1930-1974

    - Typed and handwritten list of members of the Board of Trustees and their position, 1930-1972

    Boyd Science Hall/Boyd, William Waddell

    - Biography of William Waddell Boyd (2 copies)

    - Obituary for Dr. W. W. Boyd, Miami University Bulletin

    - Postcard of Boyd Hall

    - ”Biographies of Men and Women for Whom Miami Buildings are Named” by R.E. Glos

    - “Buildings Named for a Person” from “Biographies of Men and Women for Whom Miami Buildings are Named” by R.E. Glos

    - “Buildings razed, sold, moved or use for academic, administrative, or residential purposes discontinued (1809-1980)” from Biographies of Men and Women for Whom Miami Buildings are Named” by R.E. Glos

    Buildings on Miami’s Campus

    - “The Stonemason”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977

    - “Miami University Buildings Past and Present”, Peter Flintermann

    Burns, Cephas Asher (Master Stonemason)

    - “The Stonemason”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977; Cephus Burns obituary May 30, 1985; Ohio Historic Inventory of the home of Cephas Burns, June 25, 1978

    - Stonework on the Western Campus, Miami Campus and Oxford attributed to the master stone work of Cephas Burns

    - “Modern Bradley Home Is Link To Pre-Civil War Generation” by Jo Brickels, The Oxford Press, October 3, 1953 (3 copies)

    - Photo of women standing on wooden footbridge

    - “Former slave was Oxford’s first black mayor” by Zach Parks, Oxford Press

    Clawson Hall and Alexander Dining Hall / Clawson, Edith

    - Postcards of Clawson Hall and Alexander Dining Hall

    - Biography of Edith Clawson (2 copies)

    Construction Information on Western Buildings

    - Construction Information Miami University, July 15, 1975

    - The Stonemason, WCAA, Spring 1977

    The Cottage

    - “Cottages”

    - Email concerning photos of students from 1975-1980 (Handwritten “McCord Cottage 1918”), April 14, 2003

    - Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth Cottage biographical sketch

    - Letter to Students of Western, reference to using the Cottage as a dormitory, July 5, 1941

    - “The Cottage”, The Western Oxford, November, 1913

    - “The Cottage”, brief biography, 1938

    Drugs and Arrests at Western, May 1970

    - “Arrest 12 Persons in Oxford Drug Raids”, Hamilton Journal, May 5, 1970

    - “12 Arrested at Oxford in Combined Drug Raid”, Dayton Daily News, May 5, 1970

    - “12 Charged After Narcotics Raids In Oxford”, Cincinnati Enquirer, May 6, 1970

    - “12 nabbed on drug charges”, Dayton Daily News, May 6, 1970

    - Copy of “12 Arrested at Oxford In Combined Drug Raid”, Dayton Daily News, May 5, 1970

    The Duck Pond

    - “The Duck Pond”, historical summary

    - “The Stonemason”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977

    - Copy of photograph of wooden bridge and pond

    - Postcard of two girls in front of the boathouse and pond

    - Postcard of boathouse and pond

    - Postcard of western drive and pond

    - Copy of photo of pond with boats

    Frank L. Esterquest

    • “In Memoriam: Frank Esterquest”, Ted Strum

    • HST 202 Test

    • “The Atlantic Community”, The American Peoples Encyclopedia

    • “Discovery and Early Settlement of the Americas to 1600”, Graduate work at Northwestern University, November 24, 1936

    • Class outline and notes from Naval Power & Strategy

    • Personal Resume

    Ernst Nature Theater

    - “As You Don’t Remember It!”, program from The Second Annual Ernst Fall Festival, August 23-September 1, 2001; “Ernst Nature Theater…”, The Bulletin, 2001 (2 copies) - Postcard of Ernst Nature Theater - Memo to Miss Engleman from M.K. Michael, attached history of Ernst Nature Theater, September 22, 1949 - Brief biographical summary of Ernst Nature Theater - Brief biographical summary of Senator Richard Ernst - Copy of photograph of the current location of Ernst Nature Theater circa 1900 - “Our Nature Theater”, The Western Oxford Vol. 12, June 1921 - Copy of photograph of Senator Ernst with Western students - “The Nature Theater”, Western Oxford Vol. 13 No. 5, June 1922 - “The Stonemason” WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977 - “Retrospective: A fine amphitheater”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1983

    Faculty and Staff at Western, 1930-1974

    - Western College Faculty, 1930-1974, Includes dates of employment at Western and subjects taught

