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  • 1965 - 1986, undated (Creation)


  • Drawer 11F4 Contents:

    [NB-2084] Vail, Mrs. Eleanore (undated)

    [NB-2085] Vail, Eleanore - Pianist (undated)

    [NB-2086] Valente, Benita - Soprano Soloist - Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra - Miami University Artists Series (February 21, 1980)

    [NB-2087] Valien, Preston (undated)

    [NB-2088] Van Arsdell, Dr. Paul (undated)

    [NB-2089] Van den Haag, Ernest (undated)

    [NB-2090] Van Dinh, The Honorable Tran (undated)

    [NB-2091] Van Vilet, Louise - Assistant Professor of Communications and Theatre (undated)

    [NB-2092] Vandegriff, Reverend Paul W. (undated)

    [NB-2093] Vanik (undated)

    [NB-2094] Vannoy, Joseph S. (undated)

    [NB-2095] Vanocur, Sander (undated)

    [NB-2096] Van Voorhis, Tom (undated)

    [NB-2097] Vaugh, Charles - Chairman, Zoology (September 1, 1965)

    [NB-2098] Verily, C. William (undated)

    [NB-2099] Verily, C. William (undated)

    [NB-2100] Vermeule, Dr. Emily T. (1986)

    [NB-2101] Verrett, Shirley - Artists Series (1971 - 1972)

    [NB-2102] Vetville Meat Shop (undated)

    [NB-2103] Vienna Boys’ Choir (1986)

    [NB-2104] Viols (undated)

    [NB-2105] Voices, Incorporated (May 1976)

    [NB-2106] Volang (undated)

    [NB-2107] Volwiler, A.E. (undated)

    [NB-2108] VonHaden, H.I. (undated)

    [NB-2109] von Kunitzki, Norbert - Luxembourg - Finance Director, ARBED (undated)

    [NB-2110] Von Stauffenberg, Hans C.F. (undated)

    [NB-2111] Vornbrock, Walter G. Jr. - AFROTC (undated)