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    President; Paul G. Risser; Inauguration Materials; 1993; Box 1 [13A-J-6B]!

    Folder 1. Inauguration, April 1993 1. Program: The Inauguration of Paul G. Risser, Miami University April 16, 1993, 3 copies. 2. C.A.S.E. Answer File: Planning a Presidential Inauguration 3. Miami University News: Risser Inaugurated Miami’s 19th President, April 7, 1993 4. Newsletter; Miami University Middletown 5. Inauguration program 6. Platform Party 7. Parking Security 8. Millett 9. Budget Folder 2: Inauguration Fall, 1997 1. Inauguration Program 2. Memorandum, September 10, 1997 3. Memorandum, September 16, 1997

    President; Paul G. Risser; Inauguration Replies/Congratulatory Awards; 1992-95; Box 1 [SWORD]

    When searching for this box i26155023 Barcode 814850502 PRE42 Folders:

    1. Adelphi University, Yale University, Harvard University, Case Western University, Wayne State University, University of Portland, Brandeis University, Western Carolina University, Adrian College, St. Xavier University, University of Akron

    2. Oakland University, Coker College, Bethany College, University of Tulsa, Wilmington College, Central Washington University, Michigan State University, Ripon College, University of Mexico, University of Toledo, University of Wisconsin--Green Bay, Memphis State University, Oswego State University of New York, Texas Christian University, Simpson College, Delaware State College, Westminster College, Francis Marion University, University of Southern Mississippi, Huntington College, University of Montevallo, University of Central Arkansas, Gannon University, Mercer University, University of Charleston, University of Pittsburgh, Clarkson University, Armstrong State College, Skidmore College, Bowie State University, Dickinson College, University of Saint Thomas, Shippensburg University, Northeastern Illinois University, Alaska Pacific University, Tarleton State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, College of William and Mary, University of Chicago, Texas Women's University, Iowa State University, Texas Wesleyan University, Saint Augustine's College, University of Florida, Fitchburg State College, Widener University, Reed College, Notre Dame College of Ohio, Spalding University, Juniata College, Elmhurst College, Dakota State University, Eastern Illinois University, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Ferris State University, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Saint Mary's College, Millersville University, Gettysburg College, Southern Connecticut State University, Union College, University of Arizona, University of Rhode Island, Southwest State University, Taylor University, Florida Atlantic University, University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee, Marymount Manhattan College, Chadron State College, Lourdes College, Saint Joseph's College, Lincoln University of Missouri, Loyola University of Chicago, University of California, Riverside, Indiana University

    3. Polytechnic University, St. John's College, Slippery Rock University, University of South Florida, Brooklyn College, Centre College, Weber State University, Western Michigan University, Alma College, Stetson University, Marquette University, Northern Kentucky University, Tennessee Technological University, Elizabeth City State University, Brigham Young University, Baylor University, Tusculum College, Alcorn State University, Bluefield College

    President; Paul G. Risser; Inauguration Replies/Congratulatory Awards; 1992-95; Box 2 [SWORD]

    When searching for this box i26155035 Barcode 814870208 PRE 43 Folders:

    1. Pace University, Northwestern College, Drake University, Northern Illinois University, Baker University, Darmouth College, Princeton University, University of Dallas, Smith College, Wesleyan College, Santa Clara University, Idaho State University, University of Wyoming, John Carroll University, Morehouse College, Jackson State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Buffalo State University of New York, Florida International University, Florida State University, Western Kentucky University, Vassar College, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Nevada, Reno, Thomas Jefferson University, California State University, Long Beach, Jefferson Technical College, Sweet Briar College, Malone College, Columbia College, California State University, Los Angeles, University of North Carolina at Asheville, California State University, Fullerton, Southwestern University, Georgia Southern University, Chatfield College, University of North Alabama, University of Kansas, Northeastern Ohio University, Seton Hall University, Texas College, University of New Mexico, Franklin and Marshall College, Colgate University, University of Georgia, Saint Mary of the Woods College, American Council on Education, Saint Joseph's, Dyke College, Lincoln University, St. Olaf College, University of Michigan, Ohio Northern University

