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  • 1950 - 1987, undated (Creation)


  • Drawer 11F4 Contents:

    [NB-2112] Warbick, Dr. John C. (undated)

    [NB-2113] Wachowiak, Dr. Frank (undated)

    [NB-2114] Wade, Adam - National Players "The Trial" - Middletown Campus (February 1972)

    [NB-2115] Wade, Dr. F. Alton (undated)

    [NB-2116] Waetjen, Dr. Walter - President, Cleveland State University (undated)

    [NB-2117] Wagenaar, Dr. Theodore - Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Miami University (undated)

    [NB-2118] Wagner, Roger - Roger Wagner Chorale - Artists Series (1969 - 1970)

    [NB-2119] Wald, Dr. George - Professor of Biology, Harvard University - "Voices of Dissent" Speaker (1971)

    [NB-2120] Waldhaus, Jiri - Czech State Orchestra (1977)

    [NB-2121] Waldo's Gutbucket Syncopators (undated)

    [NB-2122] Walker, Allen (undated)

    [NB-2123] Walker, Janet (undated)

    [NB-2124] Walker, Margaret - Kansas State University - Recital Performer - Lane, Elizabeth (undated)

    [NB-2125] Wallace, Frances - Football Banquet Speaker (1950)

    [NB-2126] Wallace, James (undated)

    [NB-2127] Wallace, Wayne W. (undated)

    [NB-2128] Wallenbern, Robert - Pianist (undated)

    [NB-2129] Walling (undated)

    [NB-2130] Walsh, Dennis - Runner (March 1983)

    [NB-2131] Walsh, Joe (undated)

    [NB-2132] Walton, Dr. E.T.S. - Nobel Laureate in Physics (undated)

    [NB-2133] Ward, Bernard; Satin, Tina - "To Be Young, Gifted, and Black" - Middletown Campus (February 26, 1972)

    [NB-2134] Ward - Dean of Education (undated)

    [NB-2135] Ward, Robert (undated)

    [NB-2136] Ward, Roscoe F. (undated)

    [NB-2137] Ward, Dr. Roy Bowen (undated)

    [NB-2138] Ward, Val Gray - Middletown Artists Series (February 1, 1976)

    [NB-2139] Warfel, Harry (undated)

    [NB-2140] Warfel, Ruth E. (undated)

    [NB-2141] Warfield, Ethel and Dudley (undated)

    [NB-2142] Warfield, William (undated)

    [NB-2143] Warner, Bishop Hazen G. (undated)

    [NB-2144] Warner, Marvin (undated)

    [NB-2145] Warner, W. Lloyd (undated)

    [NB-2146] Warren, Arthur (undated)

    [NB-2147] Warwick, Dionne - Musician (undated)

    [NB-2148] Warwick, Dionne - Musician (undated)

    [NB-2149] Washburn, Sherwood L. (undated)

    [NB-2150] Washington Post Investigative Reporter - Van Alta, Dale (undated)

    [NB-2151] Washington Statue (undated)

    [NB-2152] Washington Statue (undated)

    [NB-2153] Wasmuth, Thomas C. (undated)

    [NB-2154] Watters, James - Kent State University - Ohio Composers Concert - Artists Series (1974 - 1975)

    [NB-2155] Watson Brothers - Miami University Hamilton (1982)

    [NB-2156] Watson, Dr. Charles E. (undated)

    [NB-2157] Wattenberg, Dr. William W. (undated)

    [NB-2158] Watts, Andre (undated)

    [NB-2159] The Waverly Consort - Miami University Artists Series (April 7, 1976)

    [NB-2160] Weaver, Richard M. (undated)

    [NB-2161] Weber, Edward (undated)

    [NB-2162] Weber, Louis A. (undated)

    [NB-2163] Webster, Peter D. - Miami University Hamilton Citizen's Advisory Committee (1987)

    [NB-2164] Wedel, Cynthia Clark (Mrs. Theodore O. Wedel) - National Chairwoman of Volunteers, American Red Cross, Alexandria, Virginia (undated)

    [NB-2165] Weg, Dr. Ruth (undated)

    [NB-2166] Weimer, Harvey E. (undated)

    [NB-2167] Weinberg, Alvin M. (undated)

    [NB-2168] Weir, Gillian (undated)

    [NB-2169] Weiss, Dr. Herbert J. - Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University - Scripps Speaker (undated)

    [NB-2170] Wellington, Arthur M. (undated)

    [NB-2171] Wells, Herman B. [Copy Negative] (undated)

    [NB-2172] Wendelken-Wilson, Charles (February 1977)

    [NB-2173] Weng, Byron S. (undated)

    [NB-2174] Werner, Retter (undated)

    [NB-2175] Weslin, Alan (undated)

    [NB-2176] Weston, Donald E. - President, Gradison and Company, Cincinnati, Ohio (undated)

    [NB-2177] Wheeler (undated)

    [NB-2178] Whitaker [Copy Negative] (undated)