    The Farms

    - “The Western Farms”, brief historical summary of the farms

    - Photograph of farm house

    - “Now Robust And Buxom Lasses, How Can We Show Our Sincere Gratitude?”, The Western Round-up, March 30, 1939

    Ghosts and Legends (Audiocassettes)

    - “Miami Mysteries”, Dr. Shriver’s annual presentation on legends and strange occurrences, 1982 (two tapes) - “Memories of Western” Debra Hefty Farler discusses her experiences and several spooky stories from 1973, 2000 (one tape)

    Ghosts and Legends (Ronald Tammen & Fisher Hall)

    - “Miami University possessed by ghostly lore, Shriver says”, Hamilton Journal News, October 31, 1992

    - “A ghostly tour”, The Miami Student, May 17, 1973

    - “Mysterious Miami”, The Miami Forum, December 13, 1996

    - “Miami U Boy Missing 11 Days”, Cincinnati Enquirer

    - “Miami University Missing Student Case Recalls 16-Year-Old Mystery of Coed”, Dayton Daily News, May 5, 1953

    - “Watchful Waiting Sets In For ‘Missing’ Case”, Dayton Daily News, May 4; “Tammen Case Might Never Be Solved”, Dayton Daily News, May 16

    - “Years Old Tammen Mystery Remains Unsolved”, The Miami Student, April 16, 1954

    - Letter from Delmar Jones, Georgia Bureau of Investigation about identifying a decomposed body possibly Ronald Tammen, May 10, 1955

    - “Miami Campus Mysteries Still Unsolved” Ohio News, April 22, 1972

    - “Dorm problems? Talk to Miami’s ghost”, OU Post, October 29, 1976

    - “Why did Tammen disappear forever?” by Joe Cella

    - “East Quad R.A. disappearance still a mystery after 30 years”, Miami Student, 1983

    - “Mysterious Miami” Special Reprint, The Miami Forum, December 13, 1996

    - “Miami Mysteries: Whatever happened to Ronald Tammen?”, The Miami Forum, January 31, 1996

    - “Shriver’s tale of horror mesmerizes students”, The Miami Student, November 2, 1999

    - “The Disappearance of Ronald Henry Tammen Jr.” by Rick ‘Tex’ Clevinger, May 27, 1975

    - “Miami Professor Says Amnesia Not Caused By Overstudy”, Dayton Daily News, April 28, 1953

    - Ron Tammen’s last English/Letter to brother John, April 13, 1951

    - “The Ghost of Fisher Hall”, Haunted Ohio

    - “The Old School Spirit: The ghosts of higher education”, Haunted Ohio

    - Additional Information on Ron Tammen, Jr.

    - “The Ron Tammen Disappearance” by Sue Frazier

    - Letter to Mr. Lyle Evans from W.P. Roudabush, June 29, 1936

    - “I offered the information but they didn’t care to listen…so I just put the card away”, Journal News, April 23, 1973

    - "Case of Oxford's Mystery Man Revived", Cincinnati Enquirer, Jan. 19,2008

    - "More Answers May Link 1953 Cold Case to Georgia Remains", The Oxford Press, Jan. 18,2008

    Ghosts & Legends – Miami University and Oxford

    - “Haunted Hall?”, Miami Student, April 12, 1977; Letter to Professor Havinghurst from James Crawford, May 30, 1973; “Appeal to all would-be ghost busters” from the Men of Fisher Hall; “Mysteries haunt Miami Students”, Journal News, October 30, 1976; “Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Professors Loosed on World on Halloween Eve”, Miami Student, October, 1964; “Is Something Going Bump In The Night?”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, February 16, 1977; Letter to Mr. Friedman from Sue Frazier, October 13, 1976

    - “Spooky season unearths campus tales of terror”, The Miami Student, October 28, 1994

    - “Have ghosts of railroaders haunted screaming bridge”, The Railroads of Butler County, Jim Blount, 1999

    - “Our Ghost”, Western Oxford, May 1901

    - “Services Held for Students Involved in Night Tragedy”, The Miami Student, May 12, 1959

    - Miami Legends

    - The Oxford Retreat (Pictures and descriptions)

    - “The Cremation”, The Miami Student, March 1895

    - “Homecoming traditions date back to 19th century”, Miami Student, October 25, 1996

    - “The mystery that everybody missed”, Miami Forum, April 28, 1997

    - “Upham kisses last a lifetime”, The Miami Student, February 14, 1997

    - “Legends: Dead or Alive?”, High Street Journal, October 28, 1999

    - “’Upham Phantom’ to reveal identity to mystified prof”, The Miami Student, April 29, 1977

