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    Collection of various materials and ephemera related to Western College.

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    Arranged by material type.

    Western A-Z

    (Miscellany that doesn't fall into any other record) (2 boxes)

    BOX 1 : Western A-Z

    Folder 1: Various Western Menus, Restaurant Menus and Recipes

    * Western College Domestic Science Class Menu for May 17, 1904 * Western College Domestic Science Class Menu for May 17, 1904 * Copy of Western College Domestic Science Class Menu for May 17, 1904 * Architectural Menu * Folker's “A Miami Tradition”, Menu * The Glob Restaurant For Ladies and Gentlemen Menu * Pavillon Caprice Menu * “A Group of Selected Recipes for the Housewife of America ” from Walter Wright, Chef, Western College Kitchen

    Folder 2: Cars on Campus

    * Memo to Dean Hoyt and Mr. Keebler from President Young, January 22, 1968 * Memo to Jo Ann Dyson from President Young, January 23, 1968 (two pages) * Proposal for October 4 * Memo to Cabinet from President Young, January 22, 1968 * “The Use of the College Cars” September 1970

    Folder 3: Stereopticon – Directions and Pictures

    * Information Card * Photograph of Projector * Photograph of Projector * Notes (two pages) * Photograph of Projector * Photograph of Projector * Photograph of Projector * Photograph of Projector * Folding Balopticon Tables Information Page * Uniform Straight Bill of Lading for Projectors * Directions for Assembling Stereopticon (three pages) * Flyer for Open House for Thursday, December 15, Organizing Western College Collection of Physics Experiments * Letter to Jean from Sigalia

    Folder 4: Stationary from the 1930's

    * Western College , Oxford , Ohio Stationary Set

    Folder 5: Miscellaneous

    * 1929-1930 and 1930-1931 Year Tags * Name Tag and Meal Ticket Envelope * Wooster Color Day Celebration Pamphlet * Malloy Services Invoice * Eulogy for a 9 yr. old Christian boy named Clarence Howard Dixon, September 5, 1890 * Scribbled Note * Julian Huxley Article, note, and Print Out * World University Poster * 15 Miscellaneous Photos (in Envelope) * Western College Mini Canvas Bag * Western College 1947 Day Planner

    Folder 5: Telephone Directory

    * Oxford and Nearby Communities Telephone Directory, November 1950

    BOX 2 : Western A-Z

    Folder 1: Publications by Western College

    * Western College for Women Brochure on the Big Four Route of the New York Central * Western College for Women Objectives Page

    Folder 2: Publications about Western

    * The Interior, Vol. XXXV No. 1778, June 23, 1904 * “Western College Pioneered in the Education of Women in the Central west,” Christian News, September 1937 * Women in Science in Nineteenth-Century America , September 1978-February 1979, National Museum of History and Technology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington , D.C. * Seven Pages from Women in Science in Nineteenth-Century America Article * “ Oxford Called Prettiest College Town in Midwest,” Butler County News, Friday, October 18, 1946 * “Welcome to Western,” The Cincinnati Enquirer Pictorial Magazine, Sunday, May 26, 1946 * “Two Scholarships Offered Students,” Taft Tribune, March 6, 1970 * “A Look Beyond the Western College Trees,” Journal-News, Hamilton , Ohio , Sunday, December 17, 1972 * “Havighurst Recalls Miami U. Past,” The Oxford Press, Vol. 41 No. 50, Thursday, June 21, 1973 with “Once Upon A Time in Oxford ” Article * “Are Private Colleges an Endangered Species?” A Reader's Digest Reprint * “The College Girl: What Kinds of Young Women Our Leading American Colleges Are Aiming to Produce” Article * Copy of “Western Female Seminary,” The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, September 1891