    [NB-2179] Whitaker, Telford A. (undated)

    [NB-2180] White, Colonel (April 1955)

    [NB-2181] White, J.V. "Jeff" - Corporate Vice President, Equifax, Incorporated (undated)

    [NB-2182] Whiting, Basil J. Jr. - Deputy Assistant Secretary, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) (undated)

    [NB-2183] Whitney, Robert S. - Conductor, Louisville Symphony Orchestra (undated)

    [NB-2184] Whittaker, Robert (undated)

    [NB-2185] Whittingham (undated)

    [NB-2186] Wier, Allen - Creative Writing Workshop (May 1980)

    [NB-2187] Wier, Dara - Creative Writing Workshop (May 1980)

    [NB-2188] Wiesel, Ellie - Boston University (undated)

    [NB-2189] Wiesenthal, Simon (1985)

    [NB-2190] Wilber, Dorene - Archery (undated)

    [NB-2191] Wiler, Gretchen - Hamilton Artists Series (July 1979)

    [NB-2192] Wiley, Bell (undated)

    [NB-2193] Wilhelm, Donald (undated)

    [NB-2194] Wilkerson, Major General Herbert (undated)

    [NB-2195] Wilkins, Heanon M. (undated)

    [NB-2196] Wilkinson, William F. - Director of Aviation Services (undated)

    [NB-2197] Willard, Nancy - Poet (undated)

    [NB-2198] Williams, Allen (undated)

    [NB-2199] Williams, Betty - Miami University Speaker (1981 - 1982)

    [NB-2200] Williams, Emilyn (undated)

    [NB-2201] Williams, Findley (undated)

    [NB-2202] Williams, John - Archery (undated)

    [NB-2203] Williams, John Covington (undated)

    [NB-2204] Williams, Luther S. - Speaker (1977)

    [NB-2205] Williams, Robin - Program Board Coffee House (April 1971)

    [NB-2206] Williams, Dr. T. Harry - Boyd Professor of History, Louisiana State University - McClellan Lectures (1978)

    [NB-2207] Williams, Dr. William (undated)

    [NB-2208] Williams, William E. - Tax Executive-in-Residence (undated)

    [NB-2209] Williamson, Samuel - Benson Lecture (1979)

    [NB-2210] Williamson, Samuel - Chair, Economics (August 1983)

    [NB-2211] Willie, Dr. Charles V. (undated)

    [NB-2212] Willoughby, Clay (undated)

    [NB-2213] Wills, Don L. (undated)

    [NB-2214] Wills, Woodrow (undated)

    [NB-2215] Wilson, Donald M. - Ohio Composers Concert Artists Series (1974 - 1975)

    [NB-2216] Wilson, Charles Ray (undated)

    [NB-2217] Wilson, Doug (undated)

    [NB-2218] Wilson, Earl (undated)

    [NB-2219] Wilson, John R. (undated)

    [NB-2220] Wilson, Lois (undated)

    [NB-2221] Wilton, Frank (Young) (undated)

    [NB-2222] Wilton, Frank; Mauer, John; Wilson, Elwood (undated)

    [NB-2223] Windom, William - Miami University Middletown (1977)

    [NB-2224] Winks, Robin W. - Professor of History, Yale University (undated)

    [NB-2225] Winn, Willis (undated)

    [NB-2226] Winold, Patricia - Dayton Campus (undated)

    [NB-2227] Winpisinger, William W. - President, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (undated)

    [NB-2228] Winter, Edgar - Program Board (May 1972)

    [NB-2229] Winter, Gibson - Professor of Ethics and Society, University of Chicago School of Divinity (undated)

    [NB-2230] Wisely, Harold M. - Ex Vice President, Eli Lilly and Company (1976)

    [NB-2231] Wiltman, Joan A. (undated)

    [NB-2232] Wilttman, Robert J. (undated)

    [NB-2233] Wolfe (undated)

    [NB-2234] Wolfe, Dr. Leonard - San Francisco State University - Hamilton Campus Artists Series (October 28, 1978)

    [NB-2234A] Wolfe, Thomas - Author (undated)

    [NB-2235] Wolfe, Robert - Amaryllis Series - Chalk and Conte (undated)

    [NB-2236] Wolverton, Robert E. (undated)

    [NB-2237] Women’s Basketball Team - Miami University Middletown (1978 - 1979)

    [NB-2238] Wood, Dory L. (undated)

    [NB-2239] Wood, Dr. Gordon S. - Professor of History, Brown University - Miami University McClellan Lecture (undated)

    [NB-2240] Wood, Harlan G. - Case Western Reserve University - Ritter Lectures (1977)

    [NB-2241] Woodby, Lauren G. (undated)

    [NB-2242] Woods, Donald (undated)

    [NB-2243] Worrall, Helen V. (undated)

    [NB-2244] Wozniak, Daniel E. (undated)

    [NB-2245] Wren, Howard D. (undated)

    [NB-2246] Wyoming High School Choir - Cincinnati, Ohio (undated)