    - “Elliott Hall”, Miami Album

    - Map of Liberty Township

    - “Miami Legends ‘Scare-Off’ Halloween Spooks”, Miami Student, October 29, 1963

    Ghosts & Legends – Western & Peabody

    - “Ax Murderers & Missing Persons”, The Miami Student, April 4, 1972

    - “Murder at Reid”, The Miami Forum, December 13, 1996

    - “Miami University possessed by ghostly lore, Shriver says”, Journal News, October 31, 1992

    - “Services Held for Students Involved in Night Tragedy”, The Miami Student, May 12, 1959

    - “Ghost Story”, Ohio Magazine, October 2001

    - “Ghost Stories: Will renovations change a buildings mystique?”, The Oxford Press, May 2, 1996

    - “Miss Peabody Regrets”, Helen Peabody ghost story

    - Letter to Ms. Knight from Ginny Simon, November 20, 1990; attached partial transcript of ghost story interview

    - “Ghost Stories: Will renovations change a buildings mystique?”, The Oxford Press, May 2, 1996

    - “Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Professors Loosed on World on Halloween Eve”, Miami Student, October, 1964

    - “Mysteries haunt Miami students”, Journal News, October 30, 1976

    - “Miami to unveil new history lesson”, The Cincinnati Enquirer

    - “Spooked Yet?”, The Miami Forum

    - “Legends of Miami”, Miami Dimensions, November 1960; “Ghost biker lives in MU legend”, Hamilton Journal News, October 31, 1992

    - “Miami Legends ‘Scare-Off’ Halloween Spooks”, The Miami Student, October 29, 1963

    - “Legends of Miami”, Miami Dimensions, November 1960

    - “Unsolved Mysteries”, High Street Journal, October 28, 1999; “The Cremation”, The Miami Student, March 1895

    - Haunted Ohio references and index

    - Photograph of Fisher Hall Stairway

    Gran, William

    - “A Memorial to William H. Gran”, December 9, 1963

    - “Four professors reach emeritus status”, July 1962

    - “New Appointments For Western C. ‘61”, 1961

    - William Henry Gran professional summary

    - W.H. Gran application

    - Report from Members of the Faculty, June 1, 1960-June 1,1961

    - Report from Members of the Faculty, January 1, 1953-December 31, 1953

    - Report from Members of the Faculty, January 1, 1951-December 31, 1951

    - Report from Members of the Faculty, June 1, 1958-June 1,1959

    - Report from Members of the Faculty, June 1, 1959-June 1,1960

    Havighurst, Walter E.

    - Marion Boyd Havighurst & Walter E. Havighurst Biography

    - “With Marion”; “1923”, short historical biographies

    - Walter Havighurst’s professional publications and awards list

    - “Miami Triad…The First Years”, The Scroll, January 1962

    - Miami Alumni Weekend 1994, Walter Havighurst Remembrance Exhibit, February 19, 1994

    - Walter Havighurst’s resume

    - Hand written note

    - Photograph of Walter Havighurst

    - “Walter Havighurst ‘personified Miami’”, The Cincinnati Enquirer

    - Letter to Mary Lynn from Walter Havighurst, January 1978

    - “Varied Summer Activites Attract Miami U. Faculty”

    - “W.E. Havighurst Committee on Creative and Critical Writing” proposal to the Rockefeller Foundation

    - “Slant Walk Report”, The Miami Alumni, February 1973

    - “The Ohio Valley: A Cultural Middle Ground”, Saturday Review of Literature, January 6, 1945

    - Dr. Walter Havighurst’s Remarks for Havighurst Hall Dedication, November 5, 1983

    - Walter Havighurst’s Off-campus activities and Publications July 1, 1939-June 30, 1940

    - Hand written letter from Walter Havighurst to Dr. Hahne, July 7, 1950

    - Hand written letter from Walter Havighurst to Miss Marshall, September 13

    - Letter from Walter Havighurst to Dr. Hahne, March 29, 1947

    - Letter from Walter Havighurst to Dr. Hahne, October 26, 1946

    - “Facility named for Dr. Walter Havighurst”, The Miamian

    - “About Walter Havighurst”

    - “Editors, Managing Editors, and News Editors”

    - Invitation to the University of Pittsburgh’s Conference for Writers and Readers

    - “68th Annual Meeting of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society”, April 10-11, 1953