    2. Rockford College, Cedarville College, Southeastern Louisiana University, New Mexico Highlands University, Northern Arizona University, Witchita State University, Shawnee State University, Vanderbilt University, University of Scranton, Ohio University, University of Northern Colorado, Frostburg State University, Ball State University, Northeast Missouri State University, St. Louis University, Emory University, University of Oklahoma, Union Institute, University of Southern California, University of Montana, Grambling State University, University of Connecticut, Wright State University, Longwood College, Northeastern University

    President; Paul G. Risser; Office Files; 1992-93; Box 65 [13A-J-4B]! Files: A-Committees/Nature Preserves

    1. Admission

    2. Affirmative Action and Human Resource Development

    3. Affirmative Action and Human Resource Development - Americans With Disabilities Act

    4. AIDS

    5. Alcohol and Drugs

    6. Alumni

    7. American Council on Education

    8. Applied Science

    9. Art Museum

    10. Art Museum - Walter Farmer

    11. Art Museum - Walter Netsch

    12. Arts and Science

    13. Audio Visual Service

    14. Benefits

    15. Board of Trustees - Prospective Appointees

    16. Board of Trustees - Statewide Group

    17. Board of Trustees Miami University Faculty and Unclassified Salary Roster for the Fiscal Year 1992-93

    18. Budget - President's Office Accounts - Discretionary Funds

    19. Budget - President's Office Accounts - E and G

    20. Budget (1/93-6/93)

    21. Budget (7/92-12/92)

    22. Budget - State

    23. Business Administration

    24. Calendar

    25. Capital Improvements

    26. Car Rules/Bus System/Parking

    27. Collective Bargaining

    28. Committees - Classified Personnel Advisory

    29. Committees - Faculty Welfare

    30. Committees - Fiscal Priorities and Budget Planning

    31. Committees - Human Relations Commission

    32. Committees - Miscellaneous

    33. Committees - Nature Preserves [Silvoor, Bachelor]

    President; Paul G. Risser; Office Files; 1992-93; Box 66 [13A-J-4C]! Files: Committees/Unclassified Personnel Advisory- Indian Issues

    1. Committees - Unclassified Personnel Advisory

    2. Commonwealth Club

    3. Conferences and Continuing Education

    4. Development (4/93-6/93)

    5. Development (1/93-3/93)

    6. Development (10/92-12/92)

    7. Development (7/92-9/92)

    8. Education and Allied Professions

    9. Employment Inquiries

    10. European Center

    11. Faculty and Staff Appointments

    12. Faculty and Staff Appointments - President

    13. Faculty Assembly

    14. Faculty Association

    15. Faculty for Collegial Governance Miami University Fact Book for the 1992-93 Academic Year

    16. Finance and Business Affairs (1/93-6/93)

    17. Finance and Business Affairs (7/92-12/92)

    18. Fine Arts

    19. Freshman Convocation and Freshman Reading Program

    20. General, A-C

    21. General, D-G

    22. General, H-L

    23. General, M-O

    24. General, P-S

    25. General, T-Z

    26. Graduate School

    27. Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities

    28. Greater Dayton Public Television

    29. Greek Affairs

    30. Hamilton Campus

    31. Honorary Degrees

    32. Honors Program

    33. Housing

    34. Inauguration

    35. Indian Issues - Miami Tribe, Redskins, etc. (7/92-12/92)

    36. Indian Issues - Miami Tribe, Redskins, etc. (5/93-6/93)

    37. Indian Issues - Miami Tribe, Redskins, etc. (4/93)

    38. Indian Issues - Miami Tribe, Redskins, etc. (1/93-3/93)

    39. Indian Issues - Miami Tribe, Redskins, etc. - Petitions/Name Suggestion Forms

    President; Paul G. Risser; Office Files, Institutional Relations-Ohio Board of Regents; 1992-93; Box 67 [13A-J-5A]! Files:

    1. Institutional Relations

    2. Intercollegiate Athletics (7/92-12/92)

    3. Intercollegiate Athletics (1/93-6/93)

    4. Intercollegiate Athletics - Gender Equity

    5. Interdisciplinary Studies - Western College Program

    6. International Students and Programs

    7. Inter-University Council (1/93-6/93)

    8. Inter-University Council (7/92-12/92)

    9. Legal Actions/Lawsuits

    10. Liberal Education

    11. Letters of Recommendation

    12. Libraries

    13. Libraries - Records Retention and Disposition Policies

    14. Mail Log (7/92-12/92)

    15. Marcum Conference Center/Miami Inn

    16. Miami University Foundation

    17. Mid-American Conference

    18. Middletown Campus

    19. Minority Affairs

    20. Naming of Buildings/Components

    21. National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges

    22. National Collegiate Athletic Association

    23. Ohio Board of Regents (1/93-6/93)

    24. Ohio Board of Regents (7/92-12/92)

    President; Paul G. Risser; Office Files; 1992-93; Box 68 [13A-J-5B]! Files:

