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  • Abstract

    Collection of materials about the YWCA (Young Christ Women's Association) and particularly the Oxford Branch at Western College.

  • Arrangement

    Arranged into folders by subject.


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    Folder 1: Articles

    * Y.W.C.A Budget, 1908-1909 Card * “Introducing the Y.W.C.A.” The Western Round-Up , September 36, 1935 * “Dr. Wickenden Speaks at Y.W.C.A. Installation,” The Western Round-Up, May 15, 1937

    Folder 2: Bazaar

    * Photos from the bazaar held in 1951

    o Photograph of Fay Hoh and Ying Kwan, November 17, 1951 (with negative) o Photograph of Christmas Cards Table (with negative) o Photograph of Baked Goods and Nuts Table and Jewelry Table (with negative)

    Folder 3: Y.W.C.A. Installation, May 10, 1953

    * Photos from the installation (of officers?)

    o Photograph (with negative) o Photograph of Fay Gaston lights Sara Babcock's candle, May 10, 1953 (with negative)

    Folder 4: Y.W.C.A. goes to Tar Hollow, April 24, 1953-April 26, 1953

    * Photos

    o April 26, 1953 Photograph o April 26, 1953 Photograph (three total, with negatives) o April 27, 1953 Photograph (two total, with negatives) o April 26, 1953 Photograph (two total, with negatives) o April 27, 1953 Photograph (with negative) o Photograph (with negative) o April 26, 1953 Photograph (with negative) o Photograph (with negative) o April 25, 1953 Photograph (with negative) o April 27, 1953 Photograph (with negative) o April 26, 1953 Photograph (with negative) o April 27, 1953 Photograph (two total, with negatives) o April 25, 1953 Photograph of Barbara Blair, Barbara Ballinger, Carolyn Dunkin, Dorothy Runyon, Lucy Liggett, Marilyn Ballard, Gilberta Rickel, Gladys Hatcher, Barbara Hutton, Carol Werner, Carol Miller (with negative) o Photograph (two total, with negatives) o April 26, 1953 Photograph of Gary Keeton (with negative)

    * One letter from Morris Keeton to Isabella Williams thanking her for the pictures of his son fishing, May 11, 1953 with envelope

    Folder 5: Retreat at A.A. Cabin, September 18, 1954 (Photos only)

    * Four photographs with negatives

    Folder 6: Y.W.C.A. Retreat, September 26, 1953 (Photos only)

    * September 26, 1953 Photographs (six total with one negative)

    Folder 7: Programs

    * “Significant Living in Social Relations” February 23-25, 1934 * “Religion in Revolutionary Times” March 6-8, 1936 * “Spiritual Emphasis Conference” April 7-11, 1943 * “We Want You and Your Y-deas” 1944-1945 * “What to do about our fragmentary world” February 10-13, 1944 * “What does the modern Christian believe?” February 14-17, 1946 * “Easter Sunrise Service” April 21, 1946 * “Religion-in-life Week” October 17-20, 1954 * Programs without dates:

    o “Christmas Service” o “Cabinet Conference” March 10, 11, 12, Year Unknown o “Y.W.C.A. Youth – The World's Future” o “Christmas Service”

    Folder 8: Letters

    * August 15, 1981, Mary Crowthers Bower, class of 1927, wrote a letter to The Miamian giving some of the history of the Lodge, once the Y.W.C.A. office at Western.

    Folder 9: Margaret Louisa Home ( New York City )

    * Pamphlet dated November 1st, 1898 gives information on this temporary home for Protestant self-supporting women. One had to have references in order to stay at this Y.W.C.A. home. The rules and regulations are stated in this four-page pamphlet.

    Additional Materials:

    * Oxford Branch of the Young Women's Christian Association (1906-1910)

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    The collection is arranged by subject into various folders.

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    Western College YWCA, Western College Memorial Archives, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

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  • Biographical or Historical Information

    Western College was founded in 1853 as the 'western' representation of Mt. Holyoke in Massachusetts, with its dual vision of missionary zeal and low-cost yet high-quality education for women. Strongly supported by the leaders of the Presbyterian Church of Oxford, classes at the Western Female Seminary began in 1855 with Helen Peabody, a Mt. Holyoke graduate, as principal. In 1888, Western was moving toward becoming accredited as a College and chose Leila S. McKee, a Wellesley graduate, as the new principal. In 1894, Western became "The Western: A College and Seminary for Women;" in 1904, the word "seminary" was dropped and Western became "The Western College for Women." For the next fifty years, Western remained a general liberal arts college, primarily under the presidency of William W. Boyd. With the arrival of President Herrick B. Young in 1954, an international focus began. Many international students and faculty were recruited, international travel seminars were instituted, and a global emphasis was added to the curriculum. In 1970, an innovative interdisciplinary approach to education called "Freedom with Responsibility" was initiated under the leadership of President William C. Spencer. Another new direction was the decision in 1971 to admit men. Faced with major financial difficulties, Western College closed in 1974 and the physical facilities merged with Miami University.

  • Scope and Contents

    pamphlets, correspondence, programs, budgets, articles and photographs and negatives.

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