    - Denison University Phi Beta Kappa Annual Address, April 13, 1953

    - Letter to Walter Havighurst from the President Hahne, July 1, 1950

    - “Report on year’s leave”, Walter Havighurst 1949-1950

    - Letter to Dr. Hahne from Walter Havighust, November 8, 1947

    - Summary of Rockefeller Grant given to Walter Havighust

    - Letter to Dean Minnich from President Hahne, February 5, 1948

    - Letter to Dr. Havighurst from President Hahne, December 17, 1946

    - “Oxford Writers Honored At Library Tea”

    - “Mr. Havighurst’s ‘Miami Years’ Has New Decade”

    - “To receive award”

    - “To Dedicate Collection At Miami U. Library”

    - “New York Day By Day”, Daily Hampshire Gazette

    - Letter to Mr. Havighurst from Secretary of the Board of Trustees, August 16, 1928

    - Letter to Mr. Cady from John D. Millet, October 9, 1958

    - Letter to Dr. Hahne from Walter Havighurst, February 15, 1949

    - “Harrison Hall”, The Benton Bulletin

    - “Special Collections Library Honors Walter Havighurst”

    - Photograph of Dr. and Mrs. Havighurst cutting the ribbon of the Havighurst Special Collections

    - “Decade Added To Havighurst’s ‘Miami Years’”, Hamilton Ohio Journal, April 25, 1969

    - “Havighurst Will Address Archaeological Society”

    - “Children’s Authors To Speak On Panel Sponsored By PTA”, The Cincinnati Enquirer

    - “Pioneers in Old Wisconsin”, New York Herald Tribune, April 7, 1940

    - “Ohio Board Of Regents Honors MU, UC Prof”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, May 20, 1968

    - Letter to Miss Boyd from President, May 3, 1929

    - “A Celebration in Memory of Walter Havighurst”, February 19, 1994

    - “A Memorial of Walter E. Havighurst”

    - Collection of correspondence regarding the Rockefeller Grant for a leave of absence for Walter Havighurst

    - Letter to Mr. Havighurst from President, February 28, 1928

    - Letter to Mr. Havighurst from President, March 12, 1928

    - Letter to Dr. Upham from Walter Havighurst, March 24, 1928

    - Letter to Dr. Upham from Walter Havighurst, March 5, 1928

    - Letter to Miss Marshall from Walter Havighurst, May 16, 1928

    - Walter Havighurst professional autobiographical summary

    - “Varied Summer Activities Attract Miami U. Faculty”

    - “The Presbyterian Historical Almanac and Annual Remembrance of the Church for 1867” by Joseph M. Wilson

    - “Annual Author Booklet”, October 14, 1950

    - “A Wink From My Grandmother” Woman’s Day, September 1950

    - “Ties of shared devotion”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1983

    Hoyt Hall/Phyllis Hoyt

    - Phyllis Hoyt biographical summary

    - Photograph of Hoyt Hall

    International Students (1949 – 1971)

    - Book of International students by year (1949-1971)

    Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins

    - Dr. Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins biographical summary

    - A Transformation Vision and Strategy; Her plan to reform the League of Women Voters

    - Motor Voter Presentation at Congressional Black Caucus, September 17, 1998

    - Bridge Building in a Divided Culture: Can We Really Talk to Each Other? Civil Discourse, Politics and Community, March 4, 1999

    Edgar Stillman Kelley

    - “Dr. Edgar Stillman Kelley, Famous Composer, Succumbs; Held Fellowship at Western”; “Edgar Stillman Kelley: A Biographical Sketch” by Ophia D. Smith, 1934

    - “Dean Emeritus of Conservatory, Noted Composer, Dies in East”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, November 13, 1944

    - “Edgar Stillman Kelley: A Biographical Sketch” by Ophia D. Smith, 1934 (Original)

    - “Edgar Stillman Kelley: A Biographical Sketch” by Ophia D. Smith, 1934

    - Photograph of Edgar Stillman Kelley Studio

    - “Dr. Edgar S. Kelley Dies; Composed Symphonic Works; Held Fellowship At Western”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, November 13, 1944

    - Photograph of the Edgar Stillman Kelley Studio

    - Email between Jacky Johnson and Barry Zaslow containing the birth and death dates of Edgar and Jessica Stillman Kelley, March 3, 2007

    Jessica Stillman Kelley

    • Jessie Gregg Kelley Biography

    • Four hand written pages of Jessica Stillman Kelley Autobiography

    • ‘Musical Leader’ biographical paragraph on Jessica Stillman Kelley

    • Jessica Stillman Kelley article in The National Encyclopedia of American Biography

    • ‘Mrs. Kelley Retires’, The Western College Bulletin, May 1934

    • Email about birth and death dates for Edgar and Jessica Stillman Kelley

    Kumler Memorial Chapel

    - Photograph of Kumler Chapel

    - Postcard of Kumler Chapel

    - Biography of Jeremiah Prophet Elias Kumler; Sketch of Kumler Chapel; Dedication Hymn for Kumler Chapel