    1. State of the University Address

    2. Student Affairs (1/93-6/93)

    3. Student Affairs (7/92-12/92)

    4. Student Affairs Council

    5. Student Aid and Scholarship

    6. Student Aid and Scholarships - Harrison Scholars

    7. Student Correspondence

    8. Student Disciplinary Cases

    9. Student Health Service

    10. Talawanda School District

    11. Total Quality Management

    12. United States Congress

    13. United States - Miscellaneous Departments

    14. Universities of Ohio

    15. University Communications - News Bureau, Publications

    16. University Relations (1/93-6/93)

    17. University Relations (7/92-12/92)

    18. University Senate

    19. Vice President's Meetings (4/93-6/93)

    20. Vice President's Meetings (1/93-3/93)

    21. Vice President's Meetings (10/92- 12/92)

    22. Vice President's Meetings (7/92-9/92)

    23. Visitation

    24. Western College Alumnae Association

    25. WMUB

    26. Women's Issues

    27. Dr. Risser's Appointment Books (1993, 1995)

    President; Paul G. Risser; Office Files; 1992-93; Box 69 [13A-J-5C]! Files:

    1. Ohio Board of Regents - Managing for the Future Task Force - Statewide Managing for the Future: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education in Ohio: Report of the Managing for the Future Task Force and Appendix (July 1992)

    2. Ohio Board of Regents - Managing for the Future Task Force - Institutional

    3. Ohio Chamber of Commerce

    4. Ohio, State of - Governor

    5. Ohio, State of - Legislature

    6. Ohio, State of - Miscellaneous Departments

    7. Organizations - Student and Faculty (Miscellaneous)

    8. Oxford

    9. Parent Correspondence

    10. Parents Council/Association

    11. Performing Arts Series

    12. Personnel

    13. President's Council

    14. Prodesse Society

    15. Project Discovery

    16. Promotion and Tenure Issues

    17. Provost (1/93-6/93)

    18. Provost (7/92-12/92)

    19. Purchasing and Central Services

    20. Registrar

    21. Research Office

    22. Requisitions

    23. ROTC

    24. Safety - Public/Environmental

    25. All Staff Salary Printouts by Calendar Year (1990-present)

    26. Faculty and Unclassified Staff Salary Printouts (1981/82-1990/91)

    27. Scripps Foundation

    28. Secretary of the University

    29. Shriver Center

    30. Space Utilization

    31. Speaking Engagements (1/93-6/93)

    32. Speaking Engagements ((7/92-12/92)

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  • Biographical / Historical

    Paul Gillan Risser Birth Death 1939- 2014

    Born, September 1939, Blackwell, Oklahoma; Son of Paul Crane and Jean (McCluskey) Risser; Married, Les Poff, November 1995; Children [prior marriages]-David, Mark, Stephen, Scot; B.S. in Biology, Grinnell College, 1961; M.S. in Botany, University of Wisconsin-Madison,, 1965; Ph.D. in Botany and Soils, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1967; Professor of Plant Biology, University of Illiinois, 1967-81; Chief of the Illinois Natural History Survey, 1981-86; Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Research, Professor of Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 1989-92; President, Miami University, 1993-95; President, Oregon State University, 1996- [Who's Who in America, 1994-95]

    Biographical article: Donna Bowen, "An Educating View from the President's Place," MIAMIAN 12, no. 3 (Fall 1993): 4-7.


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    1; Inauguration Materials; 1993; 13A-J-6B
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    1; Inauguration Replies/Congratulatory Awards; 1992-95; SWORD
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    2; Inauguration Replies/Congratulatory Awards; 1992-95; SWORD
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    65; Office Files; 1992-93; 13A-J-4B
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    66; Office Files; 1992-93; 13A-J-4C
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    67; Office Files, Institutional Relations-Ohio Board of Regents; 1992-93; 13A-J-5A
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    68; Office Files; 1992-93; 13A-J-5B
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    69; Office Files; 1992-93; 13A-J-5C