    Folder 3: Articles on Choosing a College

    * Presbyterian Life, December 1, 1960 * “Looking Ahead to College and Careers,” Seventeen, December 1962 * “Education,” Time, December 5, 1960 * “11 pages on The Best College for you,” Mademoiselle, January 1954 * “Intellectually Elite in Smaller Schools?” The Detroit Free Press, Tuesday, July 21, 1970 * “It's A Wonderful College” Reprint from Mademoiselle, January 1955 * Carol Spicer, “Ohio’s Little Halls of Ivy: Mother and Daughter Have Weekend Fun Window Shopping for a College,” Cleveland Plain Dealer Pictorial Magazine, December 1957 [Western on page 6] • Article Clipping, “Looking Ahead to College and Careers,” by Joan Hawkes, Seventeen Magazine, December 1962 (with parcel post label from donor)

    Folder 4: Fashion

    * “College Date Dresses; College Rooms Dressed Up,” Life, August 23, 1953 * Fashion with Kay Newlin from Western College for Women, Glamour, August 1958 * “On Campus: Fashion,” The Cincinnati Telephone Bulletin, September 1961 * “ Western College for Women, They're Beautifully Out of Step,” Article

    Folder 5: Fashion- Life Magazine article about Muumuus on Western College , Photos and News Article

    (Western Trend Setters of the muumuu, a Hawaiian Loose-fitting long dress) * Copyright Notice and warning * “A To-Do Over MuuMuu,” Life, December 2, 1957 * Large Photograph of College Picture 1958, “Barbara Konheim 1959 MuMu Craze Importer” * Photograph of Students in Science Class with MuuMuus * Photograph of Student on the Phone, Wearing Muumuu * Photograph of Student Wearing MuuMuu on Bike * Photograph of Student Wearing MuuMuu near Fountain * Photograph of Students Wearing MuuMuus, with Bikes * Photograph of Couple, Woman Wearing MuuMuu * Photograph of Students Studying, wearing MuuMuus * Photograph of Students Wearing MuuMuus at Pond * Photograph of Students on Steps wearing MuuMuus * “Snowy Notes Scraped Up While Shoveling the Walk,” Wednesday, December 4, 1957 * Two unidentified Photographs

    Folder 6: Proposed Oxford College Merger with Western

    * Collection of Clippings of Western College Merger Story, November 24, 1916

    Folder 7: Oxford Cemetery History

    * “Words in Stone Reflect Oxford History,” Miami University Alumni News, Vol. 28 No. 9, August 1975

    Folder 8: Oxford Home Tour

    * “Oxford Home Tour,” Enquirer, Sunday, October 7, 1956

    Folder 9: Sordid Sara (original)

    * Sordid Sara Cartoon Original for Round-Up by Gene DeScherer '47 done in 1946

    Folder 10: College Bowl

    * “ Western College to Send Team for G. E. College Bowl Contest,” The Oxford Press, May 22, 1969

    Folder 11: Nixon Visit/ Tour of Miami University and Western College

    * “Mrs. Nixon, Daughter Visit Miami University ,” The Cincinnati Enquirer, December 31, 1963 * “Considers Ohio Schools,” The Daily Jeffersonian, Cambridge , Ohio , December 31, 1963

    Folder 12: Miscellaneous

    • Western College Mace and Medallion Photograph • “Celebration de la harpe,” Collection <> 1972 Program • Photograph of a clock • Photograph of a clock • Photograph by George Hoxie of Painting • Dance Recital, December 16th, 1943 Leonard Theatre • Dedication of Library Building, April 30th, 1972

    Folder 13: Miscellaneous

    • Western Insignia/Seal on blue paper

    Folder 14: Oxford, Ohio

    • Oxford, Ohio. Bicentennial Edition. By Oxford League of Women Voters, June 1, 1975

    Folder 15: Curtis Ellison Files

    • “Curtis W. Ellison’s Files: Eras of Western & Miami Turning Points” CD

    BOX 2B and C : Western A-Z

    •List of Book Purchases •List of Book Purchases

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    Comprised of items such as menus, recipes, memos, photographs, stationary, telephone directories, publications, articles, periodicals, newspaper clippings, and monographs.

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