    - “The Stonemason”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977

    - “Chapel Dedicated As Memorial”, The Western Roundup,

    - “Kumler Chapel: a collage”, The Bulletin, Fall 1983

    - “Oxford Trio Discover Model of Western College Chapel”, The Oxford Press, September 6, 1962; “Picturesque Church in Normandy Has Origin in Ninth Century”; Photographs of the Normandy Church

    - “Alumnae Chapel”, June 18, 1978

    - “The Kumler Chapel Story…Through the Windows”, The Bulletin, Fall 1997

    - Photographs of the collapsed Kumler Chapel

    - “Jere. Prophet Elias Kumler, Minister Washington D.C.”, Graduates of Miami University 1809-1909

    - “Kumler Chapel”, Legends of Miami, Miami Dimensions, November 1960

    - “Spooked Yet?: Play it again, ma”, The Miami Forum

    - “Mysteries haunt Miami students”, Journal News, October 30, 1976

    - “The Kumler Memorial Chapel”, The Western Oxford, January 1919

    - Alumnae Chapel program, June 18, 1978

    - Photograph of the construction of Kumler Chapel

    - Photograph of the collapse of Kumler Chapel

    Langstroth Cottage

    - “Langstroth Cottage considered for Landmark designation”, The Miamian, September 4, 1980

    - “L.L.L.: ‘The Bee-Man’ of Oxford and Langstroth Cottage” by Crossan Hays Curry

    - Biographical summary of Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth 1810-1895

    - Biographical summary of Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth

    - “L.L.L.: The Bee-Man’ of Oxford and Langstroth Cottage” by Crossan Hays Curry (Original)

    Leonard Theater

    - Handwritten history of Leonard Theater

    - Brief historical summary of Leonard Theater

    - Biographical summary of Emma Gertrude Leonard

    The Lodge

    - Brief historical summary of The Lodge - Letter to the Students of Western College, July 5, 1941 - “The Stonemason”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977 - Photograph of the interior of the Lodge, 1928

    Mary Lyon Hall/Lyon, Mary

    - Biographical summary of Mary Lyon

    - Postcard of Lyon Hall

    - “The New Hall of Residence”, The Western Oxford, April 1904

    - Biography of Mary Lyon 1797-1849 (2 copies)

    - Postcard of the “New Hall”

    Men Admitted to Western

    - “Western Room, Board Open to Miami Men”, The Miami Student, May 11, 1971; “Western College Opens to Men Jan. 1”, Dayton Daily News, September 23, 1971 - “Women’s College to let 50 Men on Campus”; “Western College to go coed”, Dayton Journal-Herald, September 23, 1971 - “’For Women’ Dropped, Nothing Broke” - “Western Women…And Men”, The Miami Student, October 17, 1972 - “Toth Captures Smoking Contest”, The Miami Student, April 18, 1972

    McKee Hall/McKee, Leila S.

    - Photograph of Leila McKee & Sam McKee - Postcard of McKee Hall - Brief biographical summary of Leila McKee (2 copies)

    Miami Museum of Art

    - Postcard of the Art Museum

    - History of the Miami Museum of Art

    - Postcard of the Art Museum

    - “Miami Art In A Different Light”, Cincinnati Enquirer, May 13, 1979

    - “New Miami Museum Is Work of Art”, Cincinnati Enquirer, October 1, 1978

    - Miami University Office of Public Information description of Art Museum

    - Art Museum Groundbreaking Program, December 4, 1976; attached artists’ rendition of building

    - “The Miami University Art Museum and Its Architechture”

    - Exhibition Policy of the Art Museum

    - “Miami museum: A bold idea that works”, Journal Herald, June 16, 1979

    Monaco, Richard (Compositions)

    - "Western College Alma Mater", Music by Richard Monaco, Words by Narka Nelson

    - List of Works by Richard A. Monaco

    - “Dr. Monaco Recieves Award”, Oxford Press, November 19, 1970; “Writes Cantata”, Hamilton Journal, March 7, 1970

    Mount Holyoke and Western

    - Photograph of East Lodge

    - Photograph of interior garden

    - Page of handwritten notes; “Death of Miss Mary O. Nutting”, February 14, 1910

    - Two pages of handwritten memorials about Mary Nutting; “Late Librarian Emeritus Honored at the Chapel Service”

    - “Sarah Lee Utley Woodin Foochow, China Mission”

    - Abigail Goulding handwritten personal biography

    - Mount Holyoke College Associated Schools

    - “Mount Holyoke’s Five Children”, Christian Science Monitor, February 3, 1959

    - Historical map of Mount Holyoke College

    - “Their Daughters Shall be Cornerstones”, Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly, Spring 1989

    - “Daughter Colleges of Mount Holyoke”, May-June 1938

    - “Go Where No One Else Will Go…”

    - “Sarah Lee Utley Woodin Foochow, China Mission”

    - “China Woodin, Utley, Sarah Lee, Simeon Foster”

    - “Women’s Education In Three College In The Western Reserve” by Gladys Hadad

    - “Schools and Colleges Of Many Types Owe Origin to Mount Holyoke Alumnae”; “President Woolley Talks About Mount Holyoke Graduates Working For Afield”; “Mount Holyoke’s ‘Daughter’ and ‘Sister’ Colleges”

    - “Mount Holyoke of the West”

    - Mount Holyoke News Bureau publication, 1960

    Multifaria: History and List of dedications

    - Brief history of dedications

    - Multifaria Dedications 1910 - 1973

    National Register of Historic Places – Western Female Seminary

    - “Preserving our heritage,” The Miami Student, October 9, 1979

    - Newsletter, Western College Alumnae Association, July 1980

    - “Western campus on National Register,” WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1984

    - Letter to President Shriver from David L. Brook of the State Historical Preservation Office, October 5, 1979

    - Letter to Mr. Brook from President Shriver, October 3, 1979; Letter to President Shriver from David Brook, September 28, 1979; Letter to property owner from David Brook, September 28, 1979; Map of Western

    - Letter of Marshall Clark from President Shriver, February 11, 1980; Letter to Ohio Board of Regents from Marshall Clark, February 5, 1980

    - Letter to President Shriver from Marshall Clark, February 26, 1980; “Buildings may be demolished” Miami Student

    Needham Fund: Better Babies, Perfect Babies, Scholarships

    - Information on the history of the Fund

    Nellie Tilton Warfield Essay Prize

    - Brief history of Warfield Essay Prize and list of recipients

    Oxford Female College – Alumnae Directory (1833 – 1928)

    - List of employees, staff and alumnae 1833 – 1928

    Oxford Female College History

    - “The Oxford Female College”

    - Brief history of Oxford College, Oxford Female Institute and Western College for Women

    - “Professing ‘Western’ Literacy: Globalization and Women’s Education at the Western College for Women” by Shevaun Watson and Morris Young

    Oxford Lodge No. 67

    - Early History of Oxford Lodge No. 67

    Patterson Place / Patterson, James

    - Postcard of Patterson Hall

    - Biography of James Ramsey Patterson 1834 – 1913

    - Biography of James Ramsey Patterson

    - Partial report on Patterson Place

    Peabody Hall / Peabody, Helen

    - “History of Western College” by Sarah Isabella Howe, 1965

    - Postcard of Peabody Hall

    - Layout of Peabody Hall

    - Website information on Helen Peabody

    - Biography of Helen Peabody 1826-1905

    - Hand written memorial of Helen Peabody

    - Letter to Miss Butler from Adelia Cone, May 27, 1946

    - “Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Western Female Seminary”, 1881

    - Construction information

    - Layout of Peabody Hall

    - Construction of the first building, no architect

    - “Destruction of the Western Female Seminary” Oxford Citizen, 1861

    - Biography of Helen Peabody 1826-1905

    - Helen Peabody

    Perfect Posture Campaign

    - History of the Perfect Posture Campaign

    Presser Hall / Theodore Presser

    - Postcard of Presser Hall

    - Biography of Theodore Presser

    - Biography of Theodore Presser 1848 – 1925 (two copies)

    - Minutes of building committee, November 7, 1929

    Protests at Western

    - “Administration Gives Understanding Nod To Western Hours Sleep out Demonstration”, The Miami Student, April 4, 1969

    - “Western Tries Open Visitation”, The Miami Student, October 19, 1971

    - “Miami,Western Students To Fast In National Effort for Pakistan”

    - “Girls Protest While Asleep”, Dayton Daily News, April 1, 1969

    - “Statement Raps Nixon, Violence”, May 1970

    - “Coeds Protest Dorm Hours With ‘Sleep-In’, The Pail Dealer, April 2, 1969

    - “Pageant was a beaut!”, Tri-Country News, March 2, 1973

    - “Soup Spilled On Head Of Student Is Costly; Teacher is ‘Soaked’ $100”, Hamilton Journal, May 11, 1971

    - “Campus Is Called Wrong Place To Protest” Phoenix Gazette, February 4, 1971

    Research Papers / Theses

    - Research Papers/Theses

    Sawyer Gymnasium

    - Biography of Mary Alma Sawyer

    - Biography of Mary Alma Sawyer

    - History of Sawyer Gymnasium

    - Biography of Mary Alma Sawyer

    - Postcards of Sawyer Gymnasium


    - Scrapbooks in Orders by Last Name

    Stowe, Harriet Beecher and desk in Patterson Place

    - “Historic Desk at Western”, Dayton Herald, June 2, 1940

    - “Stowe, Harriet Beecher”, The Columbia Encyclopedia

    - Email about Gabriel Tichenor

    - “Dictated by Miss S.B. Pike to Dorothy Preston ‘29” (two copies)

    Teachers, First Ones at Western

    - Handwritten history of Helen Peabody

    - Handwritten history of Mary Nutting

    - Handwritten history of Abigail Goulding

    Daniel Tenney

    - Biography of Daniel Tenney

    H.S. Thobe

    - “Harry S. Thobe”, The Oxford Press, March 30, 1950

    - “H.S. Thobe and Sons, Contractors”, Oxford Town, 1920

    - “Memoirs of the Miami Valley”

    - “Harry S. Thobe”, Centennial History of Butler County, 1905

    - “H.S. Thobe and Son, Contractors”, Oxford Town on Tallawanda

    Western Merger 1974

    • Letter to Friends, June 1973 (Report on the current state of our College)

    • Letter from the President’s Office, William C. Spencer, to Western Student, June 19, 1973

    • Agreement of Western to Be Sold to Miami “Suggested changes in Agreement as provided by Will Keebler” October 4, 1973

    • “Report of the Planning Team on the Western College of Miami University”, The Miamian Special Edition, November 12, 1973 (Original)

    • The Western College Alumnae Bulletin, Fall 1974

    Thomson Hall and President Thomson

    - Picture of President Thomson

    - Biography of Mary Moore Dabney Thomson 1886 – 1980

    - “Mary Moore Dabney Thomson”, News from Western College

    - “’New Dorm’ at Western to Become Thomson Hall”, Dayton News, December 8, 1970

    - “Thomson Family at Western Dedication”, Oxford Press, December 17, 1970

    - “Western Will Honor Mrs. Thomson”, Cincinnati Enquirer, December 9, 1970

    - “Western Names Dormitory for Mary D. Thomson”, Oxford Press, December 9, 1970

    - “Honor Former Head of Western; ‘The Dorm’ To Become Thomson Hall”, The Daily News, December 9, 1970

    - “300 Attend WC Dorm Dedication”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, December 14, 1970

    - Photograph of Mary Thomson

    - Postcard of Thomson Hall

    - Photograph of Mary Thomson

    Tree Day 1890 – 1933

    - Postcard of Tree Day 1906

    - “History of Tree Day at Western College”

    Western College for Women 100th Anniversary

    - Western College Bulletin Centennial Issue

    - Western Life Centennial Issue

    Western Merger 1974

    - “Dear Friends”, June 1973

    - Letter to Western Students from President Spencer, June 19, 1973

    - Draft of the Agreement of Sale

    - Special Edition of The Miamian, November 12, 1973

    - Western College Alumnae Bulletin, Fall 1974

    Western College Programs, Fall 1947

    - List of courses offered 1947

    Western Traditions

    - Festive Days, Special Occasions, Traditions

    - List and descriptions of special days

    - “Tra-di-tion!”, Spring 1992

    - “Miami University: A Personal History” by Phillip Shriver

    World War I

    • The Farmerettes of World War I and World War II

    • War Work at the Western College for Women

    • Photograph of Western College for Women Red Cross Group

    World War II

    • German Department Course Offerings

    • Photograph of Navy trainees helping Western girls farm

    • “Western College Girls Expert Gardeners, Outdoing ‘Farmerettes’ of World War I”, Cincinnati Enquirer, June 30, 1941; “Western College Proud of Girls’ Victory Garden”, Jacksonville FL, June 30, 1943

    • “Shall We Try Sheep?”, Scope, March 1942

    Woodland, Dorothy

    - Two “Alba Craft” tapes

    - “Dorothy Woodland, The Manhattan Project, and Alba Craft”

    - Package of biographical information on Dorothy Woodland from Jan Lancaster at JBU Archives

    Young Women’s Christian Association and Religious Life at Western

    - History of Young Women’s Christian Association at Western

    Green Beer Day

    • "The History of Green Beer Day in Oxford" Information Sheet

    • "Loyal Irish and Other Join To Honor Good Saint Patrick" by Mary Belle Bogan in Miami Student, March 14, 1952

    • "Miami celebrates Green Beer Day 1996, By Carrie Coogan, March 14, 1996

    • Entertainment Page of Miami Student, 3/16/1997, about Green Beer Day

    • "Green Beer Day 1998" in High Street Journal, March 5, 1998 packet of articles

    • Opinion Page of High Street Journal, March 4, 1999

    • High Street Journal, March 9, 2000 Green Beer Day articles

    • High Street Journal, March 8, 2001 Green Beer Day articles

    • High Street Journal, March 7, 2002 Green Beer Day articles

    Quick Reference Questions and Information Requests

    • Request: Photo or ad from the early years of The Western College for Women • Request: Information about Ellen Strong Bartlett • Request: Information on Maurice Baudin, visitng professor to Western: no information • Request: Information about William Boyd • Request: Information • Request: Information on Mary Letitia Caldwell • Request: Information about Elizabeth Calvert. • Request: Information on the Peabody family. • Request: Information when Western become a National Historic Site. • Request: Information on women in mathematics. • Request: Women in Medicines in Indiana • Request: Information on Dorory Woodland. • Request: General Information on Western College. • Request: Information on Dr. Robert Watson. • Request: Information on Ms. Jessup. • Request: Information on Anna Carson. • Request: Information Caroline E. Collins • Request: Information on compostion courses taught at Western in the 1960s. • Request: Information on the "Conservatory" • Request: Reasons of deaths of girls in Mulifaria. • Request: Information on doctors before 1900. • Request: Information on Henri Alice Donogh • Request: Information on farms at Western. • Request: Information on who designed the Freedom Summer Memorial. • Request: Information on training in the Freedom Summer 1964. • Request: Information on Robert S. Fulton. • Request: Purchasing things at the archives • Request: Information on William Gran. • Request: Information on a grandfather clock. • Request: Information on Mary K. Hesser • Request: Information on Hoop Skirts in Peabody Hall. • Request: Information on photos from Hulsey. • Request: Information on Eleanor Todd Kennedy. • Request: Information on Kent State shootings and their connection with Miami and Western. • Request: Information on Laura Bell Kumler and daughter Mary. • Request: Information in the Lesbian Journal. • Request: Information on Mary Montgomery. • Request: Information on Leila McKee (birth and death dates) • Request: Information on Sarah C. McKean. • Request: Information on when men were admitted into Western. • Request: Information on the murder of Mary Lyon. • Request: Information on the National Historic Distric of Western. • Request: Information on the "New York Bridge" and other named bridges. • Request: Information on the history of Presser Hall. • Request: Information on the Radcliffs. • Request: Information on Olive M. Ratcliffe. • Request: Information on Russian Students at Western. • Request: Information on Blanch Sample. • Request: Information on President Spencer. • Request: Information on Henrietta Schenk. • Request: Information on the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. • Request: Information on Steve Schwerner. • Request: Information on Ann Murdock or Sherwin. • Request: Information on John Philip Sousa in Oxford. • Request: Information on suicides. • Request: Information on spoons. • Request: Information on the summer house. • Request: Information on transcripts before fall, 1974. • Request: Information on Tudor or Mackenzie or Megrue. • Request: Information on Richard Vereker • Request: Information on the Underground Railroad.

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    Western College was founded in 1853 as the 'western' representation of Mt. Holyoke in Massachusetts, with its dual vision of missionary zeal and low-cost yet high-quality education for women. Strongly supported by the leaders of the Presbyterian Church of Oxford, classes at the Western Female Seminary began in 1855 with Helen Peabody, a Mt. Holyoke graduate, as principal. In 1888, Western was moving toward becoming accredited as a College and chose Leila S. McKee, a Wellesley graduate, as the new principal. In 1894, Western became "The Western: A College and Seminary for Women;" in 1904, the word "seminary" was dropped and Western became "The Western College for Women." For the next fifty years, Western remained a general liberal arts college, primarily under the presidency of William W. Boyd. With the arrival of President Herrick B. Young in 1954, an international focus began. Many international students and faculty were recruited, international travel seminars were instituted, and a global emphasis was added to the curriculum. In 1970, an innovative interdisciplinary approach to education called "Freedom with Responsibility" was initiated under the leadership of President William C. Spencer. Another new direction was the decision in 1971 to admit men. Faced with major financial difficulties, Western College closed in 1974 and the physical facilities merged with Miami